[YES] Artemis White-Tailed Deer by CFStudios

Maker Information

CFStudios (CFSTUDS) Based in California.

Year of Project2021

Completion Time (?)4 - 6 Months

ETA AccuracyYES - the ETA was accurate
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Review Date9 October 2021

RelationshipThe maker is NOT a friend
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Review Information
ReviewerTwitter: artemisrbx

Prior ExperiencePolar bear partial from same maker a year before I had my custom suit commissioned.

Wear Time30+ hours

Informed Maker of IssuesThere were no issues



ProjectThis item was a commission

Paid: A Lump Sum of $3000 - $4999

Initial Contact: November 2020

Completion/Ship Date: March 2021

Shipping Origin: USA

Type: Partial

Style: Toony

Padding: None

Specialties: None

SpeciesName: Whitetailed deer

Found in: Euungulata(?)

Features: Horns or Antlers, Hooves

Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product


Initial ContactI found out about an opening for this maker through Twitter. I reached out via their quote form, then responded via e-mail. Further communications were through Telegram. I purchased directly through the maker. The requested measurements were easy to get, and they provided clear and concise instructions on how to get those measurements.

Maker CommunicationMaker got back to me in a timely manner (I want to say a day or two?), and we switched from e-mail to Telegram after the contract was signed.

The makers are some of the sweetest and polite individuals I know – I was treated like a friend, but w/the professionalism of a business.

They communicated an exact timeline for when things would be done (Eg. Head done by X date, hooves/sleeves by Y date etc.), and there were no excuses throughout the process.

Project Completion TimeWas quoted sometime in march of '21 (Ordered in November of '20), and it was finished a bit early (Arrived via fedex on the 8th of march). They did have a queue and let me know of how many commissions were in there (Along w/the types of commissions), and when it would be expected to be done. I did not request a specific completion date. Maker met the timeline that they originally quoted, and completed a bit earlier than expected).

Items were shipped in a timely manner, and they explained each shipping carrier/option to me (And the pros/cons of each one). Items were stuck in a fedex facility somewhere in California for a good 3-5 days w/o tracking updates (I paid for 2-day shipping), and it finally arrived about a week or two later – this was out of control of the suit maker though, so I can't fault them for this. Tracking was provided, and we used Fedex for the shipping provider.

Overall Project QualityThis was my first custom fursuit commission from this maker (And in general). Previously I purchased a premade partial from them in September of 2020 (A polar bear). The quality was amazing (And used older techniques), so I was super satisfied w/what I received. Build quality is top-notch and worth every penny that I paid. Durability is great, no issues there.

I didn't realize how this would've turned out until I saw the final result, and it blew my expectations out of the water. It was absolutely worth every penny I paid. I feel my suit is going to last for a long time w/the proper care, and I consider this an investment (It technically is, because it's my company's mascot, haha).

Everything matches up in terms of style/aesthetic and looks great when put together.

All markings keep the right shape, colors are consistent, and no gaps are visible.

All parts fit correctly like a glove, and the padding (W/the hooves) looks and feels great.

The style is consistent w/what I wanted (Based on my experience w/the polar bear character I purchased + seeing and trying my friend's fursuit out).



Wear SatisfactionThe fit is perfect! Sent in my dimensions requested, and made it clear that I'm a bit on the bigger side (So some adjustment/leeway might be needed for things like the feet hooves). Perfect fit – not too snug, and not too loose. Head is perfectly sized w/lots of room on the inside (I requested that they make the head so it can fit my glasses frames).

Material lining for the head was some sort of black fabric that is super comfortable, high quality, and applied evenly inside so there's v little seams/folds/creases etc. Unsure about sweat wicking properties as I wear a balaclava w/my head, but when I sweat through the balaclava, the inside of the head appears to have wicked away the moisture w/o becoming overwhelmingly damp. Hooves/arm sleeves are lined w/white fabric that is super soft and doesn't get stuffy/sweaty on the inside.

Cleaning is a breeze – I use fursuit spray at the moment, but for when I need a deep clean, the makers gave me instructions on how to safely clean it.

Ventilation is great too w/the head – the mouth allows air to come into the suit head easily. Coupled w/a fursuit fan, it's as chill as a cucumber inside and I can wear it comfortably for hours on end. Air is easily circulated throughout the head, and it's not claustrophobic in nature because the interior of the head is so roomy.

Vision is great, very little in terms of a blind spot. The eyes match up for the most part w/my actual line of sight, which is great. I find that slightly turning my head is good for when I'm trying to navigate through situations that require more vision (Eg. Crowds), but in general I don't need to tilt my head to turn.

