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Reviewer Information
Twitter: Lavender_Pasta

Relationship With Maker
The maker IS a friend

Prior Experience
I had won a fursuit about a year prior, but this was my first fursuit commission

Informed Maker of Issues
Yes, there was a piece of the jaw (to make it move) that poked at my throat when I wore her head. I told Shamrock about it and she fixed it. Now I can wear Cinna without any discomfort.

Wear Time
15+ hours
Maker & Project Information

Commission Information
Type: Fursuit > Partial
Style: Toony
Shipped From: USA

Monster Cat (Cat, Dragon, and Bat)
Found in Canidae, Glires, Reptilia, Monster, Kaiju, or Demon (?)

Made in Year

Transaction Information
410 USD paid in installments
Filed under $500 and under as a Payment Plan.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review
16 February 2019

Project Timeline
Contact Date
December 2017
Completion/Ship Date
October 2018
Item Completion Time (?)
7 - 12 Months

Item Being Reviewed
Cinna (the full partial) in a toony style as a commission.

Review Video


Wear Satisfaction

There’s no discomfort while wearing the head, but I do have a little trouble getting it on due to it being just a tad smaller than my actual head. Despite that, the lining is soft and absorbs sweat appropriately. It makes cleaning a whole lot easier.
The ventilation is really, really good, because the third eye has mesh in it and the mouth is big enough to let me breathe, but doesn’t expose my face.
The vision is perfect, I can see very well and the blind spots aren’t too big.

Visual Satisfaction

Shamrock was able to capture Cinna perfectly. She has a toony style that makes her look happy, excited, and cute. Shaving is even and well-done! The fur is so, so, so soft and easy to brush. I am very happy with Cinna’s appearance, I specifically asked for her tongue to poke out (it does), for two big fangs (they’re plushy and cute!), and for her to look like a kitty cat (she has a short muzzle, cat nose, and definitely looks like a cat!!)

Special Attachments and Features

Cinna has removable antenna and sleepy eyelids. The antenna attach easily but it’s kind of hard to put on the eyelids right, but they still work and make her look sleepy and cute! The quality is perfect.

Hands and Feet

Wear Satisfaction

Both the hands and feet fit nicely, they’re very cozy. Sometimes I even wear the feet as slippers! They allow good movement and they don’t show my skin easily. They stay on, even if I wiggle and shake a ton.
The quality is better than perfect. The claws are sewn well and the stitches show how hard she worked to make them sturdy. The lining is white and so soft, it keeps me cool and comfortable.
The feet lining is maroon and cozy, it also keeps my feet from sweating too much and they’re more than cozy. If someone put them on thinking they were slippers, they would say they were top notch slippers!

Visual Satisfaction

The claws are puffy and squish-able. The claws are sewn neatly and the stitches go up the claws evenly. They face the right direction as well, they don’t go sideways at all. The shaving is done nicely as well, you can tell Shamrock took her time doing it. The fur is extremely soft and if I weren’t so protective of my suit, I would wear them outside as gloves!
The paw pads are made of maroon fleece and they aren’t stiff or rough to the touch.
The feet are puffy and large. I get lots of compliments from them, especially family members who see me wearing them as slippers! When I told them a friend made them, they’re totally shocked; they thought they were store bought. The bottom is made of fleece and it’s so easy to clean. I just use a lint roller to get lint and fur off, then spot clean for dirt and such.


Wear Satisfaction

The tail is long and well made! It bounces when I walk and sways from side to side easily. The fur is so soft that I could use it as a pillow. The stuffed green spikes are made of fleece and they don’t tilt sideways.
The seams on the back part (where the belt loops are) are SO nicely done. I don’t have a picture, but the stitches show how long Shamrock took on the tail to make it durable. I can hold the tail and shake lightly (to fluff up the tail) without the fear of popping seams.
I either have to wear it with a safety pin attached to make the tail hang upwards. But I usually wear it without one, so the tail droops slightly. There’s no problem with this, I just thought I should mention it. This actually is for the better, so I can have it droop when her sleepy eyelids are on.

Visual Satisfaction

I asked for her tail to be raptor like and Shamrock delivered. The tail is chunky at the base but thins out and droops at the end, like a real raptor’s tail! The spikes are soft and they’re symmetrical to each other.
The fur isn’t shaved, so it’s fluffy and long, which allows for it to either look brushed and neat or fluffed up.

