What Makes a Good Photo (for Reviews)

Are you ready to submit your review, but don’t know what photos to include?
Or maybe you don’t know what sorts of photos we look for?
Have no fear! We’re here for you!

The Best Case Scenario

The best photos to use for reviews are from professional cameras and/or photographers. If you’ve ever paid for a photoshoot with your item, then those are the photos to offer. We also love to see “turnarounds” which are photo collages of several angles of the item. Above, you can see examples of these types of photos. The first photo was taken by Light Wav Media. The second image was the turnaround supplied by the maker (Sharpe Costumes) right after the head had been built.

But we know everyone doesn’t have these photos. While these are the best to use for reviews, FursuitReview doesn’t require photos of this quality – we love to see reviews, and we don’t want the lack of a professional photo to dissuade you from posting one!

The Bare Minimum Required

In this scenario, we are reviewing a fursuit head and a pair of handpaws. Either of these photos is acceptable – they both show the items we’re reviewing. We can tell what the items are. The lighting is okay. If these are the only photos you can get, we will accept them with your review.
But better photos are simpler to take than you might think! Read on.

Better Photos

These photos are much better than the previous ones. We can supply one photo with all the items we’re reviewing (Head + Handpaws) or two separate photos, one of each item. Either way is ok!

The photos have a solid, clean background (the carpet). This makes the items easier to see and prettier to look at it. In the case of the paws, we flipped one of them over. This shows what both sides look like without taking two pictures! That is very informative for people reading our review.

These types of photos are very easy to take and nice to look at. They make our items look good without much effort.

The Photos We Like to See

These photos may not be the best quality, but they all accomplish the same thing – they show off our items! Product photos are good, but part of the fun of submitting a review is showing ourselves off, right? 🙂
These photos are of us wearing all the items. The background is plain (curtains) or at least does not detract from our fursuit (empty golf course). We put effort into our presentation (clothing) and in each photo, you can see all of our items (Head + Handpaws).

In the case of our blank background photos, we also show the back too. You don’t have to be a professional to do a turnaround! And again, take note of how we have positioned our handpaws, to make sure each side (front + back) is shown. We can supply informative photos that show off how much fun we have in our fursuit!

FursuitReview does not require you to wear your items in the photos – as long as we can clearly see all the items you are reviewing, we will accept your photos. But we do have a preference – we like to see you happy with your purchases. 🙂

Things We DON’T Want to See

Before we leave you to submit your review with your nice new photos, we want to quickly mention these things we don’t like to see on FursuitReview:
1. People’s faces.
We don’t know if these people want their face on the internet! Please crop out other people or obscure their faces so we cannot see them.

2. Obscured Items.
In our scenario, we are reviewing a head AND handpaws. In this photo, you can’t see the handpaws! Please choose another photo with both the head and the handpaws, or supply an additional photo where the handpaws are visible.

3. Other fursuits.
We know a big part of fursuiting is having fun doing it together! But reviews are about you. We want to see photos focused on you and the items you’re wearing! Adding in other fursuits draws attention away from you, and in some cases, confuses us because we don’t know which fursuit is the one being reviewed. We also don’t know if the other fursuiters want their photo on the internet! Please choose photos of just you or crop these other fursuiters out of your photos.

Thank You for Reading!

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