Welcome To The New 2018 FursuitReview!

Here’s what we were waiting for! We hope you like it!

What’s New

New link structure!
This means ALL old links are broken. If you’d like to link to a review, you will have to find it again for the new link. Apologies! Short URLs should still work. If they don’t please contact us.

New Review Form!
We’ve totally revamped the review form! Easier to get to, read, and use. It’s part of the website, no longer ugly, and has more options. The majority of the questions are the same, but we added some new ones and changed wording for a lot of familiar ones. If you’ve sent in lots of reviews before, take note!

New Review display!
Reading reviews has drastically changed – for the better, we hope! Comparison of important data about the reviewer and the maker, such as: prior experience with fursuits, if deadlines were missed, on-time, or done early, type of commission, species, date the item was made, etc. This information is side by side on larger screens.

Images look and function better! We’ve introduced a lightbox for all images, so you will stay on the same page while viewing them. We’ve also made it so if there are 2 or more images in a line, you can view it like a slideshow instead of clicking them all separately.

The rest of the review has an improved single page layout. No more tabs! Question and answer display has also been visually improved with many wording updates. All of the old reviews (excepting the really old “grandfathered” reviews) have been converted to this new layout, but you won’t see all this layout has to offer until new reviews using the new review form start coming in. =)

Subscribe to comments!
Automatically receive emails when someone replies to your comments, or change the selection so you’re not subscribed or subscribed to everything by default. You can also subscribe to comments on a particular review without commenting at all! 🙂

New Menu.
A lot of things got moved around- we hope it isn’t too confusing! There is also a separate, further simplified menu for mobile users.

Maker Pages function differently.
Our old setup was very confusing to navigate. It has been simplified and should now be easier to find a maker’s reviews and their information!

New categories!
Sort reviews by new categories like: padding type, style, species, and shipping origin in addition to all the old categories too!

Contact Forms.
No longer do you need to rely on ye olde mailto links.

A lot of people who find our site are unfamiliar with the furry community. We decided to add a bunch of common words and abbreviations to help them out!

Informational Articles.
Technically we had this before, but it was sad and neglected. Now it has 2 great new guides: How to buy a fursuit and What makes a good review photo. Check them out!

Many small changes and improvements.
We tried to make everything easier to read, use, and pretty to look at. Hope it worked!

New Twitter account.
You’ve always been able to watch @FursuitReview for new reviews. But now there’s @FSR_Dev for site news/updates if you’re interested in that!


With a new site, we will have growing pains!

Please contact us if something doesn’t work or look right!
– Links are broken
– Display errors / unintuitive design
– Comments / suggestions / criticism about the new site design
– Informational article, glossary, or FAQ addition requests

All old reviews were converted to the new format. Sometimes, there was a lot of guesswork as to how that review should be categorized. Please contact us or leave a comment on a review if you feel it should be categorized differently.
It is also possible they were converted incorrectly – we believe we caught all the mishaps before the new site went live, but if you come across something weird in a review, please contact us or leave a comment about it on that review!

– Padding / Species / Currency / Shipping Origin / Style (realistic, toony, etc.) is incorrect or missing
– Review answers to certain questions seem to lack context or appear completely wrong for some reason (probably posted in the wrong area)
– The rating displayed at the end of the review doesn’t match the rating in the title and/or the rating category the post is in
– Images in the review don’t have a lightbox or don’t have the slideshow options if there are 2 or more images in the same line

Some Clarification

These are not specifically related to the update, but they came to our attention during the rebuild, so we felt we should touch on them:

We are an entirely new site, by new people – not related to previous review communities.
FursuitReview started in 2015 on Furaffinity and made an independent website shortly thereafter. It is unrelated to other places with a “fursuit review” name or theme, and does not share any of the staff/moderators those communities had or have.
We noticed there was some confusion in thinking the people who had run other groups (e.g. fursuitmakerreviews, fursuitcritique, or facebook groups with similar names) had simply changed names/location.
This is not the case: FursuitReview is totally new!

The rules we started with aren’t the rules we have now.
When FursuitReview first started, we had a lot of rules. We’ve simplified and shortened the list over time, and our current rules should be easy to follow and understand.

The main confusion points seem to be:
– Ownership time.
You must have worn your item 30+ hours OR owned it for 3+ months, whichever comes first.

– Reviewable items.
You can review anything bought directly from the maker as long as it is furry-related in some way and you think you can use our review form. This means you can review things from Etsy as long as the Etsy store is owned by the person who made the item!
If you have something you’re not sure counts, you can always contact us before submitting your review. However, we encourage you to submit the review anyway! As long as it follows the rules, we’ll make a new category for it if it doesn’t fit in any of the current categories.

That’s it!

We hope you enjoy the new site!