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Welcome to the FAQ page!
If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to contact us.

Yes. If you would like to change some names, correct typos, or otherwise make small adjustments, please use the contact form with a link to the review you’d like to update and we will work with you.

If you have major corrections or updates, such as you wrote a review a year a go and now you have a completely different opinion of the item, it is suggested you fill out a completely new review form. When you fill out the new review form, mention in the notes section that your review is an update, and include a link to the previous review. This information will be used to overwrite the old review with your new one.

If your item has been refurbished, this is not a review change. Treat the refurbished item as a brand new item and submit a brand new review for the maker who did the refurbishment. Please also reference and link the original review in your new review for the refurbished item.

Also note that FursuitReview may contact you through the information provided on the previous (old) review in order to confirm your identity.

In most cases, the completion time is fairly straight-forward, and is calculated using the two dates provided in the reviews (date commissioned/bought and date completed/shipped).

In the case of very vague dates, the best guess is used. In the case of two different sets of dates, such as contacted/commissioned on Y date but paid by Z date, the longer date is chosen if there are 2 months or less in between the two completion times. If there are 3 months or more between the two times, the review is put in two different time categories (ex. “1 – 3 months” and “4 – 6 months” ).

An example of a review placed in two different time categories:
Commissioned Maker in January 2014. Paid fully in February 2015. Received item in January 2016.
In this case, the review would be marked as “12 – 23 Months” and “2+ Years”.

FursuitReview does this as people researching for fursuit completion dates may not consider the maker to be working unless they are fully paid first. This method of sorting is the best compromise.

Additionally, Pre-made items are exempt from the “completion time” categories unless the item took longer than one month to receive. In these cases, the reviews are listed in both the “Pre-made” category and the applicable “Completion Time” category.

Because of this, make sure to read the review and understand the context in which ratings and categorization are applied.

FursuitReview asks the reviewer to answer the question: “Would you recommend this maker?” The reviewer answers in a positive (yes), neutral (ok/maybe), or negative(no) way.

[YES] Positive = The reviewer would recommend this maker to another
[OK] Neutral = The reviewer may or may not recommend this maker, depending on certain circumstances (reviewer clarifies what these are)
[NO] Negative = The reviewer would not recommend this maker to another, unless the maker significantly changes their practices

Since reviews are inherently opinionated, a reader should pay attention to the entire review instead of focusing specifically on the grade or rating. Some grades may seem misleading without context, and it is important to keep this in mind for all reviews before making snap judgments about an item or its maker.

Reading the “General Information” on older reviews and/or the “Maker Information” box on current reviews will help provide you with the information about the context of that review. How much the reviewer paid, how long they waited, how much prior experience they have with fursuits, how long they have worn the item they’re reviewing, and if they contacted the maker about any problems they had are all things to keep in mind when considering why a reviewer rated an experience a certain way.

Only FursuitReview staff have the ability to remove and edit reviews.
Only a maker or the review’s writer can request to have a review removed. You may be asked to provide proof you are not an impersonator when you ask for a review to be removed.
Third parties cannot remove reviews at all.

For reviewers:
In the past, we have taken down reviews in some very rare circumstances, but we will no longer do this.
Once we publish a review, if it follows the rules, it will be up forever.

If someone is harassing you because of the review, please contact us and we can work with you to remove your name, edit the review, or turn off the comments. If it is the maker that is abusing you, please consider posting an ArtistsBeware about your experience.
In all cases, it is best to not engage with these people and simply block them from your social media so they can no longer contact you.

For makers:
If the reviewer is outright lying about their ownership, usage, or experience with you or an item you made in their review and you have proof of that lying, contact us and your case will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, with possibility of the review being removed, edited, or comments disabled. It is also heavily recommended that you make an ArtistsBeware “Client Beware” post about that user and their false review.

If the reviewer is genuinely abusive or a liar about you and/or your item, you should keep your complaints private, not respond to the FursuitReview submission in comments, and contact us for resolution. If your proof is reasonable, your case will be dealt with quietly and with as little drama as possible.

If you simply do not like the review of you or your item, or you do not have proof that the reviewer has falsified their review, you are encouraged to respectfully defend yourself in the comments of the review or submit an official review response. While FursuitReview does not allow reviews of customers (that is what ArtistsBeware is useful for), you are free to defend yourself in the comments.
Do not go outside FursuitReview and insult, harass, or otherwise harm a reviewer who has given you a “bad review.” If you are found to be doing this, you will be blocked from commenting on FursuitReview entirely.

