[YES] Vinnie Extended Partial by Water Dog Wharf


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Vinnie extended partial

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Water Dog Wharf www.furaffinity.net/user/waterdogwharf
Previously Otter ‘n Daughter

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I owned a partial for a few months and wore it for a few hours total.

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1478018592vinnie_collage 1440465442keryu_picmonkey_collage_manokit

Date Commissioned or Bought
Late August 2015

Date Completed or Shipped
Mid August 2016 (shipped)

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1st Nov 2016

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No deadline was set

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~4 total

The following questions ask you to explain how satisfied you are with each feature of the head of the costume. If you are reviewing only a set of ears, your answers would also go in this section.

Wear Satisfaction
Please describe how it is to wear this piece of your costume.

It was advertised to fit heads up to 23″, mine’s 24″ so I figured it might be a little tight but it’s perfect! After wearing the head for more than an hour my nose starts to ache from the weight but that’s to be expected!
I wear glasses and can wear them comfortably in the head too!
The vision is great, there’s a tiny blind spot a few meters ahead of me but I could run around a busy convention hall without bumping anyone.
As it’s a foam head it gets pretty hot, but nothing unbearable. There are gaps in the foam and slits just behind the ears for vents, which I imagine helps massively. Ventilation is also through the mouth, so I’m in the process of fashioning something to prop the mouth open as it’s shut usually.
The inside of the head is lined with a wonderfully soft fabric and not a single seam is visible. The nose, eyes, corners of the mouth and ears are hemmed too!

Appearance Satisfaction
Please describe how satisfied you are with how your costume piece looks from the outside.

The symmetry is great! The markings are spot-on with the design.
The shaving is so smooth, you can’t see any backing and the transition from short to long fur is spot-on too.
The fur is really soft! It’s long enough that the markings look odd if it’s ruffled but it’s no issue!
The head shape is exactly why I wanted a WDW suit in the first place, there are so many curves and the face is so expressive!

The one thing I dislike about the head is that the neck fur could do with being a bit tighter, because it’s not far along her jawline it has a habit of popping out of my collar as soon as I turn my head, but an easy way around is just to wear the neck fur outside my top.

The following questions ask you to explain how satisfied you are with each feature of the hands and feet of the costume.

Wear Satisfaction
Please describe how it is to wear these pieces of your costume.

The hands fit me perfectly! I was slightly worried because I didn’t give measurements but they’re snug enough that they don’t wobble when I wave my hands but loose enough that they’re easy to slip on and off.
The hands also have wrists, so there’s no risk of my own wrist showing underneath.
The digits are nicely shaved so there’s no chance of matted fur.
The paws are padded on the top which makes holding things easier! I’ve worn padded paws in the past which have padding on the bottom and picking up anything is difficult.

The feet are great, the individual toes are a nice touch. They have thick outdoor soles and are built onto crocs, which mean that even though I have chronic foot pain I can run around for ages without getting sore feet! They’re big and stompy and lovely.

I also had a pair of arm and leg sleeves which fit perfectly! The arms are on a piece of elastic and go far up my arm enough that there’s no risk of them slipping down.
The legs are sewn onto a pair of shorts and although the ankles are difficult to get my feet through it fits well!

Everything feels professionally made and I’m sure the stitching will last a long time!

Appearance Satisfaction
Please describe how satisfied you are with how your costume pieces look from the outside.

The symmetry on both the paws and the sleeves is great! The markings look great and match the reference perfectly.

The shaving on the paws is lovely, the longer fur just about reaches the bottom of the paw pads and looks awesome.

The following questions ask you to explain how satisfied you are with each feature of the tail(s) of the costume.

Wear Satisfaction
Please describe how it is to wear these pieces of your costume.

The tail, being pretty heavy, droops quite a bit, which I was a bit disappointed about at first but it actually wiggles really nicely!
I feel the tail could have gotten away with being a foot shorter which might have helped the droop, but it’s big and cuddly and has had several fans already!

The belt loops are incredibly well sewn on!

The biggest issue I have with the tail is once again due to its weight, it pulls at the sides of the backing (where the tail sits on my bum) quite a bit, which means it comes away from my body and stops looking like a real tail (ha). It’s a real shame but something I’m looking into fixing.

Appearance Satisfaction
Please describe how satisfied you are with how your costume pieces look from the outside.

The markings are perfect, once again, my only issues with the appearance are those I’ve already covered.

The following questions ask how satisfied you are with the overall visual aspects associated with the costume.

How satisfied are you with how closely the suit matches the concept art?
If there was no concept art, please state N/A
The head was originally bought pre-made so it fitted the reference already, but WDW allowed me to change around the markings on the arms, legs and tail, which the fursuit parts match perfectly.

How satisfied are you with how well everything fits together and matches up?
Do you markings match up at the seams? Are the colors consistent?
Everything is fantastic! The fur from the arm/ leg sleeves blends onto the hands/ feet really well.

The following questions ask how satisfied you are with all the aspects of communication between you and the maker.

How satisfied are you with how easy it was to initially contact the maker for a quote?
Very quick! While the auction for the head was still ongoing I asked about extra suit parts and cost and got a reply quickly.

How satisfied are you with the response time from the maker?
How long did it take them to respond?
After a while it started taking WDW longer to reply to my emails, I’d sometimes send multiple emails and hear nothing back for weeks on end, but I understand she had a lot on her plate and it’s all in the past so it’s no issue (:

How satisfied are you with how the deadline was met for completion of your project?
Were any deadlines missed or was it done early?
Again, no deadline was set.

How satisfied are you with the overall quality of your project?
Very satisfied! Everything is so well made, I feel that with proper care this fursuit will last a really long time!

How satisfied are you with the overall customer service and professionalism of the maker?
At first WDW was super professional, would reply quickly and was really friendly, when I started to get anxious from a lack of response she was apologetic, I wouldn’t say it’s something she does with every customer so don’t let it put you off!

Describe your experience. What were the pros and cons of working with this maker? And any final comments?
Fantastically priced! I’ve seen suits from some ‘big name’ makers that are twice her price and the quality WDW offers is easily comparable! Not to mention she takes extra steps like lining the head and hemming edges which I know some other makers don’t!
The sewing is fantastic, no seams, everything feels like it’ll last ages.

Literally just the lack of communication for a few months.

I love this suit so much I’ve gotten into a habit of babbling to people about how well made it is, I’ve recommended her to so many people I’ve met, I really hope she goes on to become a big name!

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