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Furaffinity: darkwingeddestiny
Instagram: xylichio_and_aphrodite

Relationship With Maker
The maker was NOT a friend when the item was purchased, but they ARE a friend now

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50+ hours or more
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Type: Fursuit > Fullsuit
Style: Toony, Plantigrade
Shipped From: USA

Panda Hybrid African Wild Dog
Found in Canidae, Ursidae (?)

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Transaction Information
$300 / Trade USD paid in a lump sum
Filed under None as a Lump Sum.

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Date of Review
19 December 2018

Project Timeline
Contact Date
September 2016
Completion/Ship Date
July 2017
Item Completion Time (?)
7 - 12 Months

Item Being Reviewed
Xylichio plantigrade fullsuit in a toony style as a commission.

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Character Concept Art
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Wear Satisfaction

Are you satisfied with how it fits you?

I’m very well satisfied with this head! I was given WIPs throughout the time she made it. She hand carved the foam herself making it a perfect fit to my head. This means there is nothing poking or stabbing me or making me feel uncomfortable while wearing my head. When starting out, Fenné made sure to show me tutorials and videoed herself on how to measure for the head to be a perfect fit. Due to perfect measurements it is not tight or loose, it is kind of in between, almost snug. So I can move freely and it won’t fall off at all. I have a lot of head room and space to turn my head inside my suit head, if I need to.

When sweating it is lined with what looks like sportswear like material, but its soft and secure around my whole head. When I sweat it adsorbs extremely well and doesn’t make my fursuit head wet or moist at all. Cleaning is very easy as it is a washable like material.

How is the ventilation?

Breathing in suit is just fine, however it can be a bit stuffy at times. Due to my suit having plastic eyes, air does not go thru them. The only circulation in my type of head is through the mouth only. Because the suit fits my head very well the mouth is slightly positioned below my mouth and nose allowing me to breathe downward and out the mouth. Overall, I can breathe perfectly with or without a fan. I do recommend if you’re using glasses to have a fan with you as well, just in case.

How is the vision?

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I can see everything so clear it feels like I don’t have anything on at all. I also have impeccable vision on my sides as well. Due to Fenne’s style of making big eyes this allows for a bigger range in vision. I can see a lot in front of me and this is beneficial not to just me but everyone around me when suiting. I do tilt my head from time to time if I need to see something under my chin or turn my head to see someone smaller than me due to my tiny blind spot in the middle of my eyes. But with ever fursuit there is always some type of blind spot. Mine is very tiny blind spot, were you can’t see your muzzle, but that is common in most suits.

Visual Satisfaction

How is the symmetry?

Looking at Xyli’s head from a far or up close, his symmetry is spot on exactly the same size , shape, ext on each side. Nothing, is lopsided or messed up which is remarkable. For example his ears are the same size and shape, as well as his facial markings.

Is the shaving / fabric even and well done?

Yes the shaving is very even! With her skill of making the foam she leaves a spacing which cannot be seen at all! This space is covered with fur and stitched together and is part the head so it fits easily when one takes it off. The fur and cuddle fabrics are sewed together neatly and perfectly without it looking choppy or messy. When these are put on the foam base, it looks great and fit very well.

Add ons like teeth, parts of the lipping, nose, and tongue are made from a different fabric. This fabric is more cotton like. Each upper fang is fragile in my opinion but I do not mess with them because there small and I don’t want them tearing. The hand work sewing them in is really well done too. Each are the same size and color matching with each other. The lipping is glued onto his face with the same fabric as well. Around the lower mouth opening there is blackish glue texture which makes it feel like really lipping as well. Lastly Xyli’s nose is more rough texture and spongy. This feature is really good for nose booping and because it’s so well hand stitched together I never had issues with people bumping or grabbing his nose.

