About the new site, comments, features, & short URLs!

Hello everyone!

FursuitReview started in August 2015 with a very simple site that was sort of an after-thought. After some time on FA, it was decided that the website should get more attention, and on January 30th 2016 the new site was released.

At the moment, FursuitReview is still mostly concentrated on FurAffinity, so here’s the downlow on how the new site works:


Comments can be made by signing in through another social media site. Currently, the ones supported are: OpenID, Twitter, Livejournal, Reddit, WordPress, Blogger, and mail.ru. If you don’t already have an account with any of these sites and would like to comment, I’d recommend Reddit, as it does not even need an email address to sign up.

Comments on the website are only allowed on news & articles and are closed after 30 days. Comments on fursuit reviews are only available through FurAffinity. If the Furaffinity account is ever banned, comments will open on the website for fursuit reviews (but only on newly posted ones) and the closing policy will be revisited.

New Features

The website keeps all the features it always had, with the addition of a sort by completion time and an advanced search. A knowledgebase was also added, it is the home to uncommon informational articles posted here and some helpful links out about fursuits.

On the right sidebar, you will now find a “newest reviews” section and a “newest maker listed” to help see what is new on the site.

Short URLs

New shorter URLs were added so the most-visited pages will be easier to remember and get to without so many clicks.


/all – All reviews posted so far, unsorted

/makers – fursuit maker list

/forms – review forms page

/price – sort by price

/rating – sort by rating

/knowledge – knowledgebase

/articles – informational articles


/faq – frequently asked questions


/news – site news

/fa – Furaffinity page

These are actually redirects, so they will not remain in the addressbar once the page fully loads. Because of this, if you use these pages frequently, you must memorize these URLs.

Enjoy and happy reviewing!

This site does not sell any costumes!