[OK] Night 3/4th suit by Nori

General Information
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Reviewer Information
Deviantart: starhowler19

Relationship With Maker
The maker is NOT a friend

Prior Experience
No, this was my first fursuit

Informed Maker of Issues
Yes, there were several issues that I informed the maker of.
The biggest issues being the lower half of one of the legs was sewn on backwards, incorrect placement of markings, fur and eyes not fully glued down, and sewing in between the fingers of the hand paws went a little to far down in spots.

Wear Time
20+ hours (I’ve had the suit for over a year now)
Maker & Project Information

Commission Information
Type: Fursuit > Partial
Style: Toony, Digitigrade
Shipped From: USA

Found in Canidae (?)

Made in Year

Transaction Information
300 USD paid in a lump sum
Filed under $300 and under as a Lump Sum.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review
20 February 2021

Project Timeline
Contact Date
December 28 2018
Completion/Ship Date
January 13 2020
Item Completion Time (?)
13 - 23 Months

Item Being Reviewed
Night 3/4th suit with digitigrade padding in a toony style as a commission.

Photos of Completed Product


Wear Satisfaction

The head fits okay though it fits awkwardly, I have to point the head down to see which ends up squishing my nose because of the placement of the mouth. The entirety of it on my head is a little tight but not uncomfortable, I’ve never worn another fursuit so I assume this is how it’s supposed to be anyways.
Ventilation is actually pretty good, the mouth it big enough so I get a nice bit of air flow and has enough room that if I wanted to instal a fan I probably could and still have it hidden.
Once I have the head pointed correctly so my eyes are aligned with the suit’s eyes I can actually see quite well, the blind spot in the middle of the face is a little big I think but I can still see decently well.
Wasn’t originally lined, the second maker I sent it off to to fix issues lined it for me with provided fabric.

Visual Satisfaction

The jaw was crooked when I got it so it looked odd and like she had…well…a broken jaw, but other than it was fine.
the shaving was well done, nothing I can really complain about there.
Fur was soft and looks nice but comes off a little too easily, the backing of whatever the fur they used feels a bit cheap.
They made her pretty much expressionless, so it was kinda hard to relay any specific expression from any angle.
They matched the concept art as closely as possible I think, though the didn’t give her teeth. I’m not sure if that was because of they didn’t get to it (they missed multiple deadlines and sent it unfinished in the end), just don’t do that, decided not too, or just didn’t know how.


Wear Satisfaction

Originally the legs were sent with one of the lower halves of one leg being sewn on backwards and the feet/ankle markings being put on the lower legs for some reason. At no point did the maker check with me on that part and when sending progress images they had nes them before they were adding the markings and didn’t even tell me that that’s what they were doing.
I had sent most of the suit to get things like this fixed, in the end they fit just fine once the leg was fixed and padded.
There was nothing really special about the interior, just the fur backing and the fabric that hold the padding and attaches the tail to the legs so I definitely have to wear some pants or something when suiting.
Arm sleeves fit just fine mostly, but being that they aren’t lined I mostly don’t wear them since it’s cooler for me to wear a loose jacket rather than a long sleeve shirt under the arm sleeves.

Visual Satisfaction

Nothing to complain about past when it was originally sent one leg had the lower half sewn on backwards and the feet/ankle markings were for some reason on the lower leg.

Hands and Feet

Wear Satisfaction

Hand paws were fine for the most part, just sewn to far down in between some of the finger making them feel as if with more easily fall of or are just generally uncomfortable at times.
Hand paws aren’t lined and have no elastic rim so it’s just the fur backing inside.

Due to multiple missed deadlines and final agreement for things to just me sent unfinished, feet paws were sent unfurred as well as no padding on the bottom (later to be furred/padded by a second maker that I sent the suit to to do such a thing for me, materials were provided or paid for).
Later one I would have to cut/pull out foam/glue from the interior because the foam was pressed down to much, there was to much glue applied making shoe hard and not flex hardly, and there was to much foam causing the shoe to press to far in.

Visual Satisfaction

I was satisfied with e appearance of the handpaws.
The feet paws were okay in appearance before being furred, not much to judge before that is done though.


