Informational Articles

FursuitReview occasionally publishes its own informational articles. Read them here.


Fursuit Makers Database

A Tumblr with a large database of fursuit makers, including guides on how to choose a maker for your suit. Unaffiliated with FursuitReview.


How to Clean Fursuits

A small website with tutorials for how to keep your fursuit/parts clean and looking great. Unaffiliated with FursuitReview.

Fursuit Gear

An Amazon Affiliate store for items recommended for fursuiters (balaclavas, base layers, storage, etc.)
Buying anything from this store helps keep running.


Artists Beware

A livejournal full of reviews for every kind of artist there is, including fursuit makers. They also allow artists to warn others about problem commissioners/buyers. Well moderated and a valuable resource. FursuitReview only allows reviews where a product was actually received. Go to AB for warnings about makers who never deliver. Artists Beware is unaffiliated with FursuitReview.


Trusted Artists

Trusted Artists is a FurAffinity group and seal that is given to users to show that they are a trusted source for commissions or services. This is for any kind of artist, including crafters, as long as they have an active FurAffinity page. This group is officially affiliated with FursuitReview.