[YES] Jack the Gatordog Fullsuit by Bad Dog Custom Creations

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Bad Dog Custom Creations Formerly known as Fursuit Enterprise.

Year of Project2021

Completion Time (?)4 - 6 Months, Pre-Made

ETA AccuracyThere was no ETA given
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Review Date2 January 2022

RelationshipThe maker is NOT a friend
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Review Information
ReviewerTwitter: vileotter

Prior ExperienceI own 6 fursuits currently, have worn and created my own fursuits for over 10 years.

Wear Time20+ hours

Informed Maker of IssuesThe only issues with the fursuit were addressed quickly by the maker before I could tell him about them.

Jack the Gatordog


ProjectThis item was purchased as a pre-made

Paid: A Lump Sum of $6000 and over

Initial Contact: November 2020

Completion/Ship Date: May 2021

Shipping Origin: USA

Type: Fullsuit

Style: Toony

Padding: Digitigrade

Specialties: Lighting (LEDs, EL wire, etc)

SpeciesName: Gatordog

Found in: Canidae(?)

Features: Spikes, Hair / Wig

Photos of Completed Product


Initial ContactIncredibly easy to contact, it was an auction that I bid on via twitter. Initial responses to my DMs were reasonably quick.

Maker CommunicationYami was always available for questions and his instructions were easy to follow. Even after finishing my fursuit, he has been very helpful with any odd questions I've had, and has continued to be super easy to communicate with.

Project Completion TimeProject was finished quickly. As I paid off the fursuit in a lump sum, I was added to the queue in the next available place for my bodysuit to be made and was given many updates along the way. Fursuit was shipped promptly and I received it shortly after it was finished.

Overall Project QualityIt is everything I'd hoped it would be and more. This is the most expensive fursuit I've ever owned, the only bodysuit that has been made by someone else, and it's been great. I really love my fursuit and have only good things to say about its quality and Yami's professionalism. It is exactly what I expected, consistent with the style that made me want to own one of Yami's suits originally. He is a very gorgeous costume and I'm excited to continue to wear him for years to come.



Wear SatisfactionThe head was premade, and fits as expected! There is no room for my glasses, but this was never guaranteed, and the vision is really spectacular so it's not a problem. Probably some of the best vision of any of my heads. Incredibly comfortable for me – I have a small head size and it is neither too loose or too tight. There is no room for a balaclava but it is lined and easy to clean after each wear. I've wore it for several hours at a time without any difficulty. Ventilation is as expected, as the mouth is very open and the eyes are wide.

Visual SatisfactionThe visual appearance of the head is why I bought the fursuit! Stunning, as always. The shaving is great, the fur is disturbingly soft and lovely. Everyone constantly compliments the appearance, and for good reason. The following effect on the eyes is great. Yami is well-known for his big toothy expressions and my head is no exception, it is everything I hoped for. There is a tiny amount of glue in the eye mesh but it is difficult to notice and seems to have no effect on the vision at all. It is an incredibly light, durable head that has held up through multiple parties, extensive use at a convention, and other shenanigans.

One-Piece Body

Wear SatisfactionThe tail and feet are connected to the body, so it is incredibly easy to put on. The bodysuit was made off a DTD I sent to Yami, so it fits perfectly. It is actually slightly loose on me, but not enough to look baggy, and I have almost a completely normal range of motion. It's super easy to move around and everything looks super natural. The digitigrade legs are polyfil pockets which can easily be unstuffed for cleaning purposes; the lining is very comfortable and I honestly barely notice the padding aside from the additional heat that any digi causes. Everything looks clean and professional on the inside, it was not difficult to wash at all except for the extra care taken on the tail/feet to prevent mildew. I haven't had any issues with seams as of yet, and don't anticipate many because there are no areas under significant stress during normal wear.
The only concern I have is not Yami's fault. The pawpads are made of EVA foam so they can be worn outdoors. I walk with a natural limp due to a disability, so nearly all shoes I own end up with some wearing away on the heels from the uneven pressure caused by this limp. I've noticed similar wear on the heels of my footpaws, and will likely need to replace the foam pawpads at some point in the future. This is not due to a quality defect, and I realize this was inevitable with attached feet on any body I might own. I am only remarking on this because anyone who experiences similar wear on their footwear will encounter this problem.

Visual SatisfactionBeautiful!! God, I could gush for hours about how gorgeous this bodysuit is. I am in love with Yami's digi style, he really knows how to make legs that compliment every body type, and mine is no exception. It's perfectly proportioned and looks excellent in every photo. I hear endless compliments about the visual appearance of the body, and for good reason. It looks good, feels good, and everyone loves giving me hugs. I specifically requested the addition of belly nipples and they look as good as I expected. The zipper is lined and never gets caught on the fur. There was a tiny amount of excess fabric on the lining that I was able to fix in a few moments, but it is otherwise perfect.
The only real flaw with the bodysuit is some patches of ivory fur on the legs, which are otherwise white. Yami generously offered to fix the ivory patches for free – he only noticed them after shipping and taking final photos – and I declined as they are not particularly noticeable and are mostly symmetrical. This is an easy mistake to make, to the point that most people don't see it at all, and honestly doesn't bother me at all.


Wear SatisfactionThe hands are a little loose, which I expected as I have small hands, but they never fall off. Everyone loves how massive they are! There are little pillows in each finger for the padding, so it is easy to remove for cleaning. Everything is sewn very well and I've had no issues with them at all. They're long enough to cover my wrists when in fullsuit no matter what crazy movements I do. They're easy to put on and have the absolute garbage dexterity that you hope for when getting big monster paws. Perfection.

Visual SatisfactionThey are soft and everything is super plush, which makes them pleasant despite their "scary" appearance. The claws are the same size as on the bodysuit, so they match perfectly and give the fursuit a monstrous appearance. They are the biggest handpaws I own, and were a huge draw as it's a signature part of Yami's style. They look super clean and people love to hold my hand.


Wear SatisfactionSince this was a premade design, Yami had already made a tail for a partial. He gave me this one in addition to the attached one on the body, which is much smaller as I requested it to be.
It's comfortable as expected, attaches via a fabric belt loop. It sits flush against the back as expected and is super cute. No issues with the seams, as expected.
The tail attached to the body is very similar, and equally as easy to wear. I do not usually wear a belt with the tail attached to the body as it is small enough to sit on its own against my backside.

Visual SatisfactionI loooove all the little plush spikes! The brightly colored tail looks great in contrast to the dark colors on the body. It has a candy corn appearance to fit the halloween design and is super delightful. It's soft and bouncy and cutesy.

Special FeaturesThere are LEDs around the eyes. These are super super bright, which looks fantastic in photos but makes it difficult to see out of the eyes. This is to be expected, and I don't mind it as I really only use the LEDs for visual effect. The battery pack is easily accessible and I have no concerns about the LEDs breaking in the future as everything is secure.

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Final CommentsIf you love big toothy fursuits and giant paws, this is absolutely the maker for you. I had an incredibly positive experience and can only give the highest praise. I've had the pleasure to watch this maker grow for years and he's so, so talented.

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