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Formerly known as: Noodleteeth

US, Washington, Cosmopolis

USA based, LGBT owned kemono fursuit maker! Still fairly new, but steadily improving and gaining knowledge. Currently there are two of us who make suits

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Accepted Order Types

Commission Types

Prefer to work with adoptable/premade suits, although we do take customs frequently. Artistic liberty can be requested.

  • Artistic liberty commissions
  • Premades
  • Standard commissions


We have some western influence into our kemono suits because of our love of fangs and tusks. We exclusively create and specialize in kemono style

  • Kemono


We don't list part commissions other than paws and heads, if it's requested we may could work something out. Don't hesitate to ask about options, the only thing we are strict on not doing are plantigrade suits.

  • Full digitigrade
  • Handpaws (as parts/separate)
  • Head (as parts/separate)
  • Mini partial (head + handpaws + tail)
  • Other

Special Features

All eyes come with domes by default, and fursuit feet are assumed indoor unless said otherwise. We can discuss other options on a case-by-case basis, such as removable horns, domeless eyes, and so on. We do not do any electronics currently.

  • Attached tail
  • Exchangeable tongues
  • Follow-me eyes
  • Indoor feet
  • Outdoor feet
  • Removable eyelids
Species Information

We prefer characters that have horns, fangs, spikes and claws, and uncommon species. Some favored species are Caprigons, Chimereons, Dutchies, gryphons, dragons, fluffy dinosaurs/shrimp, goats. Don't hesitate to ask, we still do most types.

Will Do

  • Most species

Will NOT Do

  • Protogen/Primagen
  • Insects
  • Dolphins/whales/most real-life aquatics that have a smooth head
Payment Information

Payment Plan Details

100% upfront 30% to reserve your slot, 70% before start date

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