I’m a maker, can I submit a review?


You can review any item if it was not made by you as long as it follows our rules.

If you wish to review items you’ve made yourself, they must meet the following criteria:

– At least one month has passed since you submitted a review of an item you have made yourself to FursuitReview, and
– The item you’re reviewing has only been owned by you and has been destroyed, or
– The item you are reviewing is 2 years old or older.

And we will also clarify this somewhat grey area:
If you made something using an item you personally did not create, you may review the singular item even if the costume you made using that item does not meet the criteria listed above. An example would be you using a resin base made by creator B for an entire fursuit later released under your name. You would review how creator B and their base was to work with.

If you have any questions about this or would like some more clarification, please contact us.

[This answer was edited on 11 December 2019]