[YES] Gemstone Partial by Pawaii

General InformationGives some information about the item and the person writing the review.

About the Reviewer


Twitter: gem_boat

Relationship With Maker

The maker is NOT a friend

Prior Experience

Yes. I have built 2 suits prior, and have commissioned 4 suits prior.

Informed Maker of Issues

No, there were no issues.

Wear Time

About the Maker


Commission Information

Type: Partial
Style: Toony
Shipped From: USA


Boat (Bunny / Goat)
Filed under Glires, with horns, antlers, or spikes

Made in Year

Transaction Information

2440 USD paid in a lump sum
Filed under $1000 - $2999.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review

November 6, 2018

Buy/Commission Date
March 2018
Completion/Ship Date
May 2018
Item Completion Time (?)

Item Being Reviewed

Gemstone Partial in a toony style as a commission.

Review Video

Character Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product

HeadGives information about the head of the costume. If reviewing a set of ears, the answers would also go in this section.

Wear Satisfaction How satisfying this piece is to wear with regard to comfort, fit, material quality, etc.

The foam head fits perfectly, snug enough to stay in place, but roomy enough to not feel claustrophobic. Ventilation is not perfect, but is available through the mouth and eyes. The vision is some of the best I’ve experienced from all of my prior suits, this is mostly due to the build of the character – short muzzle, but can also be attributed to the type of mesh selected for this build.

The large ears do add weight to the head, which was to be expected, but is balanced nicely with the rest of the build. You can definitely tell which way the wind is blowing.

The interior is lined with a cotton / athletic wear fabric, which is cooling and soft to the skin. This lining wicks sweat away easily, and is relatively easy to clean.

Appearance Satisfaction How satisfying this piece is to look at with regard to material quality, design, how closely it matches the concept, etc.

The aesthetics of this head are wonderful. From color choice, to fabric, this head was beautifully built. The fabrics used on this head were long pile faux furs, minky, felt, and cotton / athletic wear.

This build matched the character design perfectly!! The follow-me eyes allow for the expression to change ever so slightly, and the removable tongue is a great touch!

To nit-pick, the bottom jaw is slightly askew, and the fur in some areas obviously looks “shaved”, but realistically these do not personally bother me on this build.

Hands and FeetGives information about the hands and/or feet of the costume.

Wear Satisfaction How satisfying this piece is to wear with regard to comfort, fit, material quality, etc.

The hands and feet for this suit were hooves, which are traditionally different than paws.

The hands are fully lined, and comfortable to wear. They can easily be attributed to oven mitts, because they were lined with quilted batting. They fit my hands and arms perfectly, and allow for as much movement as you would assume plush hooves could give. As far as I have had them, they are durable, and have not popped any seams. I would not say these are easy to clean, as they cannot be turned inside out (they are plush hooves.) They can only be cleaned externally.

The feet are fully lined, and comfortable to wear. These can be attributed to slippers, because they are also lined with quilted batting. They fit my feet well, if anything there is still room in the interior for my foot to wiggle around. They do fit my lower calves tightly, and have since the beginning, and I can attribute that to sending incorrect measurements (along with slight weight gain.) They are designed for outside wear, and have foam bottoms. These cannot withstand puddles (as I have recently learned) and water will seep in through the foam into the faux fur and lining. It takes a long while for them to dry. Much like the hands, these plush hooves can only be cleaned externally, as they are outdoor feet.

I cannot say I prefer the quilted batting to other linings, such as athletic wear, due to holding in heat. But, I have a better grip in both my hands and feet.

Appearance Satisfaction How satisfying this piece is to look at with regard to material quality, design, how closely it matches the concept, etc.

The feet and hands are symmetrical, and do match the character design perfectly. The long pile faux fur feels fine, and both sets can be brushed easily. Again, the hooves are minky / plush, and are stuffed with polyfil.

TailsGives information about any tails the costume may have.

Wear Satisfaction How satisfying this piece is to wear with regard to comfort, fit, material quality, etc.

The bunny tail is comfortable to wear, and provides good movement (because it is short and wonderfully sized.) There are dual straps attached to the tail for stability, and so far they are rather durable.

Appearance Satisfaction How satisfying this piece is to look at with regard to material quality, design, how closely it matches the concept, etc.

The tail is symmetrical and matches the markings of the character design. The long pile faux fur feels fine, and is easy to brush.

OverallHow satisfied the reviewer is with the overall buying experience, including their interactions with the maker and the resulting final product.

Product Satisfaction How satisfied the reviewer is with the overall look and feel of the costume in its entirety.

How was your concept art realized?

The concept art was designed by myself, and Pawaii made my suit directly from the reference. They followed the curves of my character down to the shape of their really large ears! They did not simplify my designs, nor changed the colors.

How well does everything fit together and match up?

For this partial, everything fits together rather well. The head, being the largest part, is proportional to the other pieces of this suit.

The colors are consistent, the markings are all together, and in comparison to previous works it looks wonderful.

Overall Project Quality

This suit exceeded my expectations! In comparison to previous makers, this suit was worth the price that I paid, if not more!! I do believe this suit will last me a long time, and I cannot wait to have the bodysuit built by Pawaii.

Purchase Process Details the interactions between the customer/reviewer and the maker of the item with regard to the buying process.

Initial Contact

Pawaii was contacted through the quote form that was available on their website. This quote was then selected for build, and everything was communicated through email response. It was rather easy to get a hold of them, and they were clear from the very beginning what they needed from me, and when they needed it. I did not send them unnecessary items, such as a DTD.

Maker Response Time

The response time from Pawaii was reasonable for a fursuit maker, sometimes it took a few business days but they were always professional with their responses. Communication did not change platforms during my time in / out of the queue.

Maker Professionalism

Pawaii was consistently professional with every email directed towards me. They knew what they needed from me, and we each knew what was expected from the other thanks to their TOS, and type of commission choice (limited artistic ability). Communication was open, and honest, there was no need for excuses or details of their personal life.

Project Completion Time

The timeline for this commission was a May completion date, with March for the start of the build. This completion date was met, and is the first of four makers I’ve previously commissioned to actually make a deadline.

The suit arrived on time, tracking and insurance were provided. My suit was delivered via USPS.


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"Would you recommend this maker to another?"

This review has been marked with a positive rating.
This means the reviewer would recommend Pawaii.

Final Comments

I would like to say that not every person always a wonderful experience with their fursuit maker.

In this case, I love my suit, and loved how Pawaii brought my character to life. Pawaii has various commission types, which factored into the level of communication that I had with them. The type I chose was “limited artistic ability” which allowed for a previously designed character to be submitted and “pawaii-fied”. This meant that Pawaii would not need to be in constant contact with the commissioner, and allow for the fursuit making process to go much faster – because updates would not need to be given for every aspect. I had only two “works in progress” pictures given to me, and they were the color of my characters eyes, and Gemstone’s fur colors. I asked for no other updates.

I believe that it is important for those interested in future commissions from Pawaii: if you desire lots of “works in progress” updates, you should understand that your suit will take longer to build (because there is only 1 builder), and that you should communicate these desires to the maker well ahead of time.

This also is not my first fursuit maker rodeo, as I have been through this process before. I came into this commission knowing what to expect, and there may be others who commission Pawaii with no previous “fursuit commissioning” experience. Be sure to understand that aspect when reading through additional reviews.

I will be working with this maker again, as I hope to have Gemstone’s bodysuit built by Pawaii. I would also recommend them to my friends, because they have a wonderful talent to bring personalized characters to life. There’s no one-set style with Pawaii, and that’s what makes their suits beautiful.

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