Stay hydrated, even while in costume!
These hydration packs can be worn outside your suit or underneath it so you can drink water as necessary and help prevent heat stroke. The most well-known brand if Camelbak of course, but there are many other alternatives. There is nothing really special to know about hydration packs with regard to fursuiting – any will do. Listed below are some types that you may not find in a typical store, however. Which you choose is up to preference.

DolfinPak is smaller, but uses velcro instead of typical fasteners.

KOOKOOG has a 2L Water bladder with a small form factor.

The TRIWONDER is a vest instead of a pack. It doesn’t include a bladder, so the recommended one has been listed as well.

These have 90 degree angled mouthpieces.
A pack with a mouthpiece at a 90 degree angle can make it easier to keep everything hidden inside the suit and head while still being usable.

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