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Hi there! Welcome to Neon-Paw Creations! I'm a solo UK based fursuit maker, specialising in toony style suits! Check out my website for more info!

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Accepted Order Types

Commission Types

Mainly commissions but will do the odd pre-made if time allows.

  • Artistic liberty commissions
  • Premades
  • Standard commissions


  • Toony


Commissions including a head are preferred as that's my favourite part!

  • Bodysuits (as parts/separate)
  • Feetpaws (as parts/separate)
  • Full digitigrade
  • Full plantigrade
  • Handpaws (as parts/separate)
  • Head (as parts/separate)
  • Mini partial (head + handpaws + tail)
  • Partial (head + handpaws + tail + feetpaws)
  • Tails (as parts/separate)
  • Three-fourth (head + handpaws + tail + legs/pants + feetpaws)

Special Features

Follow me eyes are standard unless 2D eyes are specifically requested. Movable jaws may be available in the future but much more practice is needed first.

  • Adjustable eyebrows
  • Attached handpaws and feetpaws
  • Attached tail
  • Exchangeable hairs
  • Exchangeable tongues
  • Follow-me eyes
  • Indoor feet
  • LED/EL lights
  • Outdoor feet
  • Removable blush
  • Removable eyelids
  • Removable horns/antlers
Species Information

Excited to try any species, particularly if I haven't done it yet!

Will Do

  • Most species

Payment Information

Payment Plan Details

For commissions over £500 GBP only. (Unless on medical benefits) - 20% non-refundable deposit Then at least £50 a week or £100 a fortnight until fully paid. Payment plans are negotiable if on medical benefits; be aware I may request proof of this.

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