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What is wrong with FursuitReview? What do you not like about it? What makes it hard to use?

Do you not like the review form? Do you not like the rating system?
Does it just not have a feature you want?
You just want to suggest something be added?

Please let us know by commenting here! Alternatively, you can use this form: (no email required)

Thank you and happy reviewing!

What is wrong with FursuitReview? What do you not like about it? What makes it hard to use?

Do you not like the review form? Do you not like the rating system?
Does it just not have a feature you want?
You just want to suggest something be added?

Please let us know by commenting here! Alternatively, you can use this form: (no email required)

Thank you and happy reviewing!


Even though it’s only been a few days since the big update, it was decided that RedditJS just wasn’t going to work for comments. FursuitReview has moved to a new system now. And this time, it should hopefully stay. You can comment as a guest or by logging in with another social media account.



I’m a “greymuzzle” fur who after being in the fandom for 25+ years finally had a fursuit made of one of my characters. “Komos” was created by Artslave; I wore him at Athrocon the beginning of the month – – and had the time of my life.

I’m also a published writer covering pop culture and animation for publications like the NY Daily News and the entertainment industry website Animation World Network ( I’m currently writing Furry Nation, a history of our fandom as well as a look at the presence of anthropomorphism in non-furry contemporary society (literature, art, etc.) and throughout human history. ( ) I recently signed a contract with a publisher who plans release Furry Nation in the fall of 2017.

The book will include my experience as a ‘suiter and Artslave’s as a professional suitmaker. I want to write about other suitmakers too, particularly people who are working on or just finished their first suit as well as others who are just beginning to make suits for other furs.

I’d greatly appreciate it if you could put a notice on your site inviting people to contact me via this Email address, or pass word along to anyone you know who might be interested in speaking with me. (If you can suggest other websites for me to contact I’d appreciate that as well.)

Thanx much!

Best wishes,

Apologies for the delay!

Here’s what’s new.

For Everyone

NEW RULES. Please check them out.
– New rating system labels. Yes/OK/No replaces Pos/OK/Neg.
– Visual improvements with pretty much everything.
– Categories now listed under review dates for most review listings.
– New category: Year Made! Sort by year the item being reviewed was made.
New FAQ.
– New comment system on the website. Comments are served through Reddit.
– Speaking of Reddit, new subreddits: /r/FursuitReview and /r/Fursuits for off-topic chatter.

– Maker pages are treated differently. There is now an information box that contains aliases, websites, social media, etc. There is an “update?” button that directs to email. Anyone can update maker contact links. Example.

For Makers

– Get your own url that links to reviews for you. Click that link for more info.
– You can now give an “Official maker response” to a review. See here for more info.

For Reviewers

NEW REVIEW FORM. Same questions, different/better presentation and easier to use for everyone.
– You can update/change past reviews. More info here. This also takes place of what used to be called YR+LTR.

In addition
This is not new, but you should check out the list of short URLs for easy linking to others! =)

Please email or comment any links that are broken, or if something is acting fishy. Everything should be running a whole lot smoother, but it is possible something was missed during the update.

Thank you everyone for your constant support and happy reviewing!
~ Bornes

Aloha April FursuitReview fans!

It’s been a great month and we’re happy to celebrate our 9 month anniversary!

Here’s the news:

– We quietly rolled out to replace The link will always work so you’ll still find places that link you to it, but the main site is now a much easier to type =)

– New rating system labels! [POS] for Positive, [OK] for Neutral, [NEG] for Negative. All of the reviews and documentation have been updated on Everywhere else will only have the change for newer reviews.

Twitter, Tumblr, and FaceBook have new and/or better automated postings of fursuit reviews that link to the website and not the FA. Twitter and Facebook still have people behind them, but the workload has been significantly lessened because of this (Tumblr is 100% automated and will continue to be). Still, the preferred method of contact is by email.

– The Makers page now has a search bar at the top. It will pick up any aliases a maker has and display the correct page associated. Helpful if the maker you want to find has gone by a lot of different names and Ctrl/Cmd + F has failed.

– Short URLs! You thought the last update had short URLs? makes them better! – About page – All reviews listed on FursuitReview – FurAffinity page – FAQ page – Review forms page – All makers reviewed on FursuitReview – News page – Fursuit reviews sorted by price – Fursuit reviews sorted by rating – Rules page – Advanced search page – Fursuit reviews sorted by completion time

– Last but not certainly not least – quite possibly the most important update:


The site will still be up and viewable, but emails will not be answered and reviews will not be posted. There’s only one admin of the website currently (me) and I will be on an internet- and work-free vacation in May.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and HAPPY REVIEWING! <3

~ Bornes

Hello everyone!

FursuitReview started in August 2015 with a very simple site that was sort of an after-thought. After some time on FA, it was decided that the website should get more attention, and on January 30th 2016 the new site was released.

At the moment, FursuitReview is still mostly concentrated on FurAffinity, so here’s the downlow on how the new site works:


Comments can be made by signing in through another social media site. Currently, the ones supported are: OpenID, Twitter, Livejournal, Reddit, WordPress, Blogger, and If you don’t already have an account with any of these sites and would like to comment, I’d recommend Reddit, as it does not even need an email address to sign up.

Comments on the website are only allowed on news & articles and are closed after 30 days. Comments on fursuit reviews are only available through FurAffinity. If the Furaffinity account is ever banned, comments will open on the website for fursuit reviews (but only on newly posted ones) and the closing policy will be revisited.

New Features

The website keeps all the features it always had, with the addition of a sort by completion time and an advanced search. A knowledgebase was also added, it is the home to uncommon informational articles posted here and some helpful links out about fursuits.

On the right sidebar, you will now find a “newest reviews” section and a “newest maker listed” to help see what is new on the site.

Short URLs

New shorter URLs were added so the most-visited pages will be easier to remember and get to without so many clicks.

/all – All reviews posted so far, unsorted

/makers – fursuit maker list

/forms – review forms page

/price – sort by price

/rating – sort by rating

/knowledge – knowledgebase

/articles – informational articles


/faq – frequently asked questions


/news – site news

/fa – Furaffinity page

These are actually redirects, so they will not remain in the addressbar once the page fully loads. Because of this, if you use these pages frequently, you must memorize these URLs.

Enjoy and happy reviewing!