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Formerly known as: Skyehighsuits

AU, Brisbane

A maker from Brisbane Australia specialising in toony fursuits and starting to expand to kemono style fursuits!

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Encountered apparent difficulties during status analysis.

Website FurAffinity Twitter FaceBook Instagram YouTube Scritch

Spoken Languages:


Accepted Order Types

Commission Types

  • Artistic liberty commissions
  • Premades
  • Standard commissions


  • Kemono
  • Toony


  • Full digitigrade
  • Full plantigrade
  • Head (as parts/separate)
  • Mini partial (head + handpaws + tail)
  • Partial (head + handpaws + tail + feetpaws)

Special Features

  • Adjustable eyebrows
  • Adjustable/wiggle ears
  • Attached handpaws and feetpaws
  • Attached tail
  • Exchangeable hairs
  • Exchangeable tongues
  • Follow-me eyes
  • Indoor feet
  • Outdoor feet
  • Removable blush
  • Removable eyelids
  • Removable horns/antlers
  • Washable heads
  • Other
Species Information

Will Do

  • Most species

Payment Information

Payment Plan Details

30% upfront, rest at buyers pace (minimum 100 USD a month)

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