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Tiny Badger Head and Hands

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I’m a fursuit maker and I own several

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March 2015

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June 2015

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Fursuit head trade

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August 21, 2016

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no deadline, but fast work c:

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Yup! and she has fix all of the issues in he newer suits.

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At least 10 hours

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Wear Satisfaction
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It’s a touch loose in the face, but the perfect fit around the head. I have a 21 inch head, so I’m super used to this, but honestly, it just makes the suit more wear-able. I could fit a pair of glasses under it comfortably, and it doesn’t flop around.The lining is very comfy, it’s sleek and some kind of thin sports ski mask. The head does naturally sit looking down, but Fennecat has upgraded her work since then to fix that issue.

The ventilation is pretty good. the mouth sits right at my chin and funnels out all the hot air, and the eyes are made of a very loose mesh, which really helps. There is no foam in the back of the head too, which keeps it from getting stuffy.

The vision is amazing. you can’t see into the mesh, surprisingly, but it allows perfect vision.

Appearance Satisfaction
Please describe how satisfied you are with how your costume piece looks from the outside.

The symmetry is pretty fantastic. All of the marking are picture perfect and hand sewn, with a but of dry brushing. I gave her a little bit of liberty with the markings, as Tiny has small annoying ones, but she still made the suit identical to my concept art.

She doesn’t shave her fursuit heads, because of the fabric she uses on the faces, and thee are a few wrinkles around the jaw, but her newer heads don;t seem to have this issue at all. There is some trimming on the back of the ears, and it’s very well done.

The fur is super soft, like a baby’s blanket, and all of the dry brushing has been brushed out.

The expression of the head is perfect. I did not want a generically ‘happy’ fursuit head, and asked for a character that would be jarring. You can’t really tell if its happy, or scared, or mad, and I love that about the suit.

The following questions ask you to explain how satisfied you are with each feature of the hands and feet of the costume.

Wear Satisfaction
Please describe how it is to wear these pieces of your costume.

(Feet in the picture are not mine)
The hands are amazing. I could not stop gushing about them. they are lined with some kind of sports cloth and have amazing dexterity. It also has pawpads that feel both realistic and soft.

A few of the claws have popped off, but that was a quick fix, and she now makes her claws in a differnt way.

The lining is wonderful, and sewn in so well I can’t see the seams.

Appearance Satisfaction
Please describe how satisfied you are with how your costume pieces look from the outside.

The hands look great, just like I wanted.

The shaving on the paws is perfect, and has a good transition from long to short.

The fur feels soft and the makrings are solid.

All of the materials worked very well together. The paw pads are a painted fleece, which gives the effect of a silicon paw, without them being heavy or cumbersome.

The following questions ask how satisfied you are with the overall visual aspects associated with the costume.

How satisfied are you with how closely the suit matches the concept art?
If there was no concept art, please state N/A
The suit is amazing. I didn’t want a generic happy dog and she delivered. Her style is a breath of fresh air in this fandom and stands out in a crowd.

How satisfied are you with how well everything fits together and matches up?
Do you markings match up at the seams? Are the colors consistent?
She used the same colours of fur for everything, and everything is at the same high level of quality. It fits together very well.

The following questions ask how satisfied you are with all the aspects of communication between you and the maker.

How satisfied are you with how easy it was to initially contact the maker for a quote?
Our first contact was very business-like, we kept the conversation about the suits, she replied promptly and she sent me updates and WIP pictures as fur arrived.

How satisfied are you with the response time from the maker?
How long did it take them to respond?
She was lightning fast. I don’t think I would go two days without getting a response.

How satisfied are you with how the deadline was met for completion of your project?
Were any deadlines missed or was it done early?
We didn’t sent any deadlines, but she produced the suit scary fast.

How satisfied are you with the overall quality of your project?
It’s wonderful. Her hand sewing is top notch, and I haven’t had to fix any busted seams or touch up any paint.

How satisfied are you with the overall customer service and professionalism of the maker?
Fennecat is a delight. She will be all business and fursuits if you want her to be, but she’s very open to idle conversation and getting to know people. Once she starts on a project, she gets it done.

Describe your experience. What were the pros and cons of working with this maker? And any final comments?
The experience was fun and new for me. She was awesome to work with, didn’t mind my dumb questions or asking for WIPs, and cranked out a suit pretty much by the time I started making hers.

I honestly can’t think of any cons about her. We started talking during school so we had to wait till summer to start making the heads, but that was established upfront, and it was an odd circumstance.

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