About FursuitReview

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FursuitReview is a website dedicated to showcasing reviews for fursuits, makers, and other fashion or materials related to the furry community. Previous reviewing groups have existed, but they have all become inactive for one reason or another. FursuitReview tries to fill that void while also offering things previous groups did not. The FursuitReview page on FurAffinity began on 8 August 2015 with the FursuitReview.com website following soon after.

While other review groups focused solely on fursuits, FursuitReview allows reviews of single parts (ears, paws, tails, etc.) and non-fursuit clothing such as Kigurumi. FursuitReview only has one review form, but if your product was made by someone in the furry community and you think you can describe your experience using this form, you are more than welcome to submit your review!

FursuitReview wants the importance of a review to be the fact that it exists. We don’t want you to ask “Should you write a review?” We want you to ALWAYS write a review, no matter how biased you think you will be, how old your item is, or how long you’ve owned it. A review is always relevant. As long as you follow the rules, a review will be accepted. Reviews help everyone in the community, including yourself. If you have the time, write a review!

About the Page Owner/Admin

FursuitReview is run by Jyden (previously known as Bornes). Jyden is a long-time follower of other fursuit reviewing groups and has owned his fair share of fursuits. After being frustrated by the other communities’ inactivity, he decided to make his own, which also led to making this webpage.

Jyden is not active in the furry fandom outside of FurAffinity and some local meetups. He was a collector of fursuits and is currently into all costuming. He is not a maker and does not claim to be an expert about anything. Jyden is interested in helping out the community by collecting reviews for others to make informed purchases and to allow makers better and more transparent communication with their previous and potential customers at large. FursuitReview can hopefully be used to influence your potential purchases… Or not. It’s your decision, as always.

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If you don’t wish to make a direct donation, you can also support the site by buying something from our Amazon Affiliate store, Fursuit Gear. Purchasing anything from the links listed on that page gives FursuitReview a small commission for the referral.