Visual SatisfactionOh my gosh I love this suit so much! The quality (Visual-wise) is amazing, they brought my boy to life!

Symmetry is great, no lop-sided, all markings are symmetrical and matched my character design. I saw the progress pictures they did w/the foam carving and it's clear that they put precise care and love into making their bases.

Shaving is perfect – fur is consistent w/the lengths requested (Not patchy in areas/uneven lengths). You cannot see the backing material, it's all evenly covered. Blending with the fur lengths (I did a short fur for the main part of my head, and a longer 4" pile for my mantle) is smooth and not jarring/unsmooth transition from the lengths.

Material (Fur-wise) is amazing, it's as soft as a kitten's fur – no crunchiness/patchy spots etc. Markings were sewn in (Not airbrushed), so they don't rub off/bleed. Fur is able to be brushed/smoothed easily w/o much resistance/pulling out large swatches of fur.

Expression-wise, I wanted to go for a more cartoony look v. a serious one, so I provided my more cartoonish reference v. my more realistic reference sheet. It was like my character hopped out of the screen and came to life in the form of my suit. The tongue/eyebrows are velcro, and I have two tongues (One coral colored, the other purple). Eyes are static.

The concept art I received was in the form of the maker putting tape on the suits w/markings indicating what fur pattern would be used for a specific area, and I could fill in the areas w/colors to see how they'd look. Also during the entire process I was given frequent and detailed updates about the status of my suit, w/periodic checks to make sure the direction was the way I wanted it to go.

Upper Body

Wear SatisfactionThe upper body is composed of arm sleeves. I provided the dimensions they requested, and it fit like a tailored suit. Movement is not restricted w/the sleeves being on. And yes, its absolutely comfortable – it's like a long-sleeved sweater, except more comfortable.

Quality is amazing – seams are durable and moving does not pop the seams.

Interior is lined w/a white fabric that wicks away sweat w/o becoming overly saturated. Cleaning consists of me spraying the inside sleeve a few times w/fursuit spray and letting it air-dry, although I believe the maker said it could be hand-washed.

No construction marks are visible from the inside.

Airflow (For a fursuit) is amazing. Yes it does get a bit humid and damp inside, but it's not humid and muggy by any means. You don't realize that it's wicking away sweat and how good of a job it does w/keeping the arms cool until you pull off the sleeves.

Visual SatisfactionNo issues w/symmetry – markings are symmetrical and match the character design.

Shaving is even, all the fur is the correct length. You cannot see the backing from the outside/inside. Transitioning of fur lengths is not applicable, as it is all one length for my sleeves.

Fur feels great, like petting a baby kitten – it's plush, soft, and feels great to handle. Marks were sewn in, and it can be brushed/smoothed easily.

Color swatches they offered were perfect and matched up w/my expectations. I know it's impossible to get a 1:1 color match w/reference sheets, but they did an amazing job of finding fur patterns that matched really close to my character's reference sheet.

Markings were slightly modified at their suggestion for the sleeves (Not a requirement, but they believed it would look better w/some minor modifications) that I approved. I am very happy w/what they did for the markings.


Wear SatisfactionHand hooves are great! They had me send in an outline of my hand w/my fingers spread out evenly so they could make the hooves fit correctly. Movement is great – I can use the hooves to make gestures/easily move them. Wrists do not show when I have the sleeves on (Slight overlap on both ends so it doesn't show). Stretching does not reveal the wrists. Perfect fit, as they do not slide off, and they're not difficult to put on by any means (They slide on and stay in place, but are also easy to take off).

Quality is great – seams are durable/don't pop seams when moving. Hooves were made out of a satin (I think?) material w/a purple gradient, and it has not faded/shown signs of wear and tear.

Interior is lined w/a white fabric that wicks away sweat effectively. The bottom half of the hoof (Palm-side) is not lined w/padding, while the top portion is. Cleaning is easy – I spray it w/fursuit spray and let it air-dry, and the makers provided instructions on how to clean it.

Visual SatisfactionHOOVES! Need I say more?

Okay I guess that's not a super compelling argument, so here goes.

The symmetry is perfect – both hooves compliment each other (left/right), markings are symmetrical, and they match my character design. The hoof nails(?) face the correct direction.

Shaving is even, and you cannot see the backing. It was all the same length fur, so not applicable w/blending of the lengths.

Material is great, super comfortable and easy to wear for long periods of time. Fur is fluffy and is still fluffy to this day. Markings were sewn in so they don't rub off/bleed. Fur is able to be brushed/smoothed w/o much resistance.

