I’m a maker, how do I make an OFFICIAL response to a review?

Sometimes, reviews reveal problems which the maker did not know about previously. For instance, a reviewer may complain about a manufacturing flaw in their review even though they never contacted the maker specifically about it. The maker may then fix, replace, or refund the reviewer because of this issue. But then the fix is never presented to future readers of the review. What is a maker to do?

FursuitReview believes good deeds should go unpunished!

If a reviewer complains of a specific issue– which you later addressed thanks to their public review — FursuitReview would love to showcase it!

Please contact us with:

  • A link to the review in question
  • A brief recap of the original problem
  • Your description of the solution to the problem
  • The date the problem was fixed (if you can’t provide an exact date, give your best estimate)
  • Any proof of the problem being fixed (refund receipt, photos of new item, screencap of ‘thank you’ email from reviewer, etc.)

A new “Maker’s Response” section will be added to the review with your statements for future readers of the review!