[YES] Nettle the Collie Fullsuit by Cottage Moss

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Cottage Moss

Year of Project2021

Completion Time (?)4 - 6 Months

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Review Date13 May 2022

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Review Information
Instagram: nettle_on_adventures

Prior ExperienceI own a couple of other suits, so I’d say I do have some kind of experience within the area!! =3

Wear Time10 + hours

Informed Maker of IssuesNope!

Nettle / Collie Fullsuit


ProjectThis item was a commission

Paid: A Lump Sum of $3000 - $4999

Initial Contact: June 2021

Completion/Ship Date: October 2021

Shipping Origin: USA

Type: Fullsuit

Style: Toony

Padding: Digitigrade

SpeciesName: Collie (Dog)

Found in: Canidae(?)

Features: None

Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product


Initial ContactI contacted the maker over instagram DMs for a quote and they immediately replied! My questions where answered and I was lucky to get a slot! I payed a 50% down payment through PayPal for the slot, and payed the last 50% shortly after.

Maker CommunicationThe maker was extremely nice through the process, thought I would have liked to revive more WIP pictures and general updates through the process of making the bodysuit. If they had kept me updated I would have been able to come with necessary feedback on the short legs and form of the tail. I was sure the maker was working on another project and that was why updates were scarce/nonexistent, until pictures of the finished result were sent to me by the maker.
Updates on the head were plentiful, and Communication first started to lack after the hand paws and head were finished.
I am sure Cottage_moss did not mean any harm at all, and that they are a lovely person with the best intentions. Communication could have been better but wasn’t terrible.

Project Completion TimeThe entire suit took 4 months to finish. I had no idea when the suit would be finished, else than it would be by the end of the year latest. The suit was shipped the 15th of October and arrived the 30th of November. I remember being really nervous for it to arrive as the package had been shipped internationally and so many things could go wrong. Everything
arrived safely and in great shape.

Overall Project QualityOverall I am extremely happy to have commissioned Cottage_moss for a full suit! They did an amazing job with just about everything. My expectations were exceeded and I believe that this suit was absolutely worth the price. Sure, it has its small flaws like limited ventilation, short legs and being extremely warm to wear, but on the long run the good things overweight the “bad”. I’m blown away by the quality for the suit and how well Nettle translated into Aspen’s (Cottage_moss’) style! I feel very honoured and lucky to own a suit from them, and I’d very much recommend this maker to you!



Wear SatisfactionThe head is super soft and over all amazingly comfortable to wear! It fits perfectly and is not too snug nor too loose, and is fully lined with comfortable black lycra. Visibility is fairly good. I have a tiny blind spot where the nose is, and my vision is limited to both sides. The eye mesh has a few “spots” where the paint has blocked the tiny holes, but it doesn’t make a major difference. Ventilation is limited. The muzzle is small, which gives a super cute look. This doesn’t help when it comes to breathing tho. Due to this, the head easily gets overheated as the warmth has a hard time escaping. It’s not a huge problem, but a inconvenience as it limits the time I’m able to stay suited. Else than that the inside of the head is incredibly smooth and I am not able to feel any splotches of hot-glue when I’m wearing the head.

Visual SatisfactionNettles head is SUPER cute and I couldn’t be happier with how it all came together! Cottage_moss managed to capture every little detail and transfer it to the suit! The shaving is insanely even and smooth, and no seams are visible. I am not able to find any naked spots whatsoever, and the heads amount of detail is breathtaking for me. The furs used all seem high quality and absolutely stay in place. The symmetry is spot on and the markings match the reference almost completely. The ears, teeth and hair stay in place and the head seems extremely durable. The whole expression is exactly how I wished for it to be, and I am very satisfied with the entire appearance.

One-Piece Body

Wear SatisfactionThe bodysuit is fully lined with thick black lycra, which makes it both comfortably soft AND extremely hot to wear. (all fur suits are hot, but I consider this one to be over the average level). Airflow is somewhere between limited to nonexistent. It is possible to fullsuit indoors for about 1 hour maximum before it gets unhealthy. Therefore I prefer suiting outdoors, when weather is cold. Apart from that, Cottage_moss has done a amazing piece of work putting this all together, and the bodysuit is very sturdy and robust. I have not found a single popped seam and the suit has a zipper that works amazingly and I haven’t experienced any problems with fur getting stuck in it. The padding is non-removable which makes the suit easy to put on and off! I am able to move at a “average” level, which includes being able to jump, jog, bend and stretch. Unfortunately the legs are short with about 15 – 20 cm, which makes me unable to zip the feetpaws together with the bodysuit. I consider that this is partly my own fault, as I dint tape all the way under the ankles when I made my DTD. I should have made it clearer for the maker so they had a chance to make the legs longer. Other than that the bodysuit is great! To the hot side but very much functional! >:3

Visual SatisfactionI am extremely pleased with how the bodysuit turned out visually!! Everything matches my reference-sheet perfectly, and the furs used are super soft, silky and easy to brush. The padding looks smooth and soft and I’m very satisfied with the proportions! Despite not being able to zip the feet and legs together, things look quite neat! The suit has a removable tail that can be zipped on and off to make partial suiting possible. The zipper isn’t visible, and it looks so smooth that no one would even know the tail isn’t sewn on permanently. The body is perfectly symmetrical, and the shaving is even and clean.


Wear SatisfactionThe hand paws are lined with a neat, cool, white lycra that is thinner than the type that’s been used for both the head and bodysuit. This results in the paws not being as hot to wear as the rest of the suit! The paws are pretty big, and the pads are super puffy, which helps keep the fingers in place. As the paws are big and my hands are quite small, movement is limited but possible. Over all, the paws are very comfortable!

Visual SatisfactionI must admit that I’m quite a “paw lover” and wearing these bappers is like honey for the soul. The markings are perfect, the paw pads are perfect, the claws, seams, shaving and cuffs are perfect. I have no critique for these!


Wear SatisfactionThe tail is super light weight and easy to put on. It features a durable rem that’s fastened securely to the base of the tail, and allows a belt to smoothly enter through the holes. The tail both works with partial suiting and full suiting as it has both rems and zipper. A very neat and durable tail that’s comfortable to wear and is easily removed and zipped back on again.

Visual SatisfactionThe tail looks very smooth and fluffy. It has a slight curve and looks very natural. The markings are perfect, and the tail moves very nicely. I had asked for a tail that was slightly bigger and more round to match my concept art, but I am perfectly happy with this one too.


Wear SatisfactionNettles feet paws are extremely comfortable and easy to wear. They have a minky cuff and are lined with some sort of off-white cotton fabric, and stuffed with poly fill, which makes them soft and nice to slip into. They have a hard bottom to secure safe walking. Inside there has been installed a slipper from my favourite shoe making brand “Allbirds”. I asked the maker if they where able to do this for me, and it turned out they where! I shipped the slippers to the maker together with my DTD. The slippers make the feet paws super easy to walk around in and keep my feet in place. 10/10

Visual SatisfactionThe feet paws look stunning. I love the simple, cartoony style! Yet again the markings fit the reference sheet I provided! The paw pads are made in a flat indoor style, and I love how cute and smooth they look. The shaving is spot on and the pair of paws are perfectly symmetrical.

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Final CommentsI’d totally recommend Cottage_moss as the maker of your dream suit! The entire product is drop dead gorgeous, and the quality is stunning! Just be aware that the body suits from this maker (in my case anyway) tend to be fairly warm and that it’s a good idea to check in with the maker regularly and ask for updates! Something I wish I had done more.

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