The hoof nails were made out of a satin-like material to the best of my knowledge, which is super comfortable and looks great. They feel amazing to wear – at first it was awkward having to put two of my fingers into the same hoof area, but I became used to it quickly. Hoof material (The nails) do not scratch easily.

The markings match the reference sheet I provided.

Lower Body

Wear SatisfactionWhen Flo-Rida created the song "Low" (With T-Pain), one of the parts of the lyrics is "Boots with the fur". He was clearly talking about these boots, because they are the best boots I have ever worn (Including all footwear, not just fursuit specific parts). They fit like Cinderella's slipper, and there's no issues w/movement. There's very comfortable padding inside that helps create the appearance of the hooves, and looks/feels great – it feels like an extension of my body.

Quality is great – seams are durable/no seam popping.

Interior is lined w/a white fabric that is v. good at wicking sweat. Cleanup is easy – I spray the inside w/a bit of fursuit spray and let it air-dry, but the maker provided instructions on how to deep-clean it.

No construction marks are visible, as the markings were sewn in, and then the interior was lined.

Airflow is very good – I can wear my hooves for hours on end with no discomfort. Removal can be tricky after suiting for a long period of time, but easily is mitigated by wearing long socks.

Visual Satisfactiontl;dr: THESE BOOTS ARE AMAZING!!!

Symmetry is perfect – it's easy to distinguish which boot is left/right, and the markings match up/match the character design I have.

Shaving is even, no choppiness/uneven lengths of fur. You cannot see the backing from the outside/inside. Transition w/the fur lengths (Two lengths) is seamless.

Material feels amazing, and as I've described earlier, is like petting a baby kitten's fur. Markings were sewn in, so no rubbing off/bleeding. Fur can be brushed/smoothed easily w/o much resistance/pulling out too much fur.

The fur swatches they provided met my expectations for the colors I wanted. Material is of high quality too. Padding gives it an ungulate appearance that makes it look v. cool.

Hooves match the concept art I provided.


Wear SatisfactionNUB GANG!

The tail fits and looks great. Not much to describe movement-wise, but it's easy to put on and is comfortable. It consists of two belt loops that you feed your belt through.

Visual SatisfactionThe nub tail looks great – not much w/symmetry, as it's a simple design (Two-tone w/no transition between the colors), and it matches my character design.

Shaving is even, and you cannot see the backing.

Material is great – super comfortable and smooth/fluffy. N/A with markings, as it's just two types of fur. Fur is able to be brushed/smoothed w/little resistance.

It's a nub, I don't know what to say in regards to it moving? Although it is fun to wag it/jump up and down and have it move too.

Tail matches the concept art I provided.


Wear SatisfactionThe feet hooves fit perfectly and allow for a wide range of movement w/o any impediment of my natural movement. They stay secured to my feet and are easy to put on (As long as you're wearing long socks).

Quality is great – no issues w/seams.

Interior is lined w/a white fabric that wicks away sweat effectively. Cleaning is easy, as I use fursuit spray and let it air-dry, although the maker did provide instructions on how to deep clean it.

Visual SatisfactionLooks great! Matches the character design, markings are symmetrical, and the hooves face the correct respective directions on each foot.

Shaving is even, and the transition between fur lengths (We used two fur lengths to my knowledge) is seamless.

Material feels great – super fluffy and is still super fluffy to this day. Markings were sewn in. Fur is able to be brushed/smoothed w/little resistance.

Fur colors provided matched up to my expectations, and the fur material itself is great. Feet are super comfortable to wear (I find myself wearing them around the house because they're more comfortable than my ugg boots, haha).

The hooves match up w/my concept art.

Special FeaturesThe antlers have neodymium magnets that hold it in-place, and I can remove them at any point. They don't fall off easily, but are also easily removable/easy to put back on.

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Final CommentsCFStudios, thank you so much for bringing my character to life! I've struggled w/body dysmorphia and mental health issues issues my entire life, and I designed my character (Artemis) with specific characteristics/personalities in mind, so I could use him as an ideal individual that I could strive to be. Artemis isn't just a character to me, it's an extension of myself as a person, and what the future will be like for me (Minus the antlers/hooves/fur etc., haha).

Receiving Artemis in the mail and putting him on for the first time was quite literally one of the best experiences in my life. Every time I put him on and go into that headspace of being him, it's therapeutic and makes me the happiest man on earth in that time.

Artemis changed my life, and you bringing my character to life changed me as a person for the better, and I cannot thank you both enough for helping w/this major stepping stone in my life to help set me on the right path.

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