I’m a maker, how can I change the name you have listed for me?

Many makers go by many different names. At this point in time, FursuitReview has simply picked what seems to be the “most popular” name and used that for categorization. You can see the current list of all makers reviewed here.

Known aliases are then added to the maker page. These are grouped with other maker links (such as Twitter, FA, etc.). Even if you are listed as “AccountName” officially, a user putting “ANP Label” into search should be able to find you.

However, if you would really prefer a different name listed on the list officially, FursuitReview wants to help. Contact us with proof that you are the maker*, and what you prefer your name to be listed as. This can be a hard change from “AccountName” to “ANP Label” or for small changes such as “PRefeRed CaPiTaLs” or preferred spacing. FursuitReview wants your name listed how you want it to be.

Unfortunately, past reviews will not be changed. Old reviews that say “Fursuit by AccountName” will still be viewable. But they will be listed under the main maker page of “ANP Label.”

FursuitReview will also not delete a listing/name entirely. It will change the main listing to your preferred name and all aliases will still remain attached to it.

*Proof that you are the maker can be anything. Email from the official email listed on your main account page, from your own publicly-known domain, or any other way you can think of that lets us know you are not an impersonator. You can also note Bornes directly from your maker account through FurAffinity instead of emailing FursuitReview.