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Twitter: ebimanokit

Relationship With Maker
The maker is NOT a friend

Prior Experience
Yes, I owned one partial and one fullsuit prior to this one.

Informed Maker of Issues
Yes, there was some damage to the suit caused by the shipping process and they offered solutions on how I could fix those and also offered to fix the issues if I wanted them to.

Wear Time
25+ Hours
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Type: Fursuit > Fullsuit
Style: Toony, Digitigrade
Shipped From: USA

Found in Manokit (?)

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paid in installments
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Date of Review
5 February 2019

Project Timeline
Contact Date
September 2017
Completion/Ship Date
July 2018
Item Completion Time (?)
7 - 12 Months

Item Being Reviewed
Ebi Sushi Manokit Digitigrade Fullsuit in a toony style as a commission.
Character Concept Art
Photos of Completed Product


Wear Satisfaction

Ebi’s head fits me perfectly. The lining in the head is very nice and soft. There are not loose seams or edges. The inside of the head has a very professional and clean appearance to it.

The head is not too tight or constricting and allows for good ventilation around the mouth area. There is plenty of space around the face area so that I do not feel claustrophobic, but is still tight in the right ways so that the head is not loose.

Since Ebi is a manokit, he has a closed/squinted eye shape. Even though his eyes are this shape, the head still has great vision with very minimal blind spots. Because his eyes are made with black mesh, it is very easy to see in bright and low light places because your eyes do not focus on the mesh. (My other heads use white mesh and it can be hard to see in some places if your eyes focus on the white.)

Visual Satisfaction

The markings and symmetry on Ebi is spot on! One of his ears is a little floppy and slightly lower than the other due to heat issues during shipping, but it really isn’t too noticeable.

Ebi features long and short pile fur. CFStudios did a very good job shaving the long pile green fur on his nose to match the short pile white and black fur used on the rest of his head.

Ebi looks stunning to me! CFStudios communicates with you during every step of the commission process, and when making his head, I asked them to make small changes/adjustments to the face shape. They worked with me on these changes and made Ebi look truly amazing. He has fatter cheeks like I wanted, has a super fun mischievous expression, and overall just looks fantastic.

CFStudios uses quality faux fur. It is soft, smooth, easy to brush, and does not need to be brushed much. Usually I can just run my hand over Ebi’s head and he’s good to go. Using quality materials improves the look, feel, and durability of the suit. Not having to brush as much means that your fur doesn’t come out with frequent brushing (issue I’ve had with previous suits)

Special Attachments and Features

Ebi features long, manokit ears that are perfectly shapes and sturdy. His ears stick out and stay in the shape they are supposed to be without being floppy. The foam used is strong and sturdy.

Ebi also features a removable tongue that can be moved around and changed in length/position. The tongue is held on with very strong Velcro that does not fall off easily and holds tight even with lots of head movement.

Ebi’s head also has a zipper up the back to create a tight, form fitted look and feel. I have no idea how they managed this magic, but I can easily get Ebi’s head zipped and unzipped by myself even when wearing the head. They did a wonderful job with this and you cannot see the zipper at all when the head is zipped and being worn.


Wear Satisfaction

CFStudios requires a Duct Tape Dummy for custom projects. My body suit fits perfectly and is not too tight nor too loose. Literally it is perfect and allows for lots of movement without restriction or feeling like I might bust a seam!

Like mentioned previously, CFStudios uses quality faux fur for their suits and it shows in the durability and quality of their suits. The faux fur backing is sturdy, strong, and does not show any signs of wearing out anytime soon.

Something that CFStudios does that I have not seen too often is double sewing/serging of their seams. Each of Ebi’s seams (where one color of fur meets another), is serged to protect the seam. This creates a very sturdy and durable seam that has extra protection from wear and tear.
Ebi’s suit is toasty (as all suits are), but not too hot. The poly-fill padding in his legs actually allows for a bit of a breeze to flow through the legs. When standing in front of a fan, it is easy to feel the breeze through the fur without having to unzip or take off the suit.

Visual Satisfaction

Ebi’s bodysuit is a dropped-crotch, large digitigrade suit that has identically matching patterns on each side and large, attached tail. The shrimp sushi markings on his back/sides are very proportional and flow well with the curves of the suit. The use of short and long file faux fur works well with the manokit design and have been utilized in a way that flows nicely with the design of the suit. The patterns and use of the different fur types flow nicely and seamlessly with the overall design creating a cohesive look.
Since this is a digitigrade suit, I’d also love to gush about the shape of Ebi’s legs. CFStudios have sculpted his legs to look amazing from all angles. I’ve always loved their unique take on ditigrade suits and Ebi’s legs are certainly my favorite so far!

Like mentioned previously, CFStudios use quality faux fur that allows for soft, beautiful looking and feeling suits. (Please see the “Head Appearance Satisfaction” section for my thoughts on this further. Under “Feel:”)
Ebi’s leg padding is accomplished by several shaped, poly-fil pillows that Velcro into the inside of the suit to stay in place.
The body is unlined, features a collar around the neck to keep the edge there looking nice, and isn’t scratchy or uncomfortable to wear in any way.

Special Attachments and Features

Ebi’s large, manokit tail is fully attached to the body and will be elaborated on in the “Tail” section.

Ebi’s feet also zip to attach to his body, creating a seamless look. These too will be elaborated on in the “Hands and Feet” section.