Special Attachments and Features

Cinna has two special attachments and both exceeded my expectations!
Firstly, Cinna has attachable blue antenna. They attach with magnets and stay on even when I shake her head. They’re also bendable and can be posed easily!
Secondly, she also has eyelids that make her look sleepy/sad! They don’t attach very easily but stay on when I move or shake her head! They add to her character and I love how they turn out!


Product Satisfaction

How was your concept art realized?
I gave Shamrock two pieces of art to work with. One was Cinna’s reference sheet and the other was a fursuit sheet. Shamrock was right by my side throughout the process to make sure everything was done to my liking. We did have a bump with Cinna’s lower set of eyes, which are usually closed, and since I wanted them to be made out of black felt, I wanted them to be attachable to make sure they don’t come off as markings. She made them attachable with pieces of metal, sort of like a paper clip that’s straight. They stick into the suit but I usually don’t use them because I’m afraid they’ll fall off or come off halfway.

How well does everything fit together and match up?
Everything matches together perfectly! The colors match, the parts all fit me, and it looks like I really am Cinna the monster kitty! I cannot be happier with her all together, I can really get into character with a suit that fits me and looks consistent.

Overall Project Quality
I am more than happy with the quality of my suit. If I had the choice to trade my Cinna-mon Roll for an expensive, well-known suit or whatever, I would turn it down! Cinna is my baby and I couldn’t be happier with how she turned out. Her expression is happy and bubbly, the fur is soft and the perfect color, she was finished in a timely manner, the items seem like they’ll last for a very long time, and it was worth much more than I paid! I have so much fun wearing her and becoming Cinna!

Purchase Process

Initial Contact
I decided to start looking around for someone to make Cinna in mid December. I posted about it on Instagram for people to suggest makers to look into and Shamrock let me know that she would be willing to take on the commission. I sent her a private message a day or two later and she responded in an hour or so. We worked out a price (she gave me a quote for a mini and full partial) and then I told her I could have an installment ready within the next month! She asked me a few questions about the suit, like the length of the tail, inside of the ears, etc. I immediately felt like Shamrock was invested in the project and that she could create Cinna with care.

Maker Response Time
We communicated over Instagram and Shamrock was very easy to get in touch with. She was always proving work in progress pictures, which was perfect for me. It always brightened my day to see my kitty come to life!

Maker Professionalism
Shamrock treated me with the upmost professionalism. At the beginning of the commission, her and I were friends, but not very close (we had went suiting once and talked a few times), but by the end of the commission we were close friends.
She treated me kindly, with professionalism (despite our friendship, Shamrock would still treat any customer with kindness and professionalism. I wanted to add that, because some people can be wary of a commission between friends. Shamrock is a kind person to the core and you can count on high quality professionalism and a pleasant experience).
When we discussed suit related things, there was definitely a change in tone. I felt like I was treated like a customer in the right times and a friend in the rest. She was never vague, she always communicated with me clearly and made sure I was informed of the ETA and WIPs.

Project Completion Time
We discussed a ETA when I first commissioned Shamrock, which was for May 24th, when Furlandia would be (a local convention). Cinna’s full partial wasn’t ready by then, but she made sure her head and tail was. I was not at all upset by Cinna not being fully done, because Shamrock was always very clear with what was happening and when Cinna was going to be done. I knew ahead of time that Cinna would not be fully finished for Furlandia.
Cinna was fully finished in October and she delivered her to me personally (she’s local). We were able to meet only a few days after her completion and Cinna was packaged very nicely! She had her head wrapped in sparkly green tissue paper and had extra goodies in the boxes she came in. Cinna came with a brush, lots of art, candy, and some other cute goodies! I was thrilled to bits by this UwU

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Final Comments
Pros of working with ShamrockScales:
-Shamrock is professional, kind, friendly, easy to talk to, and personable.
-She ensures a happy work environment (she never comes off as annoyed or impatient).
-Her work is always high quality and has many hours of hard work put into it
-Many WIPs and she informs you of what’s going on every so often, so you’re never in the dark
-Instead of being a fursuit maker who spits out multiple suits every month, Shamrock puts loads of care into each and every suit, making sure it’s something you’ll love as much as she does

Cons of working with ShamrockScales:
-Literally, I can’t think of anything

Overall, I would work with Shamrock again in a heartbeat. She’s kind, works hard on her projects, and communicates well. I recommend her to everyone I know who’s in the market for a fursuit!

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