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Formerly known as: Aka Frouzon

US, Colorado

Hello and welcome to Thread's Workshop; owned and operated by Frouzon! We are proud to make high quality fursuit to help your characters come to life! Our goals are to aim for the highest quality and aesthetics while still providing durable, comfortable fursuits, all with stellar customer service!

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Spoken Languages:

English, Japanese

Accepted Order Types

Commission Types

We attempt to make a premade ever 2 months.

  • Artistic liberty commissions
  • Premades
  • Standard commissions


We are willing to do any style. We natively work in a semi toony style.

  • Kemono
  • Semi Realistic
  • Semi Toony
  • Toony


Happy to accept anything you can come up with.

  • Bodysuits (as parts/separate)
  • Feetpaws (as parts/separate)
  • Full digitigrade
  • Full plantigrade
  • Handpaws (as parts/separate)
  • Head (as parts/separate)
  • Mini partial (head + handpaws + tail)
  • Partial (head + handpaws + tail + feetpaws)
  • Tails (as parts/separate)
  • Three-fourth (head + handpaws + tail + legs/pants + feetpaws)
  • Other

Special Features

Discussion around any “extras” implemented into our suits is welcome. We try our best to offer all sorts of fun, innovative ideas.

  • Adjustable eyebrows
  • Adjustable/wiggle ears
  • Attached handpaws and feetpaws
  • Attached tail
  • Exchangeable hairs
  • Exchangeable tongues
  • Follow-me eyes
  • In-head fans
  • Indoor feet
  • LED eyes
  • LED/EL lights
  • Movable jaw
  • Outdoor feet
  • Removable blush
  • Removable eyelids
  • Removable horns/antlers
  • Washable heads
Species Information

e are particularly fond of working on unique species, real or made up!

Will Do

  • Most species

Will NOT Do

  • Humans
Payment Information

Payment Plan Details

30% of the commissions cost to secure your slot. Minimum of 100.00 USD payments per month. Payment plans are accepted and are flexible. Preferred wait times for payments: Small parts order up to 3 months. Partials up to 6 months. Fullsuits up to 8 months.

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