[YES] Coyote Fullsuit by Rum Wolf Studios

Maker Information

Rum Wolf Studios

Year of Project2017

Completion Time (?)7 - 12 Months

ETA AccuracyYES - the ETA was accurate
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Review Date30 December 2021

RelationshipThe maker WAS NOT a friend when the item was purchased, but they ARE a friend now
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Review Information

Prior ExperienceNo, This is my first Fursuit

Wear Time15+

Informed Maker of IssuesI have had no issues!

Full Suit


ProjectThis item was a commission

Paid: A Payment Plan of $1000 - $2999

Initial Contact: October 2016

Completion/Ship Date: May 2017

Shipping Origin: Local pickup

Type: Fursuit

Style: Toony

Padding: Plantigrade

SpeciesName: Coyote

Found in: Canidae(?)

Features: None

Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product


Initial ContactExtremely easy. Rumwolf has a few different ways to contact them, I found their Twitter and ended up filling out a quote form on their website. Was contacted the next day with follow up questions.

Maker CommunicationVery happy with the communication, I'm one of those annoying customers that asks a hundred different questions and I was never made to feel annoying (even tho I knew I being a little curious)

Project Completion TimeSatisfied with the project length for sure. The suit was done on time, but I was not done with my payments, I had gotten behind but Rumwolf was very understanding and I was able to catch up on the payments and had my suit hand delivered at MFF!

Overall Project QualityVery happy with my fursuit. Nothing quite like dressing up and pretending to be a giant dog for a bit. I've definitely not been as gentle on my suit as I've seen others be and I've had no issues. The suit was designed to be form fitting bit I don't feel like it's limited my mobility beyond a reasonable amount. I've put a little weight since I first got the suit and even with my bigger booty I don't feel like seams are in jeopardy. All of the markings on my character are where they need to be, the zipper has been a champion despite my impatiently quick zipping/unzipping actions, and despite stepping on my head and being rough on the jaw it's still got its original shape, and fits nicely. I was able to fit the head on with Glasses which was nice, but I've since gotten Lasik which has made the head feel better to wear


One-Piece Body

Wear SatisfactionThe suit is comfortable to wear. I got a form fitting body but I feel like I can move around just fine. And have juuust enough room to wear a cooling vest under it without being too tight.

Visual SatisfactionVery very soft! My body has a light brown/tan belly that was made using the softest fur out there. Seems to be high quality stuff and I've had no issues cleaning it. All of the marking are right where the need to be and shaved down to a great height.


Wear SatisfactionVery comfortable to wear. I went with a 5 finger hand paw, I have larger hands so it's usually hard to get things that fit well on them but I find these snug where they need to be, the right length for my fingers and easy to move in.

Visual SatisfactionLove the way Rumwolf blended together two fur types, very clean transition and great quality fur, no issues with the paws the paw pads used give just enough grip when needed


Wear SatisfactionIt's a tail! What's not to be happy with? Wagging that thing always pits me in a good mood. Very fluffy, not heavy enough to pull uncomfortably on the belt and the belt loop is sturdy as heck.

Visual SatisfactionVery fluffy. Proportionate to my body, has a nice bend to it, filled with just the right amount of poly fil


Wear SatisfactionComfortable to wear for extended time, the fur for the ankles is a little loose, but I know rumwolf changed how he does his footpaws now and they're fantastic. The loose fur does not negatively effect my experience at all. These things have been beat up pretty well against steps and curbs and it has not cause any issues, so they're pretty darn durable. The material rumwolf used on bottoms has plenty of life left

Visual SatisfactionI feel like the paws are done well, the left paw is symmetrical with the right and they're both shaped in a way to give them a great appearance. The same blending that was used on my hand paws was used on the feet, and the fur used has been easy to clean

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Final CommentsI would definitely recommend Rumwolf Studios. They seem to really care about customer satisfaction and making sure people can be happy dancing around as fluffy animals for years in their suit. I have plans to order more from them going forward. I went in nervous about such a big purchase and came out a fluffy coyote with a new friend.

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