I’m a maker, how do I get a short URL directly to my reviews page?

All makers now have an automated short URL based on their present name in the makers list, with spaces converted to hyphens.
An example: dorky-dog-suits.fursuitreview.com

If you would like a different, duplicate, or custom short URL for your review page, we can do this for you!

  • You must have at least one review already on FursuitReview to apply
  • You must advertise FursuitReview on at least one of your active pages (FA, Tumblr, etc.)
  • That’s it! Contact us with proof of your linkback and what you’d like your name for the short URL(s) to be!

If you do not wish to advertise FursuitReview, you can make a one-time donation of 5 USD to get your short URL. Please contact us for details.