[YES] Deme Monster Partial by TunnySaysIDK

General InformationGives some information about the item and the person writing the review.

About the Reviewer


Deme the Monster Queen
Furaffinity: fayyaislin
Twitter: Deme_Monster
@DemeMonster on Telegram

Relationship With Maker

The maker is NOT a friend

Prior Experience

Yes, I’ve had a few prior fursuits ranging from toony to realistic.

Informed Maker of Issues

The head didn’t fit right and he fixed it at BLFC (the deadline) and it fits perfect now.

Wear Time

About the Maker


Commission Information

Type: Partial
Style: Toony
Shipped From: Unknown


Made in Year

Transaction Information

2165 USD paid in installments
Filed under $1000 - $2999.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review

January 26, 2018

Buy/Commission Date
October 2016
Completion/Ship Date
May 2017
Item Completion Time (?)

Item Being Reviewed

Deme the Monster
Head, paws, and tail
(Bodysuit by Short Stack Studios)

Character Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product

HeadGives information about the head of the costume. If reviewing a set of ears, the answers would also go in this section.

Wear Satisfaction How satisfying this piece is to wear with regard to comfort, fit, material quality, etc.

The head is the best fursuit head I have ever own. It is snug, but in the comfortable sense. It’s lined with lycra and not only has an open mouth for ventilation but hidden ear vents as well. I provided a fan that Tunny installed in the muzzle and it works great. The vision is the best I’ve had in a fursuit as well – one of the reasons I ditched realistic resin heads and went toony. The eyes were originally meant to be a different type – but the material didn’t ship in time but honestly that’s okay because I love the temporary-now-permanent eyes that are there now. The whole thing is durable and soft. The mane has a large hidden pocket that I can fit my phone in as well as a small wallet.

Appearance Satisfaction How satisfying this piece is to look at with regard to material quality, design, how closely it matches the concept, etc.

Tunny nailed the expression. I emphasized on her having sassy eyebrows and he delivered. The expression is perfect. The horns made perfectly. I specifically chose to work with Tunny as I loved his uniquely recognizable style and he delivered that 100%. Originally the fursuit was going to have 3-D lenticular hypno eyes. The material ended up not coming in time for the deadline and he put temporary normal eyes which I ended up liking more anyways. However, the third eye was painted to match the hypno eyes, so it was out of place. I ended up painting it to match the normal eyes. It wasn’t that much of a big deal, and an easy fix.

Hands and FeetGives information about the hands and/or feet of the costume.

Wear Satisfaction How satisfying this piece is to wear with regard to comfort, fit, material quality, etc.

The hands are great! They’re toony and poofy and just so much fun! They’re not very dexterous but honestly that’s to be expected and it’s fun to just boop people with them. They fit perfectly. I usually have long manicured fingernails and could never have that with hand paws but I can actually do that with these handpaws which is a huge bonus for me.

The feet paws are HUGE! But that’s okay, it looks great with the fursuit body. I don’t wear them as the partial as I think they’d look too big. They’re not the easiest to walk around in, but they work. I gave two measurements for my feet and these were made to fit them perfectly without a shoe as a base, I’m very impressed with that. The inside material I believe is lycra as well, which makes it kind of slippery and if it’s not pulled on all of the way.. but if you take the time to make sure they are on right, you should be fine. They’re big ole stompers so walking isn’t gonna be like walking in normal sneakers but that’s a given and it’s exactly the look I wanted so I’ll happily have that as a trade-off!

Both are finished with a nice material for cuffs that’s semi elastic and keeps them on great. Tunny Says IDK tags in the hands are a nice touch. I can’t remember if they’re in the feet or not.

The only suggestions I would make is making it obvious which paw goes on the left hand/foot and which one on the right, I always gotta try them on several times before figuring it out.

Appearance Satisfaction How satisfying this piece is to look at with regard to material quality, design, how closely it matches the concept, etc.

Appearance wise, these are fantastic. The fur trimming is great, the shapes are symmetrical and the furs very soft. Very durable!

TailsGives information about any tails the costume may have.

Wear Satisfaction How satisfying this piece is to wear with regard to comfort, fit, material quality, etc.

The tail is huge, which is perfect for my character. I had a tail base that zipped onto my fursuit body I had prior to the commission that Tunny built the new tail onto, which was super awesome of him to do and I highly appreciate. It wears great. The only negative is that it drags on the floor, which I specified didn’t want as it’s ivory fur and it gets dirty. I’m not too hurt over that, as I usually only wear this inside and it doesn’t get too dirty. It’s a very small negative, and wouldn’t count it against the commission as a whole because tails just do that sometimes!

Appearance Satisfaction How satisfying this piece is to look at with regard to material quality, design, how closely it matches the concept, etc.

The tail matches the reference perfectly. Symmetrical. Chunky stripes on point.

OverallHow satisfied the reviewer is with the overall buying experience, including their interactions with the maker and the resulting final product.

Product Satisfaction How satisfied the reviewer is with the overall look and feel of the costume in its entirety.

How was your concept art realized?

After I submitted my concept art (character reference sheet) Tunny made a reference sheet of his own of just the parts in his style, which was executed flawlessly. There was only one snag with the concept art, which was quickly fixed. The blue (horns, claws, tongue) was more of a baby blue but he found a darker blue and made new ones in surprising time and fixed the situation. The blue’s still lighter than the actual ref that’s supposed to be a cyan shade but I’m not a perfectionist and honestly it doesn’t bother me. I believe a part of this may have been a miscommunication, but we’re all human and I’m not bothered by it one bit. I still love this fursuit just as much as I would with cyan blue.

How well does everything fit together and match up?

The fursuit Tunny made me turned out better than I could imagine. I had a chance to see the head after the foamwork was done and some of the fur was on it in person, and it only made me more excited. Even my parents love how it turned out (they’re not furries but can appreciate them). Everything fits like a dream. The durability of each piece is the best of any fursuit I’ve had. I’m very impressed and in love and so happy with my decision to work with him.

Overall Project Quality

I LOVE this fursuit. It is fantastic and high quality. The fursuit exceeded my expectations in design, durability and quality overall.

Purchase Process Details the interactions between the customer/reviewer and the maker of the item with regard to the buying process.

Initial Contact

I contacted him through a quote request form on his website and he replied within a day or two.

Maker Response Time

Tunny usually replied to emails within a day or two, absolutely fine. Towards the end we texted a few times, like at the con when he fixed the fit of the head for me.

Maker Professionalism

Tunny was very professional the entire time and pleasant to work with. Communication was pretty clear and concise. I got Work In Progress (WIP) pictures as well as a video blog post where I could see him working on my fursuit, which was pretty cool.

Project Completion Time

It was completed on a deadline, which Tunny doesn’t take. I immensely appreciate that he was willing to do that for me. I received it just in time for BLFC 2017.


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Final Comments

If you couldn’t tell already – I LOVE this fursuit. I’d highly recommend Tunny Says IDK to any of my friends or anyone who asked me for that matter. I’ve gotten so many compliments and adoration. I can’t wait to wear this for years to come.

A note about the picture – Tunny Says IDK did not make the fursuit body. That was made by Short Stack Studios. This just happened to be the only picture I have that you can see most of the tail and the feets.

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