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Maker Information

Wild Dog Works

Year of Project2020

Completion Time (?)13 - 23 Months

ETA AccuracyThere was no ETA given
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Review Date18 August 2021

RelationshipThe maker IS a friend
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Review Information
ReviewerTwitter: Super_Nintendog

Prior ExperienceYes, I own and wear other fursuits

Wear TimeAround the house and one convention

Informed Maker of IssuesYes

Carter the Halfsuit


ProjectThis item was a commission

Paid: A Payment Plan of $1000 - $2999

Initial Contact: January 2019

Completion/Ship Date: July 2020

Shipping Origin: Canada

Type: Partial

Style: Toony

Padding: Digitigrade

Specialties: None

SpeciesName: Super Nintendog

Found in: Canidae(?)

Features: Hair / Wig

Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product


Initial ContactVery easy. I think I messaged Remi on Facebook first to start off with, then we continued the business on Telegram. Now he does business through e-mail.

Maker CommunicationI am very satisfied. Remi would usually respond very quickly whenever he was able to. And at the time, he was living in Australia, and I am living in the USA, and so there was a 12-13 hour time difference, so sometimes I would get messages from him while I was sleeping. I believe at one point he had to go get a surgery done, and he communicated this to me that he would have to spend time recovering from the surgery. I really appreciated this, and at no point, did I ever feel like I was being left in the dark. I never once felt like I was being ignored. He was also very polite and professional, he was never once rude with me and I never felt like I was bothering him.

He also showed me various WIP images along the way. Like….A lot of WIPs. Which I fully appreciated, as I love seeing what he was working on, and to tell him if he needed to change anything. So I was never once sitting in the dark wondering what was going on. He would also ask me if something was okay, or if I liked this, etc. For example, he showed me a WIP of the ears being made and asked me if they were long enough, to which I responded that I wanted them longer, which he did edit.

Project Completion TimeSince I was doing slow gradual payments, I did fully expect it to take a while for him to get to my spot in the queue, so that was fine by me. There was no deadline. Once Remi actually started my commission, he was very fast in completing it, I was shocked how quickly it was done.

Overall Project QualityI am extremely happy with my fursuit. Everything fits well and looks amazing all together. I was very picky with some things such as the length of his ears, and how his hair looked, and Remi got those spot on correct! Even though there are a few minor things, they do not prevent me from enjoying my fursuit. It was definitely worth the price I paid. I would definitely commission Wild Dog Works again in a heartbeat, that is how happy I am with how my fursuit came out. I constantly recommend him to others.



Wear SatisfactionThe head is snug. Not too tight, and not too loose. The head is also on the lightweight side, which is really good, because you wouldn't want a heavy fursuit head. It is lined inside. It's comfortable to wear. I'm happy with how it fits me!

Vision is great, I can see well, and see where I'm going. I don't need a handler. And the ventilation is great too, I don't get hot fast, and the mouth is open, so my breath is able to escape.

Visual SatisfactionI'm extremely happy with how my fursuit head looks, Remi followed the references exactly like how I wanted. And even got the 90s "boy band" hair down perfect! I love how big and floppy the ears are! And the expression is exactly what I wanted — cute and happy!

Shaving is extremely neat and nothing is choppy. Fur is wonderful quality and does not show backing or shed. Colors (mostly) match the character.

The only thing that I would say is inaccurate, is that the fur used on the darker areas isn't as dark compared to the reference (it's a very dark dark grey color; should be almost black in color), but since the character is Super Nintendo themed (which is grey), it wasn't a big deal to me, since it goes well with the other greys, so I'm not bothered too much about that.

The bottom jaw is very slightly crooked, but that tiny imperfection doesn't bother me at all nor is it really noticeable.


Wear SatisfactionThe hands fit me really nice! No complaints there!

The ends are the fabric are lined. But the insides are not lined, which, again, is not a big deal to me.

No choppy shaving. And they match the reference. They stay on and do not slide off.

Visual SatisfactionVery happy with the hands and they match the reference spot on.

Lower Body

Wear SatisfactionThe fursuit is a 3/4 halfsuit with digitigrade legs "pants". The legs have belt loops which not only help hold the legs up, but hold the tail as well. The padding is two pillow inserts that are placed in front of my legs. The back of the legs have padding sewn inside and I don't think those are removable. There is a zipper in the groin area to unzip to help put the legs on.

The legs are loose on me, and fall down easily, even with a belt on, so I also have to use suspenders to help hold them up. The suspenders are covered up with a shirt, and can't be seen. But if I use both a belt and the suspenders, that prevents the legs from falling down, and are then able to be worn normally without the concern of them falling down.

The legs are very well made and extremely comfy. The inside is not lined, but that's not a big deal to me. The tops of the "pants" have liner to prevent rough edges.

I am extremely happy with how the legs turned out. They are comfortable and easy to move in if just walking.

Visual SatisfactionThe legs look so wonderful together with the rest of the fursuit! Shaving is not choppy and they match the character's design. Symmetry is also great.


Wear SatisfactionThe tail is attached to a belt via one belt loop. No choppy shaving and the length is perfect for the character.

Visual SatisfactionVery happy with how my tail looks! It matches the reference spot on. It has a slight wag to it!


Wear SatisfactionThe feet are "slipper style" indoor feet with no shoes inside. They are very comfortable to wear. But I think they are a little big on me. I love how they look!

Visual SatisfactionVery happy with the feet and sneaker sandals, and they match the references spot on. They are very comfortable.

Special FeaturesMy feet also came with fursuit sneaker sandals. They have separate sneaker tongues that you slide underneath the laces. They help protect the feet, and make a good stylish addition to my 1990s themed character. They also have "logos" on the side and I am absolutely pleased with how the shoes look!

A few things however. One of the laces is missing the black tape on the end. And I find that wearing the sneaker sandals while in fursuit was a bit of a learning curve for me. I have to walk like I am "marching" where I pick my feet up off the ground when I walk (I tend to drag my feet usually when I walk). Otherwise, if I don't do this, I will stumble and trip. Also, one of the sneaker's bottom is starting to peel apart, but I don't think this is the maker's fault, I think this was from me tripping a few times while in fursuit before learning how to walk whilst wearing them. Also, after a while, my feet start to feel like they are sliding out of the sneakers, since there is no strap in the middle of the feet, but a quick break to adjust them back in fixes this.

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Final CommentsRemi is a very professional fursuit maker. And he is constantly improving his fursuits. I think you will be very happy if you commission him. I am very very happy with how my fursuit turned out, and I would definitely commission him again for another fursuit. I am extremely happy with how well his communication was, and I never felt like I was being ignored, left in the dark, or scammed. If you want a toony fursuit, please go commission Wild Dog Works!

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