I’m a maker, how do I make an OFFICIAL response to a review?

Sometimes, reviews reveal problems which the maker did not know about previously. For instance, a reviewer may complain about a manufacturing flaw in their review even though they never contacted the maker specifically about it. The maker may then fix, replace, or refund the reviewer because of this issue. But then the fix is never presented to future readers of the review. What is a maker to do?

FursuitReview believes good deeds should go unpunished!

If a reviewer complains of a specific issue– which you later addressed thanks to their public review — FursuitReview would love to showcase it!
(Additionally, if you’re responding to a negative review, you may find the “I have negative reviews on FursuitReview… Now What?” article helpful.)

An official maker response is meant to be the final word from you, the maker. A review containing an official response will be marked with a “❖” in the title of the review. There will be a red box at the top of the review (under the first picture) informing the viewer that an official response has been added, with a link so they can jump immediately to it. The actual section for the response is at the bottom of the review, underneath the rating. It is titled “❖ Maker Response” and has a header with a red gradient background to set it apart from all the previous sections.

A maker response is not meant to communicate to the reviewer! It is meant to communicate to the people reading the review.

As such, it is best practice to:

  • Keep it as short and concise as possible
  • Keep it as professional as possible – no personal insults or excuses
  • Give a short summary of the problem(s) and your solution(s) to those problems
  • End your response on a positive note

To submit an official response, reviews now have an expandable box at the bottom with a form asking if you’d like to make one. Use this form at the bottom of the review you’d like to respond to. If the review is older, it may not have an official response form attached below it. In this case, here is a direct link to the response form. You can also contact us through Twitter DMs or our regular contact form with what you’d like to say instead.

Official Responses are always verified before being posted to ensure that the person who submitted the response is actually the maker in question.
We do this by contacting the maker directly through one of their business pages or emails and ask if they have recently sent us an official response.