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Reviewer Information
Twitter: AtlasInu

Relationship With Maker
The maker IS a friend

Prior Experience
Yes, I’ve had four suits before this.

Informed Maker of Issues
Any issues I had were communicated and immediately fixed!

Wear Time
50+ hours
Maker & Project Information

Commission Information
Type: Fursuit > Fullsuit
Style: Toony, Digitigrade
Shipped From: USA

Shiba Inu
Found in Canidae (?)

Made in Year

Transaction Information
4000 USD paid in installments
Filed under $3000 - $4999 as a Payment Plan.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review
20 November 2019

Project Timeline
Contact Date
03 2018
Completion/Ship Date
06 2019
Item Completion Time (?)
13 - 23 Months

Item Being Reviewed
Atlas Shiba Inu Digitigrade Fullsuit in a toony style as a commission.
Photos of Completed Product


Wear Satisfaction

To start with, this head is AMAZING. It’s absolutely perfect. I’ve owned and worn many suits, and this is by far the absolute best one I have ever worn. It fits perfectly snug on my face, breathes easily, and is as light as a feather; it’s like my face is being surrounded by clouds. Visibility is excellent. Obviously with the eyelids on it’s a little harder to see, but that’s the price of being angry!. It never gets unfairly hot and I’m able to turn my head easily. There is polyfil stuffed in the neck of the suit to give it a thick Shiba neck, which actually helps keep the head on! So it won’t come off unless I want it to.

Visual Satisfaction

PNW went out of their way to research my own art-style, to make the head something that was uniquely my own. Without me asking, the head came out exactly like it was stylized on the reference sheet I drew. They even added details and stylization choices that are not present on any of their other works, all unique to my own. I was asked for input on things like hair, muzzle spots, whiskers, eyes, etc. All tailored to my choice. I even got to draw over the head and have them replicate it! This lil guy is truly part of me, and I couldn’t ask for anything more out of a suit maker.

The shaving is even and looks flush throughout the head. The symmetry is perfect as well. The nose is a material of my own choosing, and was very carefully and painstakingly made as it’s not a material they normally use (it’s also pickable!). The tongue has a magnet in it allowing it to lick it’s lips, sit inside the mouth or hang out. They also very kindly made me a tiny little magnetic bandage for him out of their own volition! Kind, little details, and care like that make his personality really stand out beautifully. He’s also got a mouthful of teeth and some light airbrushing. Plugs for him are on their way, and I’m ecstatic to have some interchangeable ones!


Wear Satisfaction

The best way to describe the body suit is ‘form-fitting’. After breaking in the suit a little bit, I’ve had an excellent time wearing him! There are no issues with tugging or bagginess, and it stretches with me, instead of fighting against me. The suit is completely molded to my body and breathes very well. The padding in the bodysuit is made out of polyfil, and is tucked away nicely in pockets scattered throughout the body and sealed away with zippers. The polyfil does need to be removed for wash, but it’s also a nice opportunity to refluff the little chunks.

The interior of the bodysuit is lined with various materials, each serving a specific purpose that has obviously been perfected over many years of experience. Unfortunately I can’t name many of these types of materials, but even with my lack of knowledge it’s very obvious that these are carefully chosen for grip, stretchiness or breath-ability; most notably in the feet. The body suit is an all-in-one suit, meaning that the hands, feet and tail are attached to it. Cleverly, there are hidden zippers on the inner seams of the arms to get yourself in and out (with practice I should be able to learn to do this myself, but for now I need some assistance to do so). Finally there is a neck added to the suit to completely hide the separation between head and body, I mention this because none of my other suits before have had this. It’s a great and comfortable addition.

Visual Satisfaction

The attention to detail of the ‘Shiba Inu-ness’ qualities of the suit was something that I did not expect to see. PNW has a fantastic ability to notice small details of the animals they make and translate it into their suits. For example, there is a distinct line on the back that features a sharp difference between long and short fur, and it was only when I was looking at my pet Shiba that I noticed that he also had this exact trait. Going along with the eye for detail, PNW had also taken notice of a subtle chest marking that my character has, something that is very easily (and often) overlooked, and replicated it on my suit without me having to point it out. I was extremely impressed by this account of detail, and I honestly think it’s one of their strongest traits as a suit maker.

The furs chosen for the body are all high quality and matching with the rest of the suit. They are either long or short in the appropriate areas, and the furs blend together naturally. Symmetry is on point, and the colors are 100% accurate. None of the zippers are visible on the suit and all of them are cleverly hidden. The digigrade of the suit was slim upon request, and can be reshaped with wither more or less polyfil. The shape of the suit itself is beautiful. The legs look anatomically correct and really enhance the overall look of the suit. They also blend perfectly into the feet without any bagginess, giving it that flush look. Overall a beautiful suit.

