Species Information

The species of an item is determined by looks and the information given in a review. Extremely broad categories were created, primarily focusing on head shapes and self-identification, to combine items for more relevant sorting. As such, some items may appear to be "mislabeled" when in fact this was done intentionally.

All animals that live primarily underwater of have otherwise very definitive visual characteristics that separate them from land-based animals. This category includes amphibians, fish, and aquatic mammals. Animals that primarily live in water but also fall under another category (such as sea turtles or otters) should be listed in both categories.

All birds.
Please note that this only refers to the intended species of the item. The reviews may or may not contain items with wings.

All species that have a canine-like head shape. This includes dogs, foxes, wolves, etc. Also includes kangaroos.

All hooved animals. This includes horses, deer, giraffe, etc.
Please note that this only refers to the intended species of the item. The reviews may not be for items that actually contain hooves.

All species that have a feline-like head shape. This includes cats, lions, lynxes, etc.

All rodents, rabbits, hares, and bats.

Monster, Kaiju, or Demon
A catch-all for monsters, kaiju, aliens, and/or demonic species.

All seals, skunks, raccoons, opossums, and weasels.
Red Pandas are also in this category, but the more common "giant panda" should be listed under Ursidae.

All reptiles, dinosaurs, and reptilian dragons.
Angel Dragons have their own category.

Any costume where the skeleton is the focal point. Most commonly refers to skull masks.
Please also select the species that the skeletal structure applies to, if possible.

All bears.

Original Species
A catch-all category for all open and closed species such as manokits, angel dragons, sergals, wickerbeasts, etc.
Also includes fan-species like pokemon or cabbits if they don't apply to other species types.
Does not include hybrids (e.g. folf, wusky).
A species gets its own specific child category when it has 5+ reviews on the site.

Angel Dragon
A catch-all category for any type of angelic dragon, which includes, but is not limited to, Dutch Angel Dragons.

The fictional cat/rabbit hybrid species popularized by the Japanese Tenchi Muyo! franchise.

All Manokits. Reviews for this species should also be listed under Aquatic.

Any species that fall far outside the other categories.


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