How can I remove or delete a review?

Only FursuitReview staff have the ability to remove and edit reviews.
Only a maker or the review’s writer can request to have a review removed. You may be asked to provide proof you are not an impersonator when you ask for a review to be removed.
Third parties cannot remove reviews at all.

For reviewers:
In the past, we have taken down reviews in some very rare circumstances, but we will no longer do this.
Once we publish a review, if it follows the rules, it will be up forever.

If someone is harassing you because of the review, please contact us and we can work with you to remove your name, edit the review, or turn off the comments. If it is the maker that is abusing you, please consider posting an ArtistsBeware about your experience.
In all cases, it is best to not engage with these people and simply block them from your social media so they can no longer contact you.

For makers:
If the reviewer is outright lying about their ownership, usage, or experience with you or an item you made in their review and you have proof of that lying, contact us and your case will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, with possibility of the review being removed, edited, or comments disabled. It is also heavily recommended that you make an ArtistsBeware “Client Beware” post about that user and their false review.

If the reviewer is genuinely abusive or a liar about you and/or your item, you should keep your complaints private, not respond to the FursuitReview submission in comments, and contact us for resolution. If your proof is reasonable, your case will be dealt with quietly and with as little drama as possible.

If you simply do not like the review of you or your item, or you do not have proof that the reviewer has falsified their review, you are encouraged to respectfully defend yourself in the comments of the review or submit an official review response. While FursuitReview does not allow reviews of customers (that is what ArtistsBeware is useful for), you are free to defend yourself in the comments.
Do not go outside FursuitReview and insult, harass, or otherwise harm a reviewer who has given you a “bad review.” If you are found to be doing this, you will be blocked from commenting on FursuitReview entirely.

Please note that FursuitReview does not police how a reviewer feels about their item or experience. If they describe their experience as negative, even if you think it does not “count” as a negative experience, that does not constitute as lying and the review will not be removed. If this is the case for the review you wish to remove, FursuitReview recommends encouraging your other customers to submit reviews of your items in order to more fully balance how your image is presented.

Additionally, if a reviewer has “character flaws,” proof of them acting out against other people or at other times does not necessarily mean they lied in the review itself. FursuitReview only removes reviews based on the content of the review, not the type of person behind it. If the review itself is false, it will be removed. If the person behind the review has a bad reputation, but still told the truth about their item in their review, then the review will stay.

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