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General Information
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Reviewer Information
Furaffinity: foxquakes

Relationship With Maker
The maker is NOT a friend

Prior Experience
This is #3.

Informed Maker of Issues
Yes (see review for details)

Wear Time
100+ hours
Maker & Project Information
Scribblefox of OneFurAll Studios

Commission Information
Type: Fursuit > Fullsuit
Style: Real/Toon Hybrid, Plantigrade
Shipped From: Unknown

Found in Canidae (?)

Made in Year

Transaction Information
2600 USD
Filed under $1000 - $2999 as a None.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review
28 March 2016

Project Timeline
Contact Date
July 2012
Completion/Ship Date
December 2014
Item Completion Time (?)
2+ Years


Wear Satisfaction

The suit is decent to wear. There are a few pieces in the head that are made from solid plastic that rest on your skin and leave an indent. With a balaclava I can tolerate it but I’ve seen other Scribble suiters add soft padding to fix this. The visibility is fine, and the jaw moves fairly well (making it move as you talk requires some deliberate movement of your chin, though).

The nose material is too soft and brittle and it cracked and crumbled less than a year after delivery. This is a very common problem with OneFurAll suits and not easy to fix.

Visual Satisfaction

The appearance is excellent – I’d rate a 9.5 out of 10. I created the character concept specifically to play to Scribble’s strengths. I had Scribble draw the reference art, partly because I wanted to test his offer to do so, and he came through with the reference art I linked (though it was not usable as a character ref going forward due to only having one pose at an angle which hid an important feature).

Scribble handled the challenge of putting the furry tufts on Quake’s head and back excellently and made it look just like I wanted. Also, it may not seem like it to a casual observer, but not all OneFurAll 3D eyes have the same expression – there is a wide variety, and Scribble had me specify the expression I wanted and he nailed it.

Special Attachments and Features

See the previous section about the hair tufts.


Wear Satisfaction

The body suit is decent to wear. OneFurAll suits unzip at the front in the armpits.

Visual Satisfaction

The body suit appearance is okay. My body suit is a little bit loose and baggy, whereas I have seen other OneFurAll suits that are form-fitting and look much better. However, I am not in the best of shape, and a more form-fitting body may just make me look fat – so I don’t see this as necessarily a negative. You will probably get more mileage out of a OneFurAll bodysuit looking nice if you have a nice looking, thin body.

Hands and Feet

Wear Satisfaction

The hands are OK to wear. The “sleeves” on the hands and feet are too short and gap in certain positions – I plan to modify them for extra overlap soon.

The part I would rate as the worst to wear is the feet. My other suits build the feet around a pair of comfortable shoes, but my OneFurAll suit feet are just paw-shaped tubes made of foam rubber. These are sold as “outdoor” paws, but the foam is very soft and thin, and I can feel the texture of the ground underneath me through the material. They kind of feel more like furry socks than shoes, and provide almost no support. Also the rubber breaks down and chunks come off inside and I suspect I will one day have a hole through the feet to deal with.

Visual Satisfaction

The hands and feet look OK.

Wear Satisfaction

The tail is decently secure. The leather back piece does pop out through the tail hole sometimes, and this is partly because the tail hole is not securely hemmed and it stretches out (this happens to all OneFurAll suits).

Visual Satisfaction

The tail looks fine.

Product Satisfaction

How was your concept art realized?
The suit matched the concept art very well.

How well does everything fit together and match up?
The markings match up nicely (although, I did not design Quake to be particularly difficult with regard to markings in critical areas).

Overall Project Quality
The quality of my fursuit is good for the price I paid if you overlook the customer service issues. I think if the price was $1,000 more, it would not be worth it. I have heard that new commissions are about $1,000 more than what I paid now, so your value may be less than mine.

Purchase Process

Initial Contact
Poor – I filled out a quote on the OneFurAll website, and then checked back a few months later and it had slipped through the cracks.

Maker Response Time
This is where the main negatives of OneFurAll Studio begin to come out. Communicating with OneFurAll was a constant challenge. All communication is done through e-mail, which is standard. However, e-mails would go completely unanswered, for anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. Not even a “I’ll get back to you” reply.

Maker Professionalism
OneFurAll’s professionalism is extremely lacking. It’s possible that some assistants in the studio are to blame, but it also may be that the assistants were the only nice ones to communicate with.

The main problem with OneFurAll was the lack of a response to e-mails. I eventually began posting a shout on the OneFurAll Fur Affinity account, which is something I have noticed other commissioners in the queue frequently doing. Over the 2-and-a-half years my commission was pending, this was an effective method of getting a response out of OneFurAll in case on an unanswered e-mail (I always tried an e-mail and a few business days before I posted a shout). Scribble would also delete the e-mail reminder shout from the page, sometimes without replying to my e-mail yet (but within a day or two I’d get one, or else you bet I’d be posting another shout). I started keeping an archive of screenshots of the OneFurAll shouts to show that my shouts were being deleted – and I would encourage other commissioners to do the same.

