[YES] Pippin Armsleeves & Feetpaws by CircleBirdWorks

General InformationGives some information about the item and the person writing the review.

About the Reviewer


Furaffinity: snowythegryph

Relationship With Maker

The maker is NOT a friend

Prior Experience

Yes, small partial fursuiting

Informed Maker of Issues


Wear Time

~10 hours
About the Maker


Commission Information

Type: Other Bundles
Style: Real/Toon Hybrid
Shipped From: Unknown


Filed under Felidae

Made in Year

Transaction Information

245 USD
Filed under $300 and under.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review

May 17, 2017

Buy/Commission Date
June 2016
Completion/Ship Date
June 2016
Item Completion Time (?)

Photos of Completed Product


BodyGives information about the main body of the costume. If reviewing a separate set of pants/legs or torso, the answers would also go in this section.

Wear Satisfaction How satisfying this piece is to wear with regard to comfort, fit, material quality, etc.

Armsleeves are wonderful! They fit perfectly, ending just above my normal short-sleeve line. They seem very durable, I have yet for a seam to pop on me. The insides of the sleeves are lined with lycra and are so cool and comfortable to wear! Air seems to flow through them pretty well, air hitting the lycra instantly makes it cooler.

Appearance Satisfaction How satisfying this piece is to look at with regard to material quality, design, how closely it matches the concept, etc.

I’m very satisfied with the markings on the sleeves! They match the concept art I gave very well. The fur is super soft fluffy. I’m fairly happy with the colors, the only issue we had was that these parts were matching a suit I currently own that the original fur run was a year and a half before these sleeves and paws. There is a slight color discrepancy between the lighter color on the sleeves and the original suit, but it’s not noticeable from a distance and they are mostly hidden under shirt sleeves anyways. The dark brown matches nearly identically to the original suit.

Hands and FeetGives information about the hands and/or feet of the costume.

Wear Satisfaction How satisfying this piece is to wear with regard to comfort, fit, material quality, etc.

I love how the feet fit! They are built on soled slippers and are super comfy to walk around in. Fur extends up past my ankle so no skin shows in normal use, and they do not slip off my feet at all. They are super high quality and with the outdoor soles I don’t worry about getting them very dirty! When I first got them there was an excess of glue around the outdoor sole, but since then the glue has mostly worn off. Interior of the feetpaws are unlined but with the slippers there is no real need for them to be lined.

Appearance Satisfaction How satisfying this piece is to look at with regard to material quality, design, how closely it matches the concept, etc.

They have good symmetry with the toes curved ever so slightly in the direction that normal shoes curve in. Being that the feet are one color, markings don’t matter here. The shaving is super smooth on the toes and they are super soft to the touch. The claws were made by DVC and I love them, although with wear I’ve noticed that they have gained scuff marks on the ends after walking on concrete. This is not noticeable from average points of view, only if you view the underside of the feet.

OverallHow satisfied the reviewer is with the overall buying experience, including their interactions with the maker and the resulting final product.

Product Satisfaction How satisfied the reviewer is with the overall look and feel of the costume in its entirety.

How was your concept art realized?

How satisfied are you with how closely the suit matches the concept art?
I’m very satisfied!

How well does everything fit together and match up?

Everything fits very well, I’m super happy with it!

Overall Project Quality

How satisfied are you with the overall quality of your project?
I’m very satisfied

Purchase Process Details the interactions between the customer/reviewer and the maker of the item with regard to the buying process.

Initial Contact

She was super easy to get in contact with! If I remember correctly she got back to me the same day I sent the original FA note

Maker Response Time

How satisfied are you with the response time from the maker?
I’m super satisfied! She always responded to me within 24 hours at the very latest.

Maker Professionalism

She was extremely friendly and professional! She made the commissioning process easy and fun!


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"Would you recommend this maker to another?"

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Final Comments

She always kept close contact during the process, sent multiple wips to make sure I was happy with how things were going and was just as excited to work on these parts as I was to have them be made for me! The only con I could see being had is that she mostly uses DVC parts for the toes and claws, so if you are looking for someone who uses their own toes/claws casts, then this would not be a suitable maker. Otherwise I have no other cons!

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