How are reviews rated?

FursuitReview asks the reviewer to answer the question: “Would you recommend this maker?” The reviewer answers in a positive (yes), neutral (ok/maybe), or negative(no) way.

[YES] Positive = The reviewer would recommend this maker to another
[OK] Neutral = The reviewer may or may not recommend this maker, depending on certain circumstances (reviewer clarifies what these are)
[NO] Negative = The reviewer would not recommend this maker to another, unless the maker significantly changes their practices

Since reviews are inherently opinionated, a reader should pay attention to the entire review instead of focusing specifically on the grade or rating. Some grades may seem misleading without context, and it is important to keep this in mind for all reviews before making snap judgments about an item or its maker.

Reading the “General Information” on older reviews and/or the “Maker Information” box on current reviews will help provide you with the information about the context of that review. How much the reviewer paid, how long they waited, how much prior experience they have with fursuits, how long they have worn the item they’re reviewing, and if they contacted the maker about any problems they had are all things to keep in mind when considering why a reviewer rated an experience a certain way.

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