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Furaffinity: Warped_Reality

Relationship With Maker

The maker is NOT a friend

Prior Experience

Yes, I have owned several over the past few years and make them myself.

Informed Maker of Issues


Wear Time

~10-11ish hours I think
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Type: Fullsuit
Style: Digitigrade, Toony
Shipped From: USA


Alaskan malamute
Filed under Canidae

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Transaction Information

3125 USD
Filed under $3000 and over.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review

August 27, 2015

Buy/Commission Date
September 2014
Completion/Ship Date
July 2015
Item Completion Time (?)

Item Being Reviewed

Aurora Full fursuit

Character Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product

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HeadGives information about the head of the costume. If reviewing a set of ears, the answers would also go in this section.

How satisfied are you with the fit of the head?
Is it too tight or loose? Does anything poke you, stab you, make it uncomfortable to wear? Is it lined comfortably?
The fit is fantastic. I have a small head and it is neither too loose nor too tight. It moves when I turn my head but does not squish my face or anything. There’s also room for my ears. It’s lined with a cool lycra-like material with no visible seams or anything. I could sleep in it!

How is the ventilation?
Can you breathe well? Is the mask stuffy? Does the air circulate through your head?
I can breathe amazingly. The entire muzzle is hollowed out on the inside and I can fit my fist inside it. Plenty of airflow.

How is the vision?
Can you see well in front of you? Is there a large blind spot? Do you have to turn your head to see? (Note: most suits do not have peripheral vision)
The vision is also amazing. It seems like my eyes are close together based on my experience with other suits but this one barely has any blind spot. The mesh is extremely easy to see through and even provides ventilation.

How is the symmetry?
Are the eyes or ears lopsided? Are the markings symmetrical per character design?
The symmetry is spot-on. The only thing I’ve noticed is that one of her teeth are a bit crooked but honestly it’s cute and not even worth mentioning.

Is the shaving even?
Can you see the backing? Is it choppy? Is the transition to long fur what you were looking for?
The shaving is wonderful. She used short-pile furs for most of the face but had to shave down some markings and to shape the ears. All of it is perfect.

How satisfied are you with the expression and overall appearance of the head?
I’m very happy! The eyes are a teensy bit cross-eyed but I think it’s a cute, derpy expression. She’s supposed to be a happy, derpy character and AF nailed the expression in that regard.

How is the quality of the ears? Are you satisfied with the materials used?
Are they too cumbersome? Can you pull on them without tearing? Are they even on your head?
The ears are attached to the head and absolutely gorgeous. The different furs used and strategic trimming add depth instead of them being flat triangles. They’re a lot smaller than ears on other AF suits because they are true to the malamute breed.

BodyGives information about the main body of the costume. If reviewing a separate set of pants/legs or torso, the answers would also go in this section.

How satisfied are you with how the body fits?
Is it comfortable to wear? Does it allow for good movement?
The body is a little bit big on me (NOT baggy) but that may be either AF’s style or my fault due to my DTD. I had never made one before. It’s almost a drop-crotch suit but I think it adds to the tooniness of the whole thing. The wiggle room allows a lot of movement; I can raise my arms above my head and flail about with no problem.

How is the quality and durability of the body?
Are the seams durable? Can you move without popping seams?
The durability is great. I have found one hole in my shoulder and the very ends of one arm and ankle have started to come apart. My suit has a LOT of colors which means a lot of 4-way seams, so I’m not surprised one small hole happened. The neck lining also started to come up but it was sewn very close to the edge of the fabric so it wasn’t surprising. They were all extremely simple fixes and I have not had a problem since. I inspected the rest of the seams in the body and the rest of them are super strong.

How satisfied are you with the selection of colors and the material used?
I am very satisfied. She went out of her way to find all of my colors in furs other than luxury shag. That means some of the colors do not match my ref but she notified me of that and got my okay before she even started building the suit.

Hands and FeetGives information about the hands and/or feet of the costume.

How satisfied are you with the fit of the hands and feet?
Will your wrists/ankles show if you stretch too much? Do they stay on your hands or do they slide off? Can you put them on comfortably with ease?
The fit of both is amazing. I have small hands and have commissioned high-end makers for paws before and they just fell off. The ones from AF are perfectly sized to my hands and I couldn’t be happier. The feet are stuffed and sockpaw-like and lined with a cool lycra material. I could wear them all day, they are so comfortable and cool.

How is the quality of the hands and feet? Are you satisfied with the materials used?
Have seams popped? Have paw pads or claws fallen off?
The quality is amazing! Some of the stitching on the feet pawpads started to come up and the vinyl claws started to tear but that is entirely my fault for wearing indoor feet without sandals around Anthrocon. I was also dragging my feet a bit. It was a really easy fix for me and not the maker’s fault in any way. The stuffed fingers are super cute and the short-pile fur used on both feet and hands is the softest material ever.

TailsGives information about any tails the costume may have.

How is the quality of the tail? Are you satisfied with the materials used?
Is it too cumbersome? Can you pull on it without tearing? Are the straps secure and even?
If there is any padding or armature, does it look right and function correctly?

The tail is a bit heavy and drags down my bodysuit a bit but not enough to bother me. The long-pile sparkle furs add some glam to my suit and I really love the curl!

How accurate to the concept art is your tail?
Did they get all the markings? Are the colors accurate?
Very accurate!


OverallHow satisfied the reviewer is with the overall buying experience, including their interactions with the maker and the resulting final product.

How satisfied are you with how closely the suit matches the concept art?
If there was no concept art, please state N/A
I am VERY satisfied! She got all of her markings correct and in the right place. The differing fur colors were discussed prior to the suit being built.

How satisfied are you with how well everything fits together and matches up?
Do you markings match up at the seams? Are the colors consistent?
Everything goes together amazingly. The feet almost look attached to the suit (they’re separate) and the neck doesn’t fold weird or anything. Everything looks attached when assembled.

How satisfied are you with how easy it was to initially contact the maker for a quote?
It was pretty easy! She opened on Twitter and I contacted her. She got back to me within the day.

How satisfied are you with the response time from the maker?
How long did it take them to respond?
Very good response time. She answered any emails promptly and once the building started, answered any questions I had over Skype within a few hours.

How satisfied are you with the level of professionalism and friendliness of the maker?
Were they pleasant to work with?
Extremely pleasant! I couldn’t have imagined a better experience. She was super nice and happily answered any questions or concerns I had throughout the process.

How satisfied are you with how the deadline was met for completion of your project?
Were any deadlines missed or was it done early?
There was no set deadline but it just so happened that my suit was set to start a month before Anthrocon. She never promised an AC completion date but it just happened to work out that way and I was able to debut the suit. When I commissioned her in Sept 2014, my suit was set to start in June 2015 and that happened without any delay.

How satisfied are you with the overall quality of your project?
Extremely satisfied. I could not have imagined a better product for the money I paid.

How satisfied are you with the overall customer service with the maker?
Extremely happy. AJ was just a joy to work with!


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Final Comments

I’m not sure I can express my happiness enough. I would happily recommend AutumnFallings to everybody I meet. Her work is absurdly good and yet she still strives to improve herself with every suit she makes. Great person, great maker. Her quality matches up to the looks.

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