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Basic Information

Region: None

Tumblr: aroccosuits
Instagram: aroccosuits
Twitter: aroccosuits
Etsy: ARoccoSUITS


Run by:
Andrew (Andy)

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Time Information From Reviewed Items
Completion Times
1 - 3 Months, 4 - 6 Months, 2+ Years
ETA Accuracy
YES - the ETA was accurate, NO - the ETA was passed, NO - MULTIPLE ETAs were passed
Production Years of Reviewed Items
2016 or earlier, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021
Product Information From Reviewed Items
Item Types
Single Piece, Head, Fursuit, Partial, Paw Sets, Hand Paws
Styles & Padding
Canidae, Euungulata, Felidae, Reptilia, Musteloidea, Monster, Kaiju, or Demon
Payment Information of Reviewed Items
Payment Types
Lump Sum
Price Ranges
$200 and under, $300 and under, $501 - $999, $1000 - $2999
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