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Basic Information

Region: None

Furaffinity: cawstumes
Twitter: cawstumes
Telegram: Cawstumes
Furaffinity: Cawstumes
Etsy: Xeshaire


Run by:
Furaffinity: xeshaire
Twitter: Xeshaire
Facebook: Xeshaire

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Time Information From Reviewed Items
Completion Times
13 - 23 Months
ETA Accuracy
YES - the ETA was accurate, NO - MULTIPLE ETAs were passed
Production Years of Reviewed Items
2017, 2018
Product Information From Reviewed Items
Item Types
Fursuit, Fullsuit, Partial
Styles & Padding
Realistic, Digitigrade
Payment Information of Reviewed Items
Payment Types
Payment Plan
Price Ranges
$1000 - $2999
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