Now the only issue I noticed on his face was around his right eye and above his nose, there is a tiny wrinkle where the sewing balked a little. It is very unnoticeable and doesn’t bother me at all because the lengths of the markings and the transitioning sewed from one color to the next matches perfectly. Furthermore the fur is CUSTOM DYED! So each color you see here is hand dyed by the maker. Also I would like to further add that no one can even notice the wrinkle in the cuddle fabric unless you’re holding him up to your face then you would notice it. On his nose however. you can see it slightly but most people have said it looks like he scrunching his nose a bit and this is true which gives him a unique look.

This the wrinkle on his eye and nose but it’s not even a problem at all.

How does the fur feel and look?

The fur feels like a soft baby pup! I can run my fingers thru it and not get a tangle! The head fur is also flowing in one direction. It starts at the base of the head and goes down ward to his back neck, as well as his ears. This makes brushing super easy. His orange spot marks on his eyebrows are very rough just like real eyebrows. They do no bleed, but if someone scratches them they can be torn off.

How satisfied are you with the expression and overall appearance of the head?

I’m beyond satisfied with the expression / appearance she gave Xylichio. Even if most of her suits have similar smiling face expressions, I still love it no matter what. He is always a happy character, and with her style it is portrayed just like that. Ironically, I never noticed when I had him on that he had other expressions until someone mentioned it to me. When I turn in varies angles his expressions change because she gave him follow me eyes! So for example, if I look down it looks like he is pouting or grumpy, if he tilting his head sideways he looks like he is sad, and if it’s up tilted up he looks like he smiling down upon you. There is many others I could list, but I really fell in love with his follow me eyes which really brings out his character and expressions when being worn.

Does it match the concept art?

Everything matches exactly like the ref! Like I said above it is stunning how she got the colors exactly like the ref. The colors match, and so do the markings. Each color she did was hand dyed plus sewed correctly just like the ref. this shocked me when I realized she got every spot exactly right.


Wear Satisfaction

How well is the quality of the craftsmanship/ sewing / durability of the suit?

It’s EXTREMELY WELL DONE!!!!! Each spot on the body, the navy and teal ones, are all hand stitched together strongly. With the spots they are not messy or sloppy at all, in fact they all are symmetrical even with one another. I still have no idea how she pulled that off, but the craftsmanship of Fenne’s work is very well done. The durability is strong and holds up really well. Tugging on it or moving doesn’t tear it at all. Another thing is that the suit is made of two fabrics which are mink and fur just like his face. This makes the suit have many textures. Many ask if the sewing in-between the fur and the mink are even. The answer is yes! Each piece is consistently sewed together to match.

How well does it fit?

When Fenne was making my suit I gave her all the measurements thru FA PMs. She sewed it to fit my body very well. The length of the suit fits my height, my arm lengths, hips, waist, neck, shoulders, and ankles. Some will notice that my suit is a tad baggy in some parts such legs, this is normal and good for a few reasons. I will state below so it doesn’t confuse anyone because it’s a great fit, but some do ask and I want to clear this up and state why I like it baggy and not tight and fitting.

1. With my birth defect, (I walk on my toes and it bends my legs slightly in a weird way that some people kind of have said some not so nice things). With it loose no one can see this and it is easier on my legs to move without anyone asking what’s wrong or pointing it out.

2. With there being a lot of space around my knees, I have the option later to make small pillows and turn it digitigrade. However, some people think it is digitigrade when I walk because how it puffs out / bends to my legs, it looks like it is. Sadly it’s not but can be if I wanted to!

3. With the suit having more of a loose-fitting in the legs it allows me to dance and move a bit better without it be to tight and causing issues with movement or other health issues.

How well can I move in suit?
Movement in Xylichio’s body suit is very flexible and comfy! It allows me to move in all types of ways. Such as slight shuffle running, walking, jumping, and even dancing. The suit is not tight at all which allows for these movements to occur. Also if I wanted to move really fast for any reason, I can move freely without worrying about popping the seams.

