I’m a maker. How can I change the name or other information you have listed for me?

FursuitReview cannot update your maker information. You must contact Getfursu.it instead.
In the past, we stored our own maker pages, but this is no longer the case.

FursuitReview gets all maker information from the Getfursu.it database. Please note that all aliases and known former names will still be listed in your maker information and old review titles will not be changed. However, your details will be dynamically updated in the maker information parts of new reviews (late 2020 and later) as well as the name shown on the full makers list page.

If you are not listed on Getfursu.it, we have an automated page displayed for you. You can change this by submitting your information to Getfursu.it.

If you do not make fursuits and want your contact links updated, please use the contact form. Thank you.

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