[OK] Tabby Cat/Toyger Hybrid by The Forgotten Imp

Maker Information

The Forgotten Imp

Year of Project2021

Completion Time (?)7 - 12 Months

ETA AccuracyNO - the ETA was passed
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Review Date23 August 2021

RelationshipThe maker is NOT a friend
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Review Information

Prior ExperienceNo

Wear Time5

Informed Maker of IssuesMost of them. The only issue I did not bring up was how the end result did not really resemble my character design.

I did not bring this up because there wasn’t anything she could do about it as it was already finished. I did not recieve any WIP photos (though I was told numerous times that I would be sent some) so I had no opportunity to request any changes.

It was supposed to be a cross between a tabby cat and a toyger (which is a breed of house cat) but the end result does not look like a domestic house cat at all, but rather a fantasy jungle cat or sorts. I had to redesign my character’s appearance to match the fur suit head.

Tabby cat/Toyger fursuit partial


ProjectThis item was a commission

Paid: A Payment Plan of $1000 - $2999

Initial Contact: July 2020

Completion/Ship Date: March 2021

Shipping Origin: UK

Type: Partial

Style: Realistic

Padding: None

SpeciesName: Tabby cat/Toyger houe cat hybrid

Found in: Felidae(?)

Features: None

Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product


Initial ContactVery easy, I initially contacted her through etsy wishing to commision one of her 3/4 (use-your-own eyes and jaw) cat heads but then quickly requested it to have eyes and a moveable jaw added. I paid the additional cost for these right away.

Her measurement requests were very easy to understand and well explained.

Maker CommunicationHer response time was good, we started conversing through email but switched to instagram as it was easier for her to respond through there. She was very friendly and we often engaged in conversations not related to my commission.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect during the commission process, and I didn’t ask.

My only issue is that I was told that I would receive WIP photos numerous times but never received any, if I had I would have been able to request some changes that I would have liked. I should have been more upfront about wanting to see WIP photos but I am, very non-confrontational and did not want to bother her.

Project Completion TimeI am unsure what the ETA was supposed to be after I added on the moveable jaw and eyes, originally I was quoted that it would be completed around November before requesting the eyes and jaw, but I am unsure if adding the eyes and jaw extended that to March. I wasn’t given any ETA after requesting the eyes and jaw be added and I did not ask.

The shipping was astounding! She shipped and it arrived in five days! Customs and duties fees were also way less than I anticipated.

I was in no rush for her to complete it though, and made her aware of that.

Overall Project QualityWearing and using: Comfortable to wear, though vision is difficult.

Build quality: Well built and designed, a few minor issues that I easily repaired myself, and from what I’ve heard that is quite common. The slightly off centered right eye could be avoided by making the mesh eye holes for seeing more onto the bridge of the nose (Note that I was fully aware that there would be some off centered proportions when I placed my commission.)

The seams all line up and are not visible at all. The fit is perfect with no issues.

Aesthetic appeal: Beautiful craftsmanship, my only issue is that I wish the head had resembled a house cat and my character design better. The style matches the maker’s style.

Overall Satisfaction: I am mostly content with the end result, though I do find it difficult to wear due to the vision issues and do wish it resembled my concept art better.

Pricing: Her prices are good and match her work well.



Wear SatisfactionComfort: Comfortable to wear.

Ease of putting it on: Easy to put on, though I had to install elastic straps to hold my head in place more snug. It is partially lined and wearing a balaclava “lines” the rest.

Ventilation: Very stuffy, No circulation. It is better if you prop the moveable jaw open.

Vision: Vision is quite poor. The left eye has resin curving into the line of sight so I can’t really see out of that eye. Both eye mesh areas are quite small.

It should be noted that vision in realistic fursuit heads are always a lot more limited than in toony styles due to the much smaller eye mesh areas.

I do have the capability to wear my glasses in the fursuit head which is absolutely wonderful.

Visual SatisfactionPros: It looks gorgeous, the colors are perfect as are the markings. The maker copied the markings exactly as I wanted them to be. She had to create a whole new head base for my design because I wanted it smaller than her usual fursuit heads, and she did a fantastic job doing so. The head is the perfect size to use as a partial without having the head to body proportions look weird.

The expression is perfect, the teeth are adorable and very well made. The jaw moves very well.

Cons: (Please note that I did NOT bring up this concern to the maker, I didn’t see any point in doing so as there wasn’t anything she could do about it short of redoing the whole head as it was completely finished by the time I saw it at all. Her TOS stated that after a certain point she would not be able to make any alterations or changes, and being that it was completed there was nothing to be done about it. I know I should have brought this up anyways but I’m very non-confrontational so I didn’t want to bother doing so.)

It doesn’t resemble my character design very well aside from the colors and markings. It is gorgeous but I did have to change my character’s design and species to match the fursuit head.

I never saw any WIP photos, though I was told numerous times that I would I would be sent some. Had I seen any WIP I would have requested changes. I should have been more firm on requesting WIP but I didn’t want to be a bother to the maker so that part is on me.

In regards to the appearance, it does not look like a house cat to me. When discussing the species I specified a house cat/tabby cat and toyger hybrid.

The base was supposed to be a modified version of this: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/729464527/custom-realistic-34-wearable-cat-head?ref=shop_home_active_33

It was to be modified to have eyes and a moveable jaw (and it was) but it should have retained the house cat appearance (house cat sized ears, small jaw, large eyes etc) It instead resembles more of a fantasy jungle cat.


Wear SatisfactionComfort: Very comfortable.

Fit: They fit perfectly and stay on very well, no slipping or falling off. The fingers have great dexterity and the silicone paw pads make grabbing and holding things very easy.

Durability: I have not worn this for very long, 5 hours at most solely for posing for pictures and videos. But I have had to fix numerous seams and reattach several claws. I informed the maker and she offered to make a replacement but I opted to fix them myself.

Lining: Unlined like most paws are. The unlined material is still comfortable.

Visual SatisfactionThese are absolutely adorable? The colors are perfect and as are the markings.

The pink silicone paw pads are beyond cute, and so squishy!

They are a five fingered style and offer great dexterity and I can hold and grab things very easily. The silicone paw pads make it so I do not drop items I hold.


Wear SatisfactionThe tails are easy to wear and fit perfectly with a slim belt.

Easy to put on as well and it stays in place, no falling to the side or being off centered.

Comfortable to wear and very durable.

Visual SatisfactionAbsolute adorable. The first tail matches my character design and concept art, the second one is an artistic liberty tail the maker generously made for me to make up for a small communication error. That was incredibly kind of her to do.

Both tails are perfect. They sway and swish exactly how a tail should.

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Final CommentsI HIGHLY recommend that you check out her other work, it is absolutely astounding. Particularly her wolves, lions, raccoons and tigers. Her work is impeccable.

I would however recommend that you ensure that you get WIP photos so you can be sure you approve of the design.

The colors used and markings made are perfect, the paws and tails are absolutely adorable and everything is pretty comfy to wear.

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