Additional info –

One should note that a fullsuit is bit hefty, but that is expected when wearing a full suit after all. The arms can be lifted all the way up so I can touch my ears and have my hands up in the air if I wanted to. Same with my legs I can lift them pretty high without any issues. When sitting its very cozy and the suit doesn’t stick or feel tight at all.

It’s all lined with sport wear like fabric. This keeps me well cooled and when taking it off it does not stick to my body instead it allows the suit to be easily taken off after a long day of sweating. Also because adores well it is never wet ether.

Airflow / Breathability?

It’s super easy to breath and is not tight where my chest is so it’s easy to breath in and out.

Visual Satisfaction

How is the symmetry?

Everything is symmetrical in sewing and size. Even his spots are evenly spaced out correctly.

How does the fur feel and look? Is the fur crunchy? Do the markings rub off or bleed? Is the fur able to be brushed or smoothed easily?

The fur looks really nice. It is smooth and easy to brush after being wore all day. I have yet to see any marking rubbed off or bleeding so that is also a plus.

How satisfied are you with the selection of colors and materials used?

Again I am really satisfied because my colors were not in stock or being sold so my maker hand dyed every color you see on this suit. (mink and the fur) Each color matches the ref and each color in the suit, nothing is off about the colors.

Does it match the concept art?

Yes, exactly like the ref!

Hands and Feet

Wear Satisfaction

Both fit perfectly. The hands are made with the same lining at the body suit. So, if I take my hands out of them for any reason they are not sweaty at all. The hand paws are also super soft and the fur work is very well done. Everything is very well durability!

Visual Satisfaction

How is the symmetry?

Everything matches perfectly and fits perfectly as well. The paws have sewed on claws that are all even as well. The paw pads are all sew on evenly on both sides matching symmetrically.

Yes, these are also lined just like the body. The paws have the inner sports lining but the shoes have around the ankles a cottony texture that feel super soft making it easier to slip my foot into them.


Wear Satisfaction

The tail is super plushie like and firm. You could even use it as a pillow if you wanted to. The two elastic hooks on the back the tail are firmly sewed onto it so when putting a belt on it holds it in place no matter how much I move. Also if anyone yanks on my tail it doesn’t tear at all.

Visual Satisfaction

Summing up from all the rest the sections the tail is the same. All the colors match the suit exactly so when the tail is attached it matches and doesn’t look at all strange. All the fur is even as well with the tip below truffy.


Product Satisfaction

How was your concept art realized?
My maker FenneCrafts followed my ref to the T and got every spot exactly.

How well does everything fit together and match up?
Everything matches and fits up perfectly. All the colors match as well as the spots are even with one another. Even the tail matches up evenly with the back spots of the body suit! The sewing thread also was evenly done and blends in so nothing shows up on the body of the suit , paws, tail, and feet. When I wear this suit as well it fits on the body correctly and its very sturdy so I can move freely without it tearing at all.

Overall Project Quality
Im super happy with my fursuit!

Purchase Process

Initial Contact
Its super easy to contact and find out quotes as well as if she is open. Usually there are journals or she will post a photo or updates that she is open for business.

Maker Response Time
Contacting Fenne was really easy she always got back to me each day we talked. So I say she really reliable and gets back to her customers right away.

Maker Professionalism
I was treated with so much respect and kindness. Fenne is very professional when talking to but also has a friendly side that makes her super easy to talk to.

Project Completion Time
I’m satisfied with the time it took to make my suit. I was really shocked when Fennecraft made her own deadline in 48hours on my body suit made it in time. I was shocked beyond words and her timing was perfect because she handed me it exactly when she told me she would in person too.

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Final Comments
My overall experience with Fennecrafts was amazing from start to finish and it is still amazing till this day. I get to stay in touch with her as well as many other fursuiters that’s have commissioned her.She super wonderful to work with and is such a kind person inside and out. I really recommend her because her work and style is very different and unique.

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