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ETA Accuracy
ETA is a common abbreviation for Estimated Time of Arrival. On FursuitReview, we us it to mean the estimated completion date of a commission.

Makers will usually tell a customer when the project should expect to be completed. If the item was finished and delivered as expected, they have met their ETA.

If the maker states it will be done in, for example, February, but you do not receive the item until April, then they have missed the ETA.

Note that deadlines are different from ETAs, but often get used as synonymous in common speech anyway. A deadline is a date by which the customer wants a project finished. An ETA is a date (or date range) that the maker provides the customer as an estimate of when they expect the project to be completed.

Below are the sorting options we provide for when ETAs have been met or passed. The checkboxes use the “OR” operator, which means they will display results that match ANY of the options that have been checked.

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Category: ETA Accuracy