New Site Release!

The site has been remade! 🎉
We still have more updates planned, but we’ve finally been able to release the beta version. The final should be ready by the end of the year (hopefully).

What’s New:

  • General site layout improvements.
    Updated appearance. Faster load times. New logo!
  • All new review form.
    Multiple pages, better layout, easier to read and complete. You can navigate away and it will save your answers. You can upload images. It will email you to let you know we got your form.
  • New maker pages.
    All maker information is now pulled from If you’re not on their list, we serve a simplified page with less information. Only the maker can update their information, and they can do that here. There is also a “Check ArtistsBeware records” button to see if that maker has been listed there before.
  • Review sorting is easier and better than ever.
    None of those “sorting pages.” Sort from all pages that have reviews, including the maker pages!
  • You can even sort the makers list now!
  • Reviews and makers that are new will have a “new” badge display next to their names on the website for 5 days.
  • Some new categories.
    Most notably, we’ve added a method for handling original/fan species. We’ve also added “specialties” categories to handle “special features.”


What’s Changed:


What You Should Be Aware Of:

  • We’ve tested the review form tirelessly, but there could still be issues with it. Please save your text somewhere outside the review form, at least for this week or so, just in case your information gets lost.
  • The “specialties” categories are tied to the new review forms. The old reviews do not have them applied. We will try to go through the backlog and apply them, but there are 100+! If you want a particular review to show the specialties right away, you can contact us. Otherwise, there is currently no estimated date for when we will get through the backlog for this.
  • If you encounter any errors, things that look weird, 404 pages, or broken links or images, please tell us via the contact form, Twitter DM, or in our Discord server. Thank you!


What’s Planned:

  • Review Statistics / Maker Stats on the maker page.
  • Sort makers list by shipping origin.
  • Some more miscellaneous visual enhancements. Affects metadata and thumbnails for site blog content (not reviews).
  • Display the number of reviews makers have next to their name in the makers list.
  • Better RSS Feeds (this specifically affects our discord bot).
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