Hands and Feet

Wear Satisfaction

Ebi has very large, toony hands that are literally bigger than my face. They are super soft, very easy and comfortable to wear, and have a cuff at the end to help with wear and tucking them into the arm sleeves. They are also lined, which feels very nice and helps keep the poofy finger padding in place. (Please note: I think this is a norm for CFStudios suits, but should not be taken as “the standard” for all fursuit makers. Some makers leave their hands unlined, and that is perfectly okay! Depending on the suit, it could make them easier to clean or wear if they are not lined. With Ebi’s hands, I have to wear Lycra gloves so that my hands don’t sweat into the hands and make them sticky and gross. I made the mistake of not wearing gloves with Ebi’s hands once and that was a mistake. I also seem to have unusually sweaty hands or something, so to each their own. It might not be an issue for most people.)
I personally have very long arms and requested the sleeves of the hands (that tuck into the bodysuit’s arm sleeves) be extra long to avoid any mishaps with stretching my arms out and having the hands come untucked.

Ebi’s feet are also massive and zip onto his bodysuit. This means that they can’t really be worn without the bodysuit, but that doesn’t bother me. (If you are commissioning CFStudios for a digitigrade fullsuit and want to be able to wear your feet without the bodysuit, just talk to them about it and see if they’ll make you some leg sleeves or something that can zip on. It would certainly be an additional cost, but I don’t see them being disagreeable to the idea.)
Ebi’s feet are made with foam and have a memory-foam soled, slip on shoe inside to hold them to your feet. I asked for them to use this kind of show, but they asked if I would like to send in my own shoes to use and I really appreciate that they offer that as an option.

Visual Satisfaction

I adore CFStudios’ style of puffy, toony hand and feet paws for their suits. I like now soft Ebi’s toe beans are and how they don’t look too large when the whole suit is put together! They’re super cute and fun (and I have been known to wear the hand paws around my house just for fun because of how comfy they are. (Ebi is a big boi.)

Special Attachments and Features

Ebi’s hands are lined! This is a special feature and should not to be expected as the norm for ALL makers. Please see the “Wear Satisfaction” section for an elaboration on this.


Wear Satisfaction

Ebi’s tail is supported and filled out using a lightweight foam insert that is attached to adjustable belts/straps that go around your waist and torso. Even though that might sound restrictive, the tail harness is not heavy or constrictive in the slightest! It also features a small zipper where you can put in or remove poly-fil if you need to stuff the tail. Before Ebi’s first convention, I stuffed his tail with as much extra poly-fil I had lying around just to make it extra sturdy since I knew it would be hot out in the Florida sun and I might run into people and things and didn’t want to bend the tail from those interactions. Even with all of the people who ran into Ebi’s tail (and the many casualties of being whacked by it) the foam held up perfectly and is very sturdy! CFStudios did a great job with the tail and you can tell it was sturdily made and will last for a long while!

(Also for clarification, I requested that Ebi’s tail stick out straight like that if at all possible. I didn’t want him to have a floor dragger or floppy tail. I wanted his tail to stick out kind of like a dinosaur’s? and CFStudios delivered on that WONDERFULLY!!!!)

Visual Satisfaction

Since Ebi’s tail is completely attached to his bodysuit, it creates a perfectly seamless appearance.
As mentioned in the “Wear Satisfaction” section, I requested Ebi’s tail to stick out as much as possible and this looks perfect to me! I really, really love the tail and how it works with Ebi’s design and overall look. Yeah, it totally whacks people and is a little weird to have to be conscious of trying not to knock people down with the extra three feet behind you, but I LOVE the tail and could not be happier with it!

Special Attachments and Features

Ebi features a large manokit tail that sticks straight out. This tail is supported by a very lightweight, foam insert that is worn with belts/straps under the body suit. The tail support they made fits great and is easy to put on and wear.
CFStudios made a video about the tail here:


Product Satisfaction

How well does everything fit together and match up?
When Ebi is worn all together, he is one seamless costume. The zipped feet allow for the shapes of the digitigrade legs to flow flawlessly down to the feet. His shrimp sushi markings match up perfectly from his head/neck scruff and down his back. Everything fits perfectly and nothing looks disproportionate when viewed as a whole.

I think that Ebi is a perfect example of CFStudio’s toony style while also taking and implementing the distinct look that makes Ebi a manokit. I was excited about Ebi ever since I saw his adoptable design, and while I knew that they would create him in their style which I loved, I had no idea how much I would love Ebi until I saw him completely done. I know I’m totally biases, but I feel like Ebi is one of the best suits CFStudios has ever done.

Overall Project Quality
I am extremely happy with the product I received. This suit completely met and then promptly exceeded my expectations. Every time I wear Ebi, I find another thing to love about him.

Purchase Process

Initial Contact
Since Ebi was an adoptable design, I reached out to CFStudios via email and was replied to that same business day.

Maker Response Time
CFStudios replied to any and all emails in an extremely timely manner. I never waited more than one or two business days for a reply.

Maker Professionalism
CFStudios is by far the most professional company I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with! They are always open with communication and take their jobs very seriously. I respect them greatly for the way they run their business. You can tell even from the smallest interactions that they truly care about their customers and are happy making these costumes for others.

Project Completion Time
Even though the original ETA was technically missed (by only week or so), that isn’t a negative. CFStudios had to deal with a personal issue that caused the delay and were completely transparent and communicated the whole time.

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Final Comments
I had heard wonderful things about CFStudios before commissioning them, so I already hoped I would have a pleasent experience. However, I was truly amazed by their quality work and wonderful customer service. I am happy to say that I will continue to support them in any and all future endeavors however I can.

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