How long does it take for reviews to be posted?

When you submit a review using the review form, it should be posted to the website within five days. If something needs clarification, or if for some reason your review is unable to be posted within five days, you will be contacted on the email you provided in the form.

Generally, only one review is posted a day. So do not be alarmed if you see reviews posted but they are not yours. Reviews will first appear on, followed by the Furaffinity page within 45 minutes. A review of a maker that has never been reviewed before will take longer to post to the website. Once the review has been published, links will be posted to Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. This process usually takes 5 – 15 minutes but can sometimes take up to one hour.

If you have sent your review form five days a go or more and your review has not been posted and/or you have not been contacted, please check your spam folder first to make sure you did not miss an email from FursuitReview. If a message is not there, please contact us and inquire about the status of your review.

If you sent in a review a long time ago and it was never posted, we likely still have it! Please contact us with some information about the review (what email you used, general date range you sent it in, etc.) and we should be able to find it for you.