Whenever I did get a reply, it was in a professional and courteous tone, but in an entirely unconvincing way (“we are very excited to start your commission” and “your character design is very unique and interesting” would be repeated many times alongside broken promises). At one point, I was fed up with the lack of visible progress in the studio (they have tens, possibly hundreds of fursuits in the queue, and only created about an average of 1 fursuit every 3-5 weeks the year I got my suit and are continuing this slow pace now). I asked for a refund of my 50% down payment (no work had been done yet nor supplies purchased), and Scribble declined, but made a new promise for a deadline (which he later broke).

I won’t comment on some of the other things that I’ve heard* about OneFurAll doing in response to “harassment” from customers who were waiting for e-mails because I did not experience this personally, but I could believe that if I had been a little more impatient he may have tried to “punish” me for being a needy commissioner.

* (“heard” = heard about and seen evidence of it.)

ScribbleFox also has made it clear that he doesn’t want to talk to me, even now that he has finished the commission and owes me nothing more. I am on decently friendly terms with the previous builders I’ve commissioned, but Scribble seems to think he is too good to talk to me – even blocked me from following his personal Twitter. If he had made an honest attempt to be friendly with me and given me a chance to interact with him “not under the gun” I think I would be saying nicer things about him now – but from my actual experiences I think he’s unpleasant and a miser. I invite him to reconsider and start a dialogue with me and explain himself – but I think he will decline.

How satisfied are you with the overall customer service with the maker?
As I’ve noted, communicating with OneFurAll is difficult and frequently involves some sort of bad news. Deadlines are absolutely made-up and meaningless and you can get better information about when to expect your commission from other commissioners than from Scribble himself.

Project Completion Time
Scribble missed the first, second, third, probably the first half-dozen delivery dates he provided. Fortunately for my own sanity, I had planned all along to wait 2-4 years based on the wait times I had seen reported from numerous other commissioners.

I have no way of knowing this but I have to speculate that ScribbleFox only works part-time on fursuits. With my commission I found that nothing would get done over the course of several days, and then he would make it up by getting huge sections of the suit done in an all-nighter when a critical deadline was approaching.

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This means the reviewer would NOT recommend OneFurAll Studios unless they significantly change their practices.

Final Comments

So, to be clear. I LOVE my fursuit. It is not perfect, but I think for the price I paid I got a great fursuit. My issue with OneFurAll is entirely with the customer service and unrealistic estimated completion times. The quality problems I’ve had would be non-issues if I were comfortable sending the suit back for repairs, but I wouldn’t like to send him in so that he can spend 3 years in jail waiting for service.

As far as I am concerned, whether intentional or not, OneFurAll fursuit commissions are kind of like a Ponzi scheme. He is accepting roughly 2-4 commissions a month and completing roughly just one commission a month, and this is continually happening. There is a good chance that someone jumping on his queue now will never receive a finished product if something doesn’t change. I have heard of people asking for a refund after years of waiting and receiving it – likely paid with the down payment from a couple of new commissioners. With the queue situation being what it is, OneFurAll needs to CLOSE commissions until things are under control.

OneFurAll also claims that there is a queue and fursuits are done in the order they are commissioned and paid. I’ve worked to gather commission dates from OneFurAll customers and you can see the data I have collected at quakefox.com/finder/queue.php . There are a number of commissioners highlighted there who are waiting for commissions, who paid earlier than other customers who have already received the finished fursuit. If I had to guess, the customers who ask for refunds because of excessive delays are the ones who get to cut the line.

The bottom line is this: I would NOT recommend the average person commission a fursuit from OneFurAll. The waiting is far beyond what I would expect someone to tolerate even for a 2nd suit – if this was my #2 I would have gone crazy.

I probably would not commission another fursuit from OneFurAll myself (I don’t think he would let me anyway – he seems petty enough to not allow me to commission him again because I held his feet to the fire on my commission and now I’m telling this story). I really don’t care for the man’s attitude, his unprofessionalism, his lies, and his excuses. But I still really like the look of his fursuits, and I would still go back and commission OneFurAll the first time just the way I did, with the expectation of a long wait with money tied up in limbo. However, the queue situation may be much worse now than it was in 2012, so all I can say is let the buyer beware.

That said, I bear no ill will against the man, and I don’t think there are any sinister motives here – perhaps there are emotional issues involved, perhaps disorganization, laziness, or creative block – and I do hope things get sorted out, and I would like to be his friend and to commission him again. But, he needs to fix some things and do some soul-searching, and treat his business like a business.

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