Please note that FursuitReview does not police how a reviewer feels about their item or experience. If they describe their experience as negative, even if you think it does not “count” as a negative experience, that does not constitute as lying and the review will not be removed. If this is the case for the review you wish to remove, FursuitReview recommends encouraging your other customers to submit reviews of your items in order to more fully balance how your image is presented.

Additionally, if a reviewer has “character flaws,” proof of them acting out against other people or at other times does not necessarily mean they lied in the review itself. FursuitReview only removes reviews based on the content of the review, not the type of person behind it. If the review itself is false, it will be removed. If the person behind the review has a bad reputation, but still told the truth about their item in their review, then the review will stay.

When you submit a review using the review form, it should be posted to the website within seven (7) days. If something needs clarification, or if for some reason your review is unable to be posted within seven days, you will be contacted on the email you provided in the form.

Generally, only one review is posted a day. So do not be alarmed if you see reviews posted but they are not yours. A review of a maker that has never been reviewed before will take longer to post, and may be delayed more than usual (but still shouldn’t take more than seven days).
Reviews will first appear on, followed by the Twitter page and Discord server within 45 minutes. All other social media outlets are not managed by FursuitReview staff, and their update schedules will vary.

If you have sent your review form seven days a go or more and your review has not been posted and/or you have not been contacted, please check your spam folder first to make sure you did not miss an email from FursuitReview. If a message is not there, please contact us and inquire about the status of your review.

If you sent in a review a long time ago and it was never posted, we likely still have it! Please contact us with some information about the review (what email you used, general date range you sent it in, etc.) and we should be able to find it for you.

All makers now have an automated short URL based on their original name in the makers list, with spaces converted to hyphens.
An example:

If you would like a different, duplicate, or custom short URL for your review page, please make a one-time donation of 2 USD to get your short URL.
Tell us what you’d like the URL to be either in the notes of the donation or contact us afterward with proof of the donation and we can change/add your URL for you.

Please note, you must have at least one review already on FursuitReview to have a custom URL.

You can review any item as long as it was not made by you and follows our other rules.
If you made a fursuit using parts someone else made, such as a fursuit head base, you are allowed to review that specific part.

In the past, we have allowed makers to review their own items if they met certain conditions. This is no longer the case. We do not allow you to review items you made yourself.

If you need further clarification or have any questions about this, please contact us.

FursuitReview cannot update your maker information. You must contact instead.
In the past, we stored our own maker pages, but this is no longer the case.

FursuitReview gets all maker information from the database. Please note that all aliases and known former names will still be listed in your maker information and old review titles will not be changed. However, your details will be dynamically updated in the maker information parts of new reviews (late 2020 and later) as well as the name shown on the full makers list page.

If you are not listed on, we have an automated page displayed for you. You can change this by submitting your information to

If you do not make fursuits and want your contact links updated, please use the contact form. Thank you.

Sometimes, reviews reveal problems which the maker did not know about previously. For instance, a reviewer may complain about a manufacturing flaw in their review even though they never contacted the maker specifically about it. The maker may then fix, replace, or refund the reviewer because of this issue. But then the fix is never presented to future readers of the review. What is a maker to do?

FursuitReview believes good deeds should go unpunished!

If a reviewer complains of a specific issue– which you later addressed thanks to their public review — FursuitReview would love to showcase it!

An official maker response is meant to be the final word from you, the maker. A review containing an official response will be marked with a “❖” in the title of the review. There will be a box at the top of the review informing the viewer that an official response has been added, with a link so they can jump immediately to it. The actual section for the response is at the bottom of the review, underneath the rating. It is titled “❖ Maker Response ❖” and the text inside has a grey background to set it apart from all the previous sections.

Top of review:

Bottom of review, with the maker response:

A maker response is not meant to communicate to the reviewer! It is meant to communicate to the people reading the review.

As such, it is best practice to:

  • Keep it as short and concise as possible
  • Keep it as professional as possible – no personal insults or excuses
  • Give a short summary of the problem(s) and your solution(s) to those problems
  • End your response on a positive note

To submit an official response, reviews have a button on the bottom with a form asking if you’d like to make one. Use this on the review you’d like to respond to.
Example of response form button:

Official Responses are always verified before being posted to ensure that the person who submitted the response is actually the maker in question.
We do this by contacting the maker directly through one of their business pages or emails and ask if they have recently sent us an official response.

