[YES] Cobb Paws and Hooves by Homebrewed Suits

General Information
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Reviewer Information
Twitter: meatcarnist

Relationship With Maker
The maker is NOT a friend

Prior Experience
No, this is my first experience with any kind of fursuit pieces.

Informed Maker of Issues
No issues

Wear Time
35+ hours. I’ve worn them every single day since I got them.
Maker & Project Information

Commission Information
Type: Fursuit > Paw Sets > Hand Paws > Feet Paws
Style: Toony
Shipped From: USA

Coyote and Pronghorn Hybrid
Found in Canidae, Euungulata (?)

Made in Year

Transaction Information
700 USD paid in installments
Filed under $501 - $999 as a Payment Plan.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review
21 April 2021

Project Timeline
Contact Date
February 2021
Completion/Ship Date
March 2021
Item Completion Time (?)
1 - 3 Months

Item Being Reviewed
Cobb Paws and Hooves in a toony style as a commission.

Review Video

Photos of Completed Product

Hands and Feet

Wear Satisfaction

The wear is perfect on both the hands and hooves.

– Putting the paws on is very easy and very easy to take off — allowing for quick dress or quick undress.

– My hands do not get hot in the paws, allowing for long wear times without any uncomfortable itchiness I experience with heat.

– The vans I gave the maker lends itself to an incredibly comfortable wear — they were already slightly broken in so I don’t have to worry about chaffing on my ankles.

– Again, they’re not hot to wear. Almost cool to wear, actually.

– I experience foot dragging due to chronic pain and nerve damage, and these hooves have held up so well. No damage and no wear to the fabric.

Visual Satisfaction

I love how the paws and hooves look!

Some of the claws on the paws are a little asymmetrical but I actually love it cause it matches my fursona!

The bottom of my hooves juts out a little bit, deforming the fabric of the hoof, but I don’t mind it a bit! It helps me know that the bottom of the feet are protected because they’re outside feet.

The colors and fur used are exactly what I asked for, and I love it! Truly matches my reference sheet.


Product Satisfaction

How well does everything fit together and match up?
I am overall very satisfied and in love with my paws and hooves!

Overall Project Quality
Everything exceeded my expectations!

Purchase Process

Initial Contact
Very easy, I DMed them on twitter and they responded in an hour.

Maker Response Time
They responded in an hour after I DMed them.

Maker Professionalism
They were very professional, and kept things prompt and very business -like.

Project Completion Time
They explained the completion time perfectly, and completed the project in a month and a week. Which was earlier than anticipated — which I loved so much! They were shipped in a timely manner and I was given the tracking number instantly.

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Final Comments
Homebrewed Suits did everything perfectly and I love my paws and hooves. I hope to commission them again one day.

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