Wear Satisfaction

Tail was fine, bit understuffed but didn’t/don’t mind since it helps it to swing better.

Visual Satisfaction

I am satisfied with the tail.


Product Satisfaction

How was your concept art realized?
I’d give it a good 8/10 since the only deviation from the concept art was them putting the feet/ankle markings on the lower legs for some reason. Other than the issue with the marking being mistakenly put on the legs all of Night’s other markings were placed correctly/ matched her concept art as closely as possible.

How well does everything fit together and match up?
Visual wise it was pretty consistent, most of the flaws like stuff being not completely glued down, paint covering many of the holes on the eyes (had to poke out all the covered holes with a pin), the way I have to tilt the head down to see, the issue with the hand paws are thing only I or the maker(s) closely involved with this suit would really know about. Since I wear the suit only curtain problems that can’t be fixed internally I hope will only be things I notice. Only I know where the suit fits incorrectly, which is mainly the head and still the feet paws, but I don’t think anyone else will ever notice unless I tell them about the issues and they see it.
Comparing my suit to the OG maker’s original works, I think the style is pretty consistent.
Other than how the lower half of one of the legs was originally sewn of backwards, everything lines up correctly and was sewn together correctly.

Overall Project Quality
It was okay but could’ve been much better.
Honestly I believe they should’ve refused my commission, they were aware of upcoming/current life situations going on for them that they would be too busy with but took my commission anyways and left me in the dark/ didn’t answer a lot of the time,I believe this what led to issues or things being made incorrectly with not paying enough attention to what they were doing with my commission or not working on it to get it done in a timely manner.

Purchase Process

Initial Contact
Pretty easy, they pretty much contacted me when I put out a post that I would like to buy a fursuit soon and I DMed them once I had the cash ready.

Maker Response Time
At the beginning it was fine, I was okay with waiting a day or two since I know people have lives, but after a while I would be wait a week or two to finally get a response and a couple of times it would be a whole month before I’d hear back from them.

Maker Professionalism
Despite the issues encountered they stayed professional and kind throughout the encounter, I imagine they were frustrated at times but throughout all the times we spoke they never showed that they were and I commend them for that.

Project Completion Time
3 – 6 months was the estimated amount of the suit would be finished by, this did not happen. After the 3 month mark contact was till okay but started to become sparse. After the month mark was communication really deteriorated and was when I occasionally was waiting up to a month before I heard back.
December 2019 was when I just finally just said to them “Just send me my suit, I don’t care if it’s unfinished. I’ll either finish it myself or have another maker finish it.” and so thats what happened.
They shipped my unfinished suit January 13, 2020. I received it January 21, 2020 and sent it off to a second maker to be finished January 23, 2020 where it was fully completed about a month or so later.

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Final Comments
I wouldn’t commission this maker again myself.
I wouldn’t recommend commissioning them with a suit like mine but something smaller, they have talent but they need to work on their skills more.
Plenty of the issues/ issues I experienced mostly was low communication, miscommunication, or not enough communication from them.
The talent is there but it needs work, I’m sure they would be a great suit maker in the future if they kept working at it, I just don’t see myself ever working with them again though. even if they improve in every field I had issues on with them and with the suit.
Mainly needs work on placing the mouth and eyes right so not to squish the commissioner’s nose or try cutting a divot there so its more comfortable. Placing the mouth higher or the eyes lower would’ve fixed the issue of me have to tilt the head of the suit down so I could see it it (maybe? I’m not a suit maker so what do I know).

Parts that were sent unfinished or needed to be fixed: Head (fur and eyes needed to be glued down. wanted the interior lined. back of eyes was pained/colored black to see better. second maker added teeth as a courtesy since the bottom jaw was crooked and wanted to help me out in making it look better.), legs (in review above. belt loops needed to be added. tail needed to be attached.), feet paws (needed to be furred. needed bottom padding added. interior needed glue and bits of foam removed so they would fit and be more comfortable.).

Being that I am inexperienced with suit making, after I received my suit I contacted a fursuit maker that was close by for them finish my suit and fix any problems I informed them of or any they found. I paid them for their time/work and handed off to them any materials I could so they could fix/finish the suit for me.

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