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Korvan’s Plushie Pawsies

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Yes, own 2

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She worked with a description.

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145,- EUR

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The following questions ask you to explain how satisfied you are with each feature of the hands and feet of the fursuit.


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Please describe how it is to wear these pieces of your fursuit.
How satisfied are you with how the hands and feet fit? How is the quality and durability? What is the interior like?

It fits perfectly! One-size-fits-all the rest of my family can wear them too and they all have different feet :P
Fleece inside makes them very soft and warm! They do not slip off and you can achive some great movement in them (even walk stairs & dance!)
My feet slides in with ease!

Great durability ( I have worn them a lot around the house) and they have been through some rough play (my brother wore them lol) but they withstood it all! Seams are strong, claws are very well attached.
Pawdpads are big and very cute but sturdy!

It is fully lined with a fleece sock which keeps your feet nice and warm. There’s no type of shoe or slipper in it, only a small piece of foam beneath the feet (If I read right from a description of the maker)

Appearance Satisfaction
Please describe how satisfied you are with how your fursuit pieces look from the outside.
How is the symmetry? Is the shaving even? How does the fur feel and look? How satisfied are you with the selection of colors and materials used?

All is greatly symmetrical.

The shaving is smooth though there’s some small portions of (slightly) longer hair, but it’s not that much visable.

The fur is in great condition, I ordered 1m of the brown fur for the maker, so i know it’s a great fur.

Great selection, pawpads, claws & inside made of soft fleece the rest is fur. Also the feet are filled with stuffing and are really big. Not only the toes are stuffed but also the sleeve up the ankle!

The following questions ask how satisfied you are with the overall visual aspects associated with the fursuit.


How satisfied are you with how closely the suit matches the concept art?
If there was no concept art, please state N/A
She made it exactly as I told in the description. (ex: blue toes on the outside, brown inside, grey claws, light blue pads, etc)

How satisfied are you with how well everything fits together and matches up?
Do you markings match up at the seams? Are the colors consistent?
Everything matches.

The following questions ask how satisfied you are with all the aspects of communication between you and the maker.


How satisfied are you with how easy it was to initially contact the maker for a quote?
Very easy, replied within a day!

How satisfied are you with the response time from the maker?
How long did it take them to respond?
They responded in an hour and mostly immediately after I sent a message in chat on their Facebook page!

How satisfied are you with the level of professionalism and friendliness of the maker?
Were they pleasant to work with?
Very pleasant to work with, friendly and kept me updated.

How satisfied are you with how the deadline was met for completion of your project?
Were any deadlines missed or was it done early?
It was done way before the deadline. on time!

How satisfied are you with the overall quality of your project?
Very happy!

How satisfied are you with the overall customer service with the maker?
Very satisfied! A+

Describe your experience. What were the pros and cons of working with this maker? And any final comments?
Plushie pawsies are a very popular item made by this maker, and I am happy I got a pair cause they are so cool and cuddly.


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