These pages are actively run by FursuitReview staff:

The following sites share some staff with FursuitReview but ARE NOT owned or managed by FursuitReview:

These pages are owned by FursuitReview but are currently inactive or otherwise not managed. If you are willing to bring them back to life, please contact us to volunteer.

  • /r/fursuitreview
  • /r/fursuits (not to be confused with /r/fursuit )

If you are following a page that claims to be and it isn’t on this list, they are not us!

Reviews are posted according to the review date specified within the review form. If that is a date in the past, then it may not show up in “newest reviews.” You can check to see if your review was posted by using the search or by viewing “all reviews” – where they are again sorted by review date, with newest being at the top.

Unfortunately, since the review date is the “publish date” there is no way to make sure reviews with dates in the past are shown with the newest reviews at this time.

🎉 THANK YOU to all our Supporters! 🎉

FursuitReview would not be what it is today without all of your help. This page is to list everyone who has donated 1 USD equivalent or more. Thank you so much!

You can get your name and link here by donating $1 or more through PayPal, Ko-Fi, or Patreon. View all the ways you can support us and what we do with the money by clicking here.


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Lobita Works

2018 and Prior


Review Rules
Reviewable Items Items that are:
  • Hand-made
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Furry-related

Some examples are:
  • Wearable items, such as
      fursuits, kigurumi, backpacks, and clothing.
  • Crafted items, such as
      plushes, toys, and figures.
We focus on fursuits and wearable items, but as long as the item you wish to review is a custom, hand-made, furry-related piece of merchandise, we can accept reviews for it, provided it follows the other rules.
  • The item must be bought directly from the maker.
    Only items that were bought direct from the maker can be reviewed. They can be used, but you must be the first owner aside from the maker.

  • You must have physically received the item.
    If you never received your item, you cannot review it here. We advise you to post this experience to Artists Beware instead.

  • You must have owned the item for 3+ months OR worn it 30+ hours, whichever comes first.
    This will give you proper time to assess the pros and cons of your item.

  • If your purchase is out-of-the-box unwearable or unuseable, you may submit a review one month after you have recieved it.
    This gives time for you to contact the maker if you wish, and/or for emotions to settle before writing the review.

  • Every review must have at least one clear photo associated with the part(s) of the item(s) being reviewed.
    For example, if you are leaving a review for a head and paws but you only have a photo of the head, you will either need to provide an additional picture with the paws or leave out the paw portion of your review.
    If you have only one photo which contains both the paws and the head being worn, then this single photo covers all photo requirements. Photos of the items being worn is preferred, but not required. See our What Makes a Good Photo? article if you would like some guidance.

  • The review must have a descriptive written component in English.
    A review must be able to be read independently on our English site. Review videos (and other languages) are allowed, but a review that cannot be understood by an English speaker or without watching your video will not be posted.

  • Be as concise and as accurate as you can! The more pictures, dates, and description, the better.
    You can add picture URLs to any portion of your review and we will embed the photo with your comment when it is posted.

  • Avoid Personally Identifiable information (PII).
    PII consists of things such as personal mailing address, phone number, real name if it is not posted publicly elsewhere, etc.
    Concentrate on the maker’s business and publicly-available information instead. You may be asked to censor PII before we will post your review.

  • Reviews will only be removed if:
    the review is found to be breaking the rules; the review is proven to be fabricated; removal is requested by the original submitter with good reason. Reviewers can not delete their reviews by themselves. Also see this FAQ answer.

  • Please note, by submitting a review, you agree to the following:
    • You will give a valid email address
      (we don't share your email with anyone, and it is only used to communicate with you about this specific review)
    • You allow the review and the photos submitted with it to be published on and any of its associated social media accounts.
    • You have the authority to provide with permission to use the images you submit with your review.
    If you do not agree to this, do not submit a review.

FursuitReview has many short links to easily point people to certain parts of the site! – Frequently asked questions – The review form! – List of all makers with reviews – All reviews ever posted with sorting options and a simplified search. – Advanced Search

In addition, some makers will have a direct link to their reviews page at if they chose to apply. Not all makers have custom direct URLs; however, all makers have an automated short URL based on their original name in the makers list, with spaces converted to hyphens.
An example: