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Review Rules
Reviewable Items Items that are:
  • Hand-made
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Furry-related

Some examples are:
  • Wearable items, such as
      fursuits, kigurumi, backpacks, and clothing.
  • Crafted items, such as
      plushes, toys, and figures.
We focus on fursuits and wearable items, but as long as the item you wish to review is a custom, hand-made, furry-related piece of merchandise, we can accept reviews for it, provided it follows the other rules.
  • The item must be bought directly from the maker.
    Only items that were bought direct from the maker can be reviewed. They can be used, but you must be the first owner aside from the maker.

  • You must have physically received the item.
    If you never received your item, you cannot review it here. We advise you to post this experience to Artists Beware instead.

  • You must have owned the item for 3+ months OR worn it 30+ hours, whichever comes first.
    This will give you proper time to assess the pros and cons of your item.

  • If your purchase is out-of-the-box unwearable or unuseable, you may submit a review one month after you have recieved it.
    This gives time for you to contact the maker if you wish, and/or for emotions to settle before writing the review.

  • Every review must have at least one clear photo associated with the part(s) of the item(s) being reviewed.
    For example, if you are leaving a review for a head and paws but you only have a photo of the head, you will either need to provide an additional picture with the paws or leave out the paw portion of your review.
    If you have only one photo which contains both the paws and the head being worn, then this single photo covers all photo requirements. Photos of the items being worn is preferred, but not required. See our What Makes a Good Photo? article if you would like some guidance.

  • The review must have a descriptive written component in English.
    A review must be able to be read independently on our English site. Review videos (and other languages) are allowed, but a review that cannot be understood by an English speaker or without watching your video will not be posted.

  • Be as concise and as accurate as you can! The more pictures, dates, and description, the better.
    You can add picture URLs to any portion of your review and we will embed the photo with your comment when it is posted.

  • Avoid Personally Identifiable information (PII).
    PII consists of things such as personal mailing address, phone number, real name if it is not posted publicly elsewhere, etc.
    Concentrate on the maker’s business and publicly-available information instead. You may be asked to censor PII before we will post your review.

  • Reviews will only be removed if:
    the review is found to be breaking the rules; the review is proven to be fabricated; removal is requested by the original submitter with good reason. Reviewers can not delete their reviews by themselves. Also see this FAQ answer.

  • Please note, by submitting a review, you agree to the following:
    • You will give a valid email address
      (we don't share your email with anyone, and it is only used to communicate with you about this specific review)
    • You allow the review and the photos submitted with it to be published on and any of its associated social media accounts.
    • You have the authority to provide with permission to use the images you submit with your review.
    If you do not agree to this, do not submit a review.
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