Hands and Feet

Wear Satisfaction

The paws on this suit are fantastic honestly. The fit on them is perfect, not being too big or small, also being the appropriate length for my arms. They are also stuffed with polyfil, and can be lessened or added to. These paws also feature a dewclaw upon my request! I was asked if I wanted this to be a usable thumb or not, and I opted not to, favoring the small, more realistic approach. There are big soft claws to these little guys as well. A big thing for me, is that despite being ‘feral’ paws, I can still grab things in suit. This is honestly such an underrated and useful trait to have in paws. The feet are shoe-less, and have a handmade ‘boot’ made out of soft materials. It’s incredibly comfortable and feels like you’re walking on slippers. I’m not sure how they did it, but they also breathe incredibly well too!

Visual Satisfaction

These lil pawbs are so cute! The design for them is toony, but also realistic and practical. Like the rest of the suit, the best way to explain them is ‘flush’. They are fluidly added to the arms and legs in a way that looks natural. The small dewclaw is also so precious and adds a ton of little personality. The material chosen for the paws was of my choosing, and ended up not really working out in the end. It wasn’t made for the wear and tear like the material they normally use is. Thankfully, they completely redid the paws on their own time, even though they totally didn’t need to. The mistake was mine. I’m extremely grateful for this, as the new material has been used very rigorously without any issues. Not much else to say about these, they’re super cute and more than I could have asked for.


Wear Satisfaction

The tail fits on the suit itself via a zipper, this can be taken off and used as a partial whenever I please! A fantastic feature honestly. As well as the zipper, I use a sturdy belt on the sewn in loops to create some extra movement. Love being able to wag my tail, as it’s a first for me. Not much I can say on the wear-ability, as I can’t really feel it, but for what it is it works great!

Visual Satisfaction

The tail has an adorable curl in it, formed and upheld by polyfil. It stands up on my suit pretty good, thought because the polyfil can bunch away from the base of the tail, it can sag over time. This can sometimes cause the zipper on the tail to be slightly visible. Both PNW and I are actively trying to find a way to remedy this, but it’s in no way a big deal. The tail is still suuuper adorable and looks ideal for the species/breed. The markings are great and stand out. Overall super cute, and doesn’t get in the way when I want to wear a shirt or tank over my suit.


Product Satisfaction

How well does everything fit together and match up?
Considering the suit is an all-in-one-piece, it obviously fits together extremely well. They only part not attached is the head, and because of the neck, theres no obvious separation between bodysuit and head. Everything else fits correctly and appropriately. Considering style, the suit not only matches the makers style, but my own style as well! It was a pleasant and unexpected surprise to see so much of myself in something I didn’t even create. All suits from PNW are completely unique to the commissioner, and that’s such a good and important quality to have. The best part about the make of this is that I’ve had no issues with it, post creation. Besides the paws, which were my fault, I haven’t even found a popped seam yet! Quality work from an experienced maker!

Overall Project Quality
If it wasn’t obvious enough, I am absolutely blown away by the quality featured here, This suit was by far more than I could have hoped for. I am so satisfied with how this one came out, I have relinquished any thought of buying another suit. It’s all I could really want or need in a fursuit. It was worth much more than they had charged, and I hope they start raising their prices soon. Thank you Rowan and Raco for all of your hard work and dedication to this lil Shibe. <3

Purchase Process

Initial Contact
PNW and I are friends, and I had asked them about slots over Telegram. It was very easy to communicate with them, and they were very open about timing and their queue. We are also roommates, so communication was very simple.

Maker Response Time

Maker Professionalism
Very professional! Obviously a very talented and experienced suit maker. They prioritize uniqueness and customer satisfaction over all and I had no issues with the commission and process.

Project Completion Time
PNW does not give deadlines, but they worked extremely hard to get mine done in time for a specific con I was attending.

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Final Comments
PNW was a blessing to work with, and a breath of fresh air. I am extremely satisfied with my suit, and would recommend this maker to anyone. They seem to take their time with their projects, making sure they are absolutely perfect before sending them out, so I would be sure to commission them only if you are patient and okay with waiting a little bit. Those who do will be very much rewarded by a beautiful, personal, unique, and high-quality suit. I'm very thankful to PNW for the time and love they have put into Atlas', and I am beyond happy with him. I look forward to seeing their future projects!

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