Can I change a review I already wrote?

Yes. If you would like to change some names, correct typos, or otherwise make small adjustments, please use the general contact form with a link to the review you’d like to update and we will work with you.

If you have major corrections or updates, such as you wrote a review a year a go and now you have a completely different opinion of the item, it is suggested you fill out a completely new review form. When you fill out the new review form, mention in the notes section that you previously wrote a review about that item and include a link to that review. This information will be used to find the previous review and overwrite it with the new one.

If your item has been refurbished, this is not a review change. Treat the refurbished item as a brand new item and submit a brand new review for the maker who did the refurbishment. Please also reference and link the original review in your new review for the refurbished item.

Also note that FursuitReview may contact you through the information provided on the previous (old) review in order to confirm your identity.