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Wear these to protect your fursuit head from your sweat and to keep you cool while you suit.

UnderArmour has better construction and thinner material. It is the best if you keep your mouth covered while in suit.
Schampa is less expensive, cools about the same, and stays in place better. I use it when I don’t want my mouth covered. (Although both balaclavas can have mouth covered or uncovered.)


Did you know that wearing a pair of gloves underneath your paws can help extend the life of your fursuit? In addition to solving the sweaty hands issue, they can prevent skin from showing through creases when bending your wrists.
Separate your skin from your costume’s paws and head to keep you cool and your costume sweat-free.
These are all the same type of glove, but some listings will offer different sizes and designs.

Size Chart. These are the riding gloves.

Base Layers

Items worn between you and your costume to help keep you cool, hygienic, and extend the life of your fursuit between washes.

Upper Body
UnderArmour Size Chart.
GearX Size Chart.
GearX uses a thinner material than UnderArmour, but is more affordable and cools about the same.

Lower Body
UA Men’s Size Chart. UA Women’s Size Chart.
DRSKIN Size Chart.
I have never personally used the UnderArmour leggings, but I absolutely love DRSKIN. The fact that it’s so affordable is a huge bonus.


Stay hydrated, even while in costume!
These hydration packs can be worn outside your suit or underneath it so you can drink water as necessary and help prevent heat stroke.

Dolfinpack is smaller but uses velcro instead of clasps to adjust straps.
2L Water bladder with small form factor.
2L water bladder and 18L storage capacity.
A vest instead of a pack if you want to look different. Water bladder sold seperately. Aquatic Way is the recommended bladder.
These have 90 degree angled mouthpieces.
A pack with a mouthpiece at a 90 degree angle can make it easier to keep everything hidden inside the suit and head while still being useable.

Cleaning & Upkeep

Products that help you keep your costumes fresh and clean.
For a guide on how to wash your fursuit, go to

Brush your suit before and after wearing, washing, and storage to prevent matting.
Alcohol spray.
Create a solution of 50% water and 50% Isoprophyl alcohol and put it in a spray bottle to use to quickly disinfect your costume before or after wearing. Helps keep your suit fresher and cleaner longer, so you do not have to wash it as often (Alcohol spray is NOT a substitute for washing your fursuit!).
Listed here is 99.9% Isoprophyl Alcohol solution, but 70% can be found in just about any drug store. Just adjust the ratio to 70% alcohol 30% water for the sprayer.
Recommended cleaners for faux fur.
Recommended by Fursuiter’s World for more convenient cleaning of fursuit heads.
After wearing or washing your costume, hook them on these dryers to get them dry safely and quickly!
For a guide on how to clean your fursuit, visit
Store these with your suit to help reduce odor and keep your costume smelling fresh in between uses (NOT a substitute for washing your fursuit!).


Things to put your costumes in. Good for general storage, mail, or flight.

Please note that if you fly with these, you may be charged an “oversize” fee and your locks may be cut (even if they’re TSA Approved locks). Check your airline’s website for their baggage requirements and fees.
I do not bother to lock my cases when I fly. I have not had a problem yet. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED YOU BUY A CASE FOR YOUR FURSUIT IN PERSON. This is so you can test out the clasps, better gauge the size, and make a better judgment of your needs before buying. Recommendations here are for reference. Oftentimes better deals can be found in person.
I have found the best totes for me personally in the automotive section at walmart.
For flying: Get a case with metal clasps for less chance of clasp failure during transit.
If you have had many problems with TSA mucking up your fursuit, consider packing a firearm with it.
For mailing: I have not mailed fursuits to a con, but have mailed them during moves. Plastic clasps are fine, but I also cover the tote in brown paper so it looks more like a box.
For storage: Either buy solid-color totes or put your totes in a dark place (such as shut away in a closet) to protect them from light