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Beau Partial

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Yes. I own two others!

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September 2015

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July 2016

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October 24, 2016

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Did the maker meet your deadline?
No, but we talked about why! He was originally planned for Anthrocon in June but they were unable to have him out by then. I was perfectly fine with this and he was completed and shipped at the end of June!

Did you tell the maker about any issues you had?
Yes! The head is a bit too big on me! But they have offered to take the head back and resize it.

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Wear Satisfaction
Please describe how it is to wear this piece of your costume.

The head is a bit too loose on me. When I put the head on, it droops down which can make ventilation an issue. After bringing it up to MFL they offered to fix it for free! Head is lined with a very nice lyrica material that covers the whole inside. Ventilation is superb! Very easy to air flow in the mouth and extra is given via the eyes too! Takes a good amount of time for it to start getting stuffy. Once the sizing is fixed I feel this will be even better! Vision is the best I’ve have in a suit by far. There is virtually no blind spot and is very very easy to see out of the eyes and all around. No need to look down at my feet to see where I am walking either.

Appearance Satisfaction
Please describe how satisfied you are with how your costume piece looks from the outside.

Symmetry is spot on! Everything lines up on each side and is identical to the ref sheet! The shaving is very very even. I can’t see any fur backing or lumps. The grey fur used on his suit is a bit different than luxury shag. It has a rougher feel so it seems to be more realistic fur. But I absolutely LOVE that about it! It matches his character perfectly and the grey fur doesn’t get ruffled looking after wear! He also have white and black luxury shag and what seems to be white seal also! Couldn’t be happier with the fur selection. I love the expression of the suit a lot! Even without using the features the suit has, I can achieve lots of expressions by angles. He has follow me eyes and they follow super well! Everything about his design matches the concept art perfectly.

Special Attachments and Features
Please describe how satisfied you are with any extra features your head has.

My suit has all the options that MFL offers. He has the exchangeable eye brows, removable blush, removable eye lids, exchangeable tongues (shirt, long, bendable), bendable ears, squarer in the nose and two props. They all work well and hold up! They are really really well built and it shows! The only ones I have problems with are the eye lids! Time to time it’s hard to get them to stay on. You kind of have to fiddle with them a bit and get them in a certain position to work. Even then sometimes they fall off. Everything else works amazingly and I can work them all on my own in suit! Even his antlers are perfect! They are plush which allows for easy travel and adds to the toony look! I was warned that all the magnets would cause some weight, but they really don’t add that much weight to the suit head and I can wear it very easily with comfort. I love how they look and always use them when performing! They add some much life and personality to the suit! A must have with a suit by them!

The following questions ask you to explain how satisfied you are with each feature of the hands and feet of the costume.

Wear Satisfaction
Please describe how it is to wear these pieces of your costume.

The hands are very very comfortable to wear! I can put them on with ease and they don’t flop or slide around on my hands. Even though they are stuffed hand paws I have a lot of dexterity in them and can pick up most things, including badges off a table. The seams seem to be very durable. Nothing has popped yet! The claws look to be made out of expanding foam. The one thing I’m not a fan of with these is that the ends of the claws just stop and there is a hole from the casting. But it’s not that big of a deal and add a look to them that is growing on me! More of a preference. It doesn’t make them less durable and I’ve had no problems with them! The hands aren’t lined, but the little pillows in the fingers are lined! As is the cuff at the wrist! So the cuff doesn’t fray with pulling them on and off, and the lining of the stuffing allowes for you to easily put your fingers in properly.

Appearance Satisfaction
Please describe how satisfied you are with how your costume pieces look from the outside.

Symmetry seems to be perfect on them! The two paws are supposed to have the random two pink pawpads! Shaving is very even with no backing shown and no lumps. The transition from long to short fur is beautiful! It looks very natural and nicely done! As stated above the fur I couldn’t be happier with! Love the colors, feel, and selection! The paw pads seem to be fleece and the pink part minky! The look and feel very very nice and match the suit colors perfectly. Claws haven’t been scratched at all, but I do believe it has a small dent from hitting a fence!

The following questions ask you to explain how satisfied you are with each feature of the tail(s) of the costume.

Wear Satisfaction
Please describe how it is to wear these pieces of your costume.

Tail fits very nicely with amazing movement and very easy to put on. Seams are very durable! Nothing has popped yet and I’ve done a lot of running, jumping and laying down. Absolutely no problem with the straps! They are doubled and sewn very securely on! Even with pulling and laying/sitting on it, they haven’t snapped. He has two horns on his tail and they haven’t broken/fallen off!

Appearance Satisfaction
Please describe how satisfied you are with how your costume pieces look from the outside.

Symmetty, shaving and fur selection is perfect! I am beyond happy at the materials used! They used a white fur that seems to be monkey shag that flows beautifully with the suit! Every movement makes the fur flow and it just adds something special to it! The tail also sits perfectly upright like a deer tail and has lots and lots of bounce to it! Couldn’t be happier!

The following questions ask how satisfied you are with the overall visual aspects associated with the costume.

How satisfied are you with how closely the suit matches the concept art?
If there was no concept art, please state N/A
Very very satisfied. Every is an exact match and how I dreamed of him to be.

How satisfied are you with how well everything fits together and matches up?
Do you markings match up at the seams? Are the colors consistent?
Very very satisfied. Everything flows so nicely!

The following questions ask how satisfied you are with all the aspects of communication between you and the maker.

How satisfied are you with how easy it was to initially contact the maker for a quote?
Very very easy! I was put on a waitlist from the round earlier. When quotes opened back up I just emailed them and just had to send in another quote form!

How satisfied are you with the response time from the maker?
How long did it take them to respond?
Takes less than a day! Sometimes more if they were out of town!

How satisfied are you with how the deadline was met for completion of your project?
Were any deadlines missed or was it done early?
Initial one was missed, BUT I am super satisfied with how quickly after he was done! Absolutely no complaints!

How satisfied are you with the overall quality of your project?
Very very satisfied! Everything is secure and very well made!

How satisfied are you with the overall customer service and professionalism of the maker?
Very bery satisfied! I really couldn’t be happier! Kisho and Sways are nothing but amazing to work with! They were more than happy to answer any questions/concerns and got back quickly! Some of the nicest people I know and they are super easy to talk to!

Describe your experience. What were the pros and cons of working with this maker? And any final comments?
-Easy to contact
-Super nice
-Beautiful suit with little to no problems
-Address problems and fix them
-Get back to you very quickly

-Head sizing may be a bit off
-Some features may need some fiddling

I truly couldn’t be happier with the product I got and the professionalism of More Fur Less along with how nice they are. The suit is everything I dreamed of and is a suit that will last me many many years to come. I will totally be going back